Chapter 13

When Simone got home, she just flopped down on her bed and sighed. Then she actually thought about what had just happened. Taylor said something almost as equivalent as to "I love you". He had said that he wanted Simone to be in his world forever, and it was odd because that was exactly the same way that she felt for him. Then she remembered that she was supposed to call Ashna after she got home. She dialed her best friends phone number and within a matter of seconds, Ashna answered the phone.

"Hello?" she asked excitedly.

"Hi." Simone said.

"Spill it…I wanna hear everything that happened." Ashna demanded and Simone took a very deep breath and told her story, everything that happened. About the concert, about the science center, the digestive system, the baseball game, last night on her front proch and finally about earlier today at the airport. A few times, Ashna squealed with excitement, especially during the airport scenes. "Omigod, I cannot believe that my best friend is Taylor Hanson's girlfriend! That is too cool!" she said.

"Yeah, well, it does have its disadvantages, you know…like, what if someone at the airport saw us, took a picture, and is gonna give it to the National Gossip Magazine or something? That would be really bad if you ask me." Simone said.

"Yeah, I guess your right." Ashna said. She was sorta jealous of Simone. She had been acting totally different after she became friends with Hanson. She wasn't really around that much anymore, probably because she was with them. But they were gonna be gone, and probably for a long time too.

"Simone…I want a Hanson!!" Ashna cried.


"I want a Hanson! You have one, I want one too!"

"You're crazy. Well, which one?"

"Heck, I'd be happy with Mackie! I just want one!" Ashna said.

"Ok, you nut, I'll see if I can get Ike interested in you, ok?"

"Ok? It's more than ok! I love you!" Ashna said.

"Yeah, I know you do…" Simone said, and their conversation continued…


Taylor picked up the phone in the hotel to call Simone. He dialed her number, and waited for the ringing to begin. Instead of ringing, he heard beeping. A busy signal. Who was she talking to? Didn't she know how much he wanted to talk to her? He hung up the receiver gently then laid back on his bed. Who was she talking too? He really wanted to talk to her…even tho they had only been separated for no longer than 6 hours, he already missed her. Is that pathetic? Or maybe it was love that he missed. He tried calling her again. It rang.

"Hello?" she answered. Taylor smiled.

"Hey! What's up?" he asked casually, as if it was the first time that he tried calling her.

"Hi! Um, not much. Are you already in Atlanta?" she asked.

"Yeah, we made it, all safe and sound. All in one piece." He said.

"That's good. You know, this may sound crazy, please don't think I am obsessed or anything, but I already miss you." Simone said. When Taylor heard her tell him that, he felt something inside of him break loose. His feelings went completely thru the roof. That's when he knew that he would never have the same feelings for another girl. He could never feel the same way about someone else as he did for Simone. Never.

"Really? Because I miss you too." He said.

"Are you serious? I thought that I was going crazy or something." Simone said. She felt so relieved to hear that he missed her too.

"I have never been more serious about anything in my life." Taylor said. Simone was forced to smile. Whenever she heard Taylor say that, she couldn't help it.

"I know this is going to sound greedy on my half, but, I am a normal human being that's just curious…when am I going to get to see you again?" Simone asked. She missed him already and he was only gone for about 6 hours, she couldn't imagine him being gone for months at a time.

"That I can't answer. Sorry, but I wish I could. I don't know when we will be out that way in the future. But, don't worry, I'll make the time to come out and see you at least every two months, if not more." Taylor promised. He didn't care what his parents would tell him. They wouldn't be able to keep him away from Simone. Nothing could keep him from the one that he had such strong feelings for.

"Every two months? Wow, I wasn't expecting that…I was thinking it would be more along the lines of about, um, never. I thought that-"

"Never?! I wouldn't be able to live with never seeing you!!" Taylor interrupted her. Simone smiled. She was not expecting to hear that. He must really like me, she thought. But, she was seriously thinking that they were never really going to see each other, just have lots of phone conversations…not once did she think that he would come to visit her every two months.

"Tay, you're so sweet." She said. She also wanted to add those three little words at the end of that sentence, but she didn't want to scare him off. She did love him. She loved everything about him. And this wasn't just some three-month infatuation that she was going to have, she truly did love him. Getting caught up in her thoughts, not knowing, or realizing what was going on around her, she whispered, "I love you," very quietly into the phone receiver, then realized what she had just said and immediately gasped silently as she waited to see what Taylor's response was going to be.

"Simone-" he said, pausing a second to think, he had heard her, and to be honest, he didn't know how to react. He knew that he loved her, and he desperately wanted to find out if she felt the same way about him, and he just did. But he was so shocked to hear her say it, he didn't know how to react. He was frozen and at a loss for words. He couldn't say anything.

"Tay-I'm sorry, that just slipped out, I guess that I was thinking out loud. Sorry if it scared you. But, it's just how I feel right now."

"Don't be sorry. I was just so shocked to hear you actually say it. I mean, I could see it in your eyes, when we were at the airport, but to actually hear you say it, it brings it to a totally different level. I was going to say it at the end of this conversation, too. I love you, too, Sim."

"Sim? I like that nickname." Simone said, smiling.

"Really?" Taylor asked.

"Yeah, almost as much as I like you…" Simone said, trailing off, and thought that she was dreaming for the rest of their conversation…

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