Chapter 16

Taylor pounded on Isaac's door. He wanted to know why he had read his notebook! It wasn't any of his business! Just because he liked Simone too didn't mean that he was allowed to go in and try to ruin it for Taylor!

Isaac opened the door and Taylor unexpectedly shoved him hard in the chest, causing him to stumble backwards. Isaac caught his balance and backed away from his brother.

"What the heck was that for?" Isaac asked. Taylor just glared angrily. "I asked you a question and you better answer me!!"

"You know darn well what that was for, and if you pretend to play dumb, then I swear to god, Ike, I'll kill you." Taylor said. Isaac looked really confused and hurt by his brothers words. He didn't understand why Taylor was so mad. But whatever he was mad about, it must have been something really big because he normally doesn't lose his temper that easily.

"I am telling you the truth Tay, I have no idea why you are losing your temper."

"What about my notebook? You read it, didn't you? When you were on the phone with Simone yesterday, you saw the notebook and you read it. I know Ike, you can't deny the truth." Taylor accused.

"What notebook are you talking about? I am telling you the truth when I say that I have no idea what you are talking about." Isaac said. Taylor didn't know if he should believe him or not. Then he looked into his eyes. They appeared to be truthful.

"Ok, whatever, but someone was in my room and read my notebook that Simone sent to me. And I just assumed that it was you because you were the only person in my room, besides me. And Dad read it too, only because he saw in on the floor and I didn't leave it on the floor, I left it on the dresser. So, someone was in my room and read it."

"I don't know…maybe you're just imagining things, Tay. You need some sleep. We have a big show tomorrow." Isaac said. Taylor nodded.

"Yeah, maybe I am just imagining things. Maybe I did leave it on the floor and didn't realize it because I'm not getting enough sleep. You're right. Oh, by the way, sorry that I hit you. See ya tomorrow." Taylor said, leaving Isaac's room and returning to his own.

As Taylor shut the door, Isaac smiled. "Tay, you're so gullible!" he thought. "How couldn't he tell that I was lying about the stupid notebook? Everyone notices when I lie! But I was stupid enough to leave it on the floor! Duh! But…Tay thinks that I didn't read it, so, I am getting off the hook this time…"


"OMIGOSH! Are you serious? When? Taylor! Answer me! Don't keep me in suspense!" Simone shrieked into the phone receiver. She was so excited, she was nearly jumping. "You can't tell me that you can come and see me and then not me anything about it!"

"Well, I am not totally sure about it, but I can persuade my dad to let me come. I'll probably come alone then…it'll be less crowd attracting." Taylor said.

"Omigosh, I am so excited. It's been about a month since we have been together! I have missed you so much. You know? As crazy as this sounds, I forget what you look like, sort of." Simone said, ashamed to tell Taylor that she forgot what he looked like.

"Really? You forget me already?" he joked. "I miss you too, but, it should be next week when I can come up. So, the wait will be over. I'll be able to stay for about a whole day."

"Only one day? But--"

"Yeah, I know, it's not long enough. I don't want to intrude with your parents or your family or anything. I wouldn't want to overstay my welcome, if you know what I mean."

"Oh, it wouldn't be a problem at all! You could stay the whole week! My parents wouldn't mind! They wouldn't! You have to stay longer than one day! I mean, only one day…"

"You should know that I want to see you more than anything right now, but it's all up to my parents…they have to decided for me…if it was up to me, I would fly you down to Tulsa right now and then you could finish out the rest of the tour with us." Taylor said, just realizing what he just said. He could get her down there, it wasn't like they couldn't afford it or anything. Money was definitely not the problem.

"Oh, that would be so great. But, lets snap back to reality. I am still in school. There's still three weeks left and my parents would never let me skip it! Plus, I don't think that your mom or dad would want to have an 8th child for a month." Simone said reasonably.

"I am gonna go for now, but I'll call you back in 10 minutes." Taylor said. That's all the time that he needed to persuade his parents. "I love you…later."

"Love you, too." Simone said, heard the click of him hanging up and then she hung up her own phone. "Boy," she thought, "he sure seemed anxious to get off the phone. I wonder what he is up to?"


Taylor asked his parents about his idea. They seemed to love the idea! They had no problem what so ever with letting Simone come visit with them at home for the week and then going with them for the rest of the tour. With 7 kids in the family right now, one more wasn't going to make much of a difference. And besides, they loved Simone. She was nice and they thought that it was extremely generous of her to take them in when they were in Pittsburgh.

"But, there's a small problem. She is still in school and her parents probably won't let her skip the last 3 weeks of school." Taylor said.

"Well, that's not really a problem. She's in your grade, right? Well, then she can get home schooled with you and your brothers. So, that's all covered." Diana said simply.

Taylor hurried back to the phone in the dining room of his house to call Simone back to tell her the good news! They were going to be together!

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