Chapter 1

"Jelly Bean? Where are you? Everyone is looking for you. Hello? Where are you Joy?" Joy's best friend was calling her. She saw his blue eyes pierce through the leaves or the Cyprus tree she was hiding in. "Are you there Jelly Bean?"

"Hi Tay I'm up here." she said. "What took you guys so long to find me? This is only the SIXTH time I've hidden here in a row."

"Well, we haven't found you the five other times, so how do you expect us to find you the sixth time?" replied Taylor sarcastically.

"Too true, too true, I guess that might help a little, huh? Hey, what time is it Tay? I told my parents I would be home by nine?" asked Joy.

"Umm, well I do believe you have an entire minute to get home because it's 8:59 and 10 seconds." answered Taylor in his perfect immataion of an English accent.

"You're kidding!" she said uncertainly.


"Bye!!" she yelled as she ran across the grass to her house. She got home and yelled to her parents that she would be in her room. Up the stairs she went into her room, or living area. Her "room" consisted of a lounge area, with a couch, two lounge chairs, and an entertainment cabinet, with a television and VCR. A rec room with a computer, desk, pool table, N64, and a regular Nintendo. Then there was her bedroom with a window seat looking into Taylor's room. She also had a bathroom. Her entertainment cabinet was completed with a surround sound system. She ran up to her room and put in her This Time Around CD and pressed play. Yes, even though she was best friends with Hanson, she was also a fan. She pulled on her pj's, jumped into bed, and fell asleep.

Chapter 2