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Here's what I think...

My Philosophy

I believe that no matter what, you should live each day as though there will be no tomorrow. I happen to know what it's going to be like not to know whether or not you will live to see the next day. And when I was lying there, I remember thinking to myself, "I never would've known if I wouldn't have woken up again," and I realized just how scary of a thought that can be. Never should you let a day go by without telling the people you love just how much you love them. And if you haven't, why haven't you?

End of the year school finals

I think that end of the year school finals are unfair to the students. I know that they are extremely stressful and long because I'm currently a senior in highschool. This past year (while I was still a junior), I had all seven of my finals within a period of 2 days. That means that I had three on one day and four on the other. I called off work both night so I could take all night to study. Not only did the studying NOT help me at all, but it built up false confidence. I was sure that I knew the information that I needed to pass these tests with flying colors, even my AP Chem final. No such luck.

Because I spent so much time studying and devoting all of my energy on stressing about these tests, I developed some kind of subconscience disorder. I knew the material. But when it came time for the test, my mind blanked. All of that studying got me nowhere. I failed one of my finals (history), came close to failing two of my finals (chem and english), and with the other four, I did well (journalism, internet, math, and gym).

When I received my report card in the mail last week, I was shocked to see my 4th marking period grades, my final exam grade and my overall final grades for the year. I had gotten 4 A's (gym, internet, journalism, and english) , 2 B's (history and math) and 1 C (chem) for the 4th marking period. And my overall final grades were the same, with the same grades in each class. I was really confused because I was under the impression that the final exam had an affect on your 4th marking period grades and your overall final grades. But then I broke out the calculator and averaged out all of my grades and the final exams had NO affect whatsoever on ANY of my grades, nor did they cause any changes.

I was furious. So basically that meant that I went through about an entire week of hellish studying, stressing out, and worrying over nothing. I don't think that final exams really say anything about a student. Something taught at the beginning of the year is meant to stay at the beginning of the year, not brought up in the very last week of school and expected to be remembered perfectly. I hate finals and I'm glad that I only have one more year of them left in my highschool career.

My Opinions on Current Events

In this column, I'll write some of my opinions on current events. I'll date my entries and update this page frequently, whenever I feel moved to write.

Here's an example of a format I might use:


I think they should let that little boy go with his father. I understand that his relatives think it's better for him to stay in this country but I think he'd be better off back home.

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