Here are some photos from my vacation trip to Myrtle Beach. I went with one of my best buds, Ashley, and then our penpal, Jordana, came down and spent the week with us ... here are some pics from the trip :o)

From left to right: Ashley, me and Jordana

On the couch in our condo, before going out to Planet Hollywood ... me, Jordana and Ashley
And yes, the picture on the wall behind us is crooked *LOL*

All right, here we are, actually at the beach *LOL*
Ashley, Jordana and me

Here we are, lying on our double king size bed, in our condo ...
Ashley, Jordana and then me

Jordana (her eyes are closed :ož) and me on the bed ...

One of the many times that we went miniature golfing :o)

This was before we went to Midevil Times...

This is Jordana and Ashley all dressed up