Hey everyone, these are MY pics that I, myself took of Hanson, whenever I went to Canada's Wonderland last August to see Hanson in concert!! And, I must TELL everyone that visits this site, DO NOT, let me repeat myself, DO NOT take these pics without MY permission, because I will eventually find out about it, and I will seek you down like a rapid blood hound and tear you to pieces. (lol) Just kidding, but PLEASE ask permission if you would want to take them, ok?? Thanks.


This is a pic of just Ike and Tay...really good, might I add!

I think that Zac's shoes look SO cute in this pic!! I love them!!

This is a direct eye contact picture of Taylor!!!

Isaac is telling us "Shhh!" because we were too noisy!!

Here is some major eye contact with Ike!!

Hanson is singing an acoustic version of "Man From Milwaukee"!

I'll be adding some more of my YTV Psyko Blast pics from Canada's Wonderland pretty soon!!!

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