Chapter 11

As they walked out of the digestive system, Simone and the others all ran into the rest of the Hanson family. Immediately, as soon as Tay saw his parents, he blushed, embarrassed that they might have seen him kissing Simone. Even more, he thought that Zac had seen them too, because he had bumped into them.

"Are you guys hungry?" Walker asked them. Simone looked over at the rest of the group. The little kids looked kinda hungry, and she wasnt really thinking about eating, she had too many butterflies in her stomach from the kiss that she shared with Taylor. But when she actually thought about it, she was a bit hungry. All of the kids, including Ike and Tay nodded their heads vigorously.

"Simone, are you hungry?" Walker asked.

"Yeah, kind of." She admitted.

"Well, you know the ropes a little better than we do, where can we go to get something to eat?"

"It all depends on what you want to eat. Like mexican, italian, fast food, or whatever. But I think that I know a place that all of you will like." She said, thinking that McDonalds would be the perfect place to go." She said.

"Well, lead the way!" Walker said. "Tell me where to go, and I will follow your command." That made Simone laugh. She thought about what would happen if they actually went inside the restaurant to eat, or if they should go through the drive thru. She decided that it would be best for everyone if they just went thought the drive thru, considering all the possibilities that could happen if they indeed go in. She directed Walker to McDonalds, and she saw the look of relief on hia face. I guess that Mccie Ds was a good choice after all.

Of course, all the the kids, even Zac, got a Happy Meal. He claimed that it was a really long time since he had gotten one of those. Simone found herself ordering just a 6-pac of chicken nuggets, and Tay and Ike both got the BigMac Extra Value Meal. In the back seat, sitting next to Simone, Taylor offered to share some of his fries with Simone. She politely took a few, but she wasnt really that hungry, because she was still all jittery because of the things that happened to the two of them earlier.

"Ok, what else is there to do in Pittsburgh?" Diana asked, turning around to look at Simone, hoping that she could think of something else to do, considering that there was still the other half of the day to spend doing stuff. Simone racked her brain, trying desperately to think of something fun to do. Then, the idea popped into her head. She looked over at Three Rivers Stadium. The parking lots were filling up quickly. If they got there fast, the might be able to get some good tickets to the baseball game.

"Well, theres a baseball game at 1:30, if you guys would want to go and see a game." She said, then thinking that the idea was totally stupid. At the sound of baseball, Zac, Taylor and Ikes faces all lit up. She guessed that it wasnt such a bad idea after all. Walker pulled the van into the stadium parking lot, and they all got out to watch the baseball game. But before they would do anything, they would stop at the gift shop, and all get hats to wear, and to pull their hair up inside, so no one would recognize them.

Luckily, no one recognized them as they walked into the stadium and as they bought the hats. They made their way to the ticket numbers that they had just bought at the game. For some odd reason, they seemed intrigued with the stadium and the layout of it. Simone thought "Why are they so intrigued by the stadium?" but, didn't ask any questions. They found their way to their seats and sat down and waited for the game to start. Of all the madness of figuring out where everyone was going to sit, there was a lot of arguing about who wanted to sit by who. Of course, Jessica and Avery wanted to sit be their mothers, plus they also wanted to sit next to Simone. Zac pleaded that he could sit next to Simone because he thought that he could make her laugh, and she had made a bet with him earlier in the gift shop that he could, she said he couldn't and he wanted to win the bet. Walker wanted to sit by the aisle, in case anyone wanted anything, he could easily get up and get it for them. Mackie wanted to sit next to his dad. Ike wanted to sit next to his mother, so he could play with his little sister, because he rarely had the time to actually sit and play with Ze, but he also wanted to sit next to Simone, because he liked her. Taylor wanted to sit next to Simone because he liked her too, but neither him or Ike said that they wanted to sit next to her because the liked her. That would be too embarrassing to just come out and say. After all of the chaos was over, and everyone was satisfied with the seat they had, Simone found herself with Zac on her right, and Taylor on her left, with Ike, holding Ze, next to Taylor, with Jessica, Avery, and Diana on Tay's left. Next to Zac, was Walker. So, to make things less confusing, this is how the seating went, left to right: Diana, Avery, Jessica, Ike (holding Ze), Taylor, Simone, Zac, Mackie, and then Walker by the aisle.

The game drug on and became quite boring. The only excitement was when the Pittsburgh Parrot shot a hotdog into the stands and Taylor caught one. Altho it was all wrapped up, Taylor still threw it away. He said that he wasn't really in the mood to eat a hotdog that was shot out of an air powered gun that was shot about 50 mph. Simone took a drink of her Sprite, then stood up to go to the rest room. As she stood, Isaac stood too, claiming that he was going to get some nachos, but he had other plans in mind. When they were out in the hall, out in the open, almost completely alone, that's when Ike decided that he was going to make his move.

"Simone." He said. She turned toward him, and walked back over to him.

"Yeah, Ike?" she asked, looking into his eyes. Isaac gazed down at her. Then, took her by her hand, and pulled her into the corner, so no one could see them, unless they were being looked for. "Isaac, what are you doing?"

"This." He said, and quickly kissed her lips. She gasped and pulled away at the touch of his lips on hers. She backed farther away into the corner. She was trapped. "Simone, I-"

"Ike, why'd you do that?" she asked him, stunned.

"Because. Because I like you, ok?" he came out and said. It was finally out. No longer a secret.

"Oh Ike, I like you too, but, not that way. I like you like I would like my brother or one of my really close guy friends. Nothing more." Isaac looked down at the ground. "I'm so sorry."

"No, I'm the one that's sorry. I should have never kissed you in the first place. Please forgive me." He said, blushing, and apologizing.

"Ike, it's okay. Nothing wrong happened. I just didn't want something wrong to happen." Simone said, placing a caring hand on his upper arm and squeezed it gently. He nodded, then backed away. "You still wanna get those nachos?"

"You bet!" he said, smiling. She could always make him smile; no matter how hard or how effortless she tried.

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