Chapter 14

After Simone got off the phone with Taylor, she looked around her room and found an old notebook that she had never used. On the cover, she wrote with a black marker, very neatly "Simone and Taylor : Together Forever". On the first page, she began to write. She wrote down all of her feelings for Taylor. How much she enjoyed their stay, how much she cared for him, how much she loved him and just how she felt. She took up about two pages of pure writing, of 100% truth about her feelings. After she re-read everything, she dated the entry, found an envelope big enough for the entire notebook to fit in and addressed it. She sent it to the address if the hotel in Atlanta where Taylor was staying. So he could get it as soon as possible.


"Tay! Something came for you in the mail." Walker said, dropping the package in Tay's hotel bedroom, early one morning, 3 days after Simone has sent the notebook. Taylor rolled over in bed, and rubbed the sleep our of his eyes. He got up and picked up the package that his father set down on the floor. It was from Simone! He opened it quickly and pulled out the notebook.

"Why did she send me a notebook?" Taylor thought, not even looking at the front cover. He opened it up and began to read. He was so blown away when he read it. Wow. Her words were so powerful. The last paragraph especially moved him.

"Taylor, I know that we have only become a couple a few days ago, but I mean each and every word that I am about to say…I love you. And when I gave you my necklace and said that I wanted you to be in my life forever, well, I do. Even though we are only 15, I still thik that no matter how old you are, no matter what age you'll be, love is always going to feel the same, and if what I am feeling right now is love, then I never want to fall out of it. Taylor-I love you. Love Ya Forever, Simone"

Taylor felt a tang in his heart. Simone really did like him! She did love him. After he read that, he could almost hear her voice reading it aloud. He smiled, and touched the necklace around his neck. Simone's necklace. He picked up a pen, and began to write on the next clear page. To write like Simone did, expressing his feelings for her.

After he finished his entry in the notebook, he called Simone, and was going to tell her that he got it.

"Hey Sim!" he said when she picked up the phone.

"Taylor, Hi!" she said, and she sounded surprised to hear from him. "Whats up?"

"Not too much. I got the notebook that you sent me. And I loved it. Thanks." he said.

"Really? It was just a spur of the moment idea and I was hoping that you wouldn't think that I was crazy after you read it. But, I am glad that you called, because I have a favor to ask you." Simone said.

"Yeah? Like what?"

"Is Isaac around?" she asked. Is Isaac around? What was that supposed to mean? Why did she want to talk to my brother? Taylor thought.

"Yeah, he's around."

"Can I talk to him, please?"

"Sure. Hold on, I'll get him." Taylor said, setting the phone down on his bed. Why did she want to talk to Isaac? It made no sense! She was MY girlfriend! What did she have to talk my brother for? Oh god, what if she's cheating on me?? Maybe she's going to tell Ike not to tell me or something! Or maybe she likes him! Simone! Why do you want to talk to Ike?? All those thoughts entered Taylors mind as he went to get his brother. "Ike! Simone wants to talk to you."

Isaac looked up surpirsed. "To me?"

"Yeah, get the phone in my room." Tay said, sitting down, so his brother could have some privacy. Isaac walked over to Tay's room and picked up the phone.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Hey Ike. This is Simone. Um, I was wondering if you would mind if I would set you up on a blind date the next time that you guys would be around?" Simone asked.

"A blind date? With who?"

"Awh, if I would tell you, then it wouldn't be a blind date, would it?"

"True. But I am not sure that my parents would want me to go out on a blind date. Maybe if you and Tay double with us, they would say it would be ok, but...I dunno." Ike said.

"Cool, we can double then! Her name is Ashna--"

"I talked to her on the phone one time, didn't I?"

"You might have, I don't really remember. But, I guess because me and Tay are going out, she felt kind of neglected, because she's my best friend and all, so I wanna make her feel better. And I know that this will definately make her feel better. Thanks for doing this for me, Ike. I really appreciate it."

"Sure, anything for my brothers girlfriend! Wanna talk to Tay again?" Ike asked.

"Yeah, put him on." Simone said, and then Isaac got up to get Tay to tell him that his girlfriend wanted to talk to him again.

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