Chapter 10

Simone thought that she was dreaming. Sitting in the dark, next to Taylor, in the Omnimax Theater, she thought that it had to have been a dream. Even in her wildest dreams she never thought of this ever happening. That's when she realized that she was incredibly lucky.

When the show was over, they asked her what there was to do in the science center. She sorta laughed.

"Well, there is always something to do at the science center. You'll never get bored. Actually, there is a special exhibit on video games and stuff. It is really cool. Wanna check that out?" As soon as she said the words "video games" all three of the boys' eyes lit up and they shook their heads vigorously. She smiled.

They walked up the ramp in a hurry, so they would not get recognized again, and that is when it hit Simone. They should've worn hats and/or pulled their hair up. That is the deadest give away. They had to sign up at the front table as to what their name was, because you were only allowed to have a certain amount of tokens. When the person that was in charge of the token booth asked Ike what his name was, he didn't believe him.

"Isaac Hanson." Isaac said. The guy laughed.

"No, seriously, I need your real name."

"Well, if you want to get technical, my name is Clarke Hanson, but most people know me by Isaac or Ike. So, whatever you want to write down on the paper is up to you, I'm not going to be picky." Ike said. The look on the guys' face got al serious, because he finally realized that Ike wasn't joking around about his name. He looked back at Zac and Tay, and recognized them.

"Well, ok, glad that you decided to stop at the science center today. Is there anything that the staff will be able to do to make your visit more enjoyable?" he asked politely.

"Hmm, let me think…you could give us some tokens to play the video games…" Ike said.

"Will do. And because we appreciate your business so greatly, we will close the science center down the rest of the day to the public so that you may have your privacy." Then he added in a whisper, "I was famous before myself too, so I know what you boys are going through."

"You don't have to do that. I don't think that your boss would be to happy if you would do that, and besides, it really isn't necessary." Isaac said.

"Well, I am the boss of this whole sha-bang, so, I don't have to ask permission before I would do anything. And it would be my pleasure to let you have the place to yourselves." He said, and it was settled. They no longer had to worry about getting mobbed by screaming fans for the rest of the day, unless of course they would stop at their favorite fast food restaurant, McDonalds, for a quick lunch.

He handed all of them 50 tokens each, and then told them that they should go downstairs first, to wait until everyone left before they would want to start running around. So, they followed him to his office, and he picked up the phone, which was also a built in intercom, and he announced,

"Can I have your attention please? Because of technical difficulties, the science center will be closing early today. I have to ask you to be out of the building by 12:30. Thank you and I am sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused you."

He looked over at Simone, and the boys. They all smiled and were grateful of what the manager had done just for them.

After the manager signaled that all of the people, except for staff and the rest of the Hanson family were gone, he told them that the coast was clear and that they had the place to themselves.

Naturally, they went straight to the arcade to play those video games. Towards the back, there was a special machine that let you make "your own music video" and there were five choices to choose from. Without any hesitation, the boys went inside the little studio, Ike picked up the plastic fake guitar, Taylor moved behind the keyboard and Zac picked up the drumsticks. Simone selected #3 and to all of their surprise, what song came on? MMMBop! They all began to "play" their instruments and lip sang to the song. Simone controlled when the camera was on who and she watched the guys' have a load of fun. Then, when the song was over, a tape popped out of the VCR, that recorded their performance. Simone took it, and handed it to Isaac.

"A souvenir of the science center." They all laughed.

After about 2 hours in the arcade, they all grew bored.

"Is there anything else cool in here?" Zac asked, with anticipation in his voice.

"Actually, there is another pretty neat exhibit on the digestive system," Simone said, leading the way to the 3rd floor.

"The digestive system?!?! How could that be any fun?" he whined.

"Shut up and trust me, ok?" Simone joked and they all laughed at the look on Zac's face. They reached the 3rd floor, and Simone walked over to an opening in the wall. "Okay gentlemen. You are about to witness what your food goes through after you chew it." Simone said, walking in the door. It was pitch black inside. The floor was all spongy, resembling a tongue.

"Ew! What is this?" Zac asked.

"A whale's tongue." Ike joked. Tay and Simone laughed. There was a small light bulb in the ceiling to direct you as to where to go. Simone turned around to see them. Of course, they were all behind her. She smiled; Taylor was directly behind her.

"Beware…here we go!" she said, seeing a sliding board, sitting on it, sliding down it, resembling the esophagus. She heard shrieking for joy as they slid down the twisty-turny slide, and they reached the "stomach". The stomach was, indeed, pitch black. Couldn't see a thing!

"Hey, Simone, what do we do now?" Zac asked. She could hear him, but couldn't see him. She walks towards his voice.

"Uh, I don't know. There's usually a light on down here." She said.

"Uh-oh. Now what?" Ike asked.

"I guess try to find the wall, then look for the door." She said, walking with her hands in front of her to find the wall. In the darkness, not seeing more than a foot in front of her, she accidentally ran into someone. They bumped heads. Simone froze, shocked, because her lips had touched the person's cheek.

"Omigosh, sorry." She said, startled.

"Its okay." It was Taylor. Why wasn't he moving, she thought? Then, time seemed to be going in slow motion. She felt him step closer to her. Part of her wanted to walk away, continue to search for the way out, to get out of the darkness, but the other half of her refused to move. Very softly and very quickly, she felt Taylor's lips gently touch hers. Her breath was almost taken away. Even after the kiss was over, her lips tingled where he had touched them with his. She wanted, maybe even, needed another kiss. As is Taylor had read her mind, he kissed her again, quickly, then again, a bit longer, then again and this time with a slip of the tongue. Simone wrapped her arms around Taylor's neck as they kissed. The kiss continued until…

"Oh, sorry, I didn't see you. I cannot find the wall." Zac said, bumping into Simone, then Taylor. Simone caught her breath, her heart beat quickened, and she silently sighed. She had just been kissed my Taylor. Not only kissed, but french kissed. She smiled. She got butterflies in her stomach. A french kiss! Wow, that's pretty big, she thought.

"Hey guys! I found the door!" Isaac shouted as light filled the room from the doorway. Zac ran to the door. Simone looked over at Taylor, who was already looking at her. He blushed. They walked out of the stomach. The bright light hurt Simone's eyes, as she shielded them.

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