Chapter 17

Taylor dialed Simone's phone number as fast as he could. He was really excited about this. Now, was the hard part…getting her parents to agree to everything. She answered the phone on the first ring.

"Hey! Wow, that really was only ten minutes! So, why were you in such a hurry to get off the phone before?" Simone asked.

"Well, I have a proposition for you." Taylor said.


"Ok, I talked to my parents, and here's the deal. They said that I could come and visit you for 2 days only if you can come back with me to Tulsa and then finish out the rest of the tour with us." Taylor said. Simone almost dropped the phone. He was serious when he said that before. He was really serious.

"Oh my! That would be totally great! Um, I'll have to ask my parents, but, what about school?" Simone frowned, half knowing that her parents were gong to say no.

"School is already covered. You're in my grade…we are home schooled, you'll come to school with us!" Taylor replied. Simone smiled.

"I'll have to ask. My mom is home. She'll be more likely to say yes than my dad will, so, hold and I'll go ask her, ok?" Simone set the phone down, hurried down the stairs to find her mom. "Hey mom, I have a question to ask you, and promise me that you'll keep an open mind, ok?"

Her mom looked up from the book that she was reading and lowered her reading glasses from her nose. "What is it, Simone?"

She took a very deep breath and began to explain everything. Everything about the airport, how much she liked Taylor, and how long that its been since they have seen each other. Then she explained about how he was going to come up to visit, then about going back to Tulsa with him and the whole tour idea. Her mothers expression remained the same thru-out the entire thing.

"Well, mom, what do you think? Please?"

"Simone, I don't know. I mean, are you sure they get home schooled?"

"Yeah! Their mom has a major in education, she teaches them." Simone said. Her mom sighed deeply. Then nodded. She nodded. Nodded!!

"I guess that would work out. I mean, you're only going to be missing three weeks of school and if you are going to be schooled with them, then I don't really see anything wrong with it." Simone ran over and hugged her mom.

"Thank you SO much! Mom, you have NO idea how much this means to me!"

"Well, I can see it in your eyes, Sim, you really like him, don't you?"

"Yeah, mom, I do…thank you so much!" Simone said, running up the stairs, back to her room and picked up the phone again. "Omigosh! Taylor! She said yes! I can come!"

"Woah, really? That is so awesome! Well, I guess that I better get some flight plans in action, right? Wow, I can't wait until this weekend…I am coming on Friday night, will that be ok?" Taylor asked. He was really happy because he did want to see her again. He had missed her so much in the past month. But, during the month, they have sent the notebook back and forth to each other, at least 6 times. But he didn't want to see her writing anymore for a long time…he wanted to see her.

"Of course that's all right! Be sure to let me know when the flight comes in so I can be there to pick you up!" Simone said, getting butterflies in her stomach. Why? Because she was going to see Taylor on Friday night! It was Wednesday already, only two days away! And they were going to be together and…and they were going to be alone. The thought itself made her ecstatic. She couldn't wait. "Are you as anxious as I am?"

"More…more than you would ever know." Taylor said. "But, I have to get going, call the airport and make the arrangements. So, I'll talk to you tomorrow so I can give you the time and flight number, ok?"

"Ok, I love you." Simone said. Taylor smiled.

"I love you more." He said. "Talk to you tomorrow…later."

"Bye." He hung up the phone. Simone fell back against her bed. She was so excited.

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