Chapter 18

The days went by quickly and before Simone knew it, it was the day to go to the airport to pick up Taylor. He was coming alone, so it would be less crowd attracting. She drove to the airport with butterflies in her stomach. It had been such a long time since she had ever seen Taylor and since they have been together and she couldn't wait to see him. From all the phone conversations, she noticed a slight change in his voice. It had gotten somewhat deeper and then she had to wonder if he had changed physically too.

She got to the airport about a ½ hour before the plane was scheduled to land. She walked to the terminal and saw a ton of people there. She looked around nervously and saw a lot of people with their luggage and bags.

"Excuse me, but what time is flight 179 going to land?" she asked a receptionist.

"Oh, that flight landed a good 45 minutes ago. It was a lot earlier than expected." The woman said. Simone's jaw dropped. Omigod, she thought, where is he? She looked around the seating area, hoping to see him, or to see someone that at least resembled him. Omigod, where is he? She asked herself again. She spun around in at least two circles before she finally him. He was coming out of the men's room, carrying a bookbag on his back. Simone ran up to him and their arms wrapped around each other. When he released her, she stood there, basically in shock. His arms had gotten a lot more muscular and his shoulders a lot broader.

"You're late." He said, smiling.

"I'm so sorry. I thought that the flight would have been late if anything, not early." Simone said, feeling absolutely horrible about being late.

"You're just lucky that I love you so much, or I would be mad." He said, taking her hands in his. "You're still wearing the ring I gave you."

She smiled. "Never took it off." Just as his lips were about to touch hers in their first kiss, they heard someone in the distance yell, "Omigod! Taylor Hanson!" He quickly pulled on her hand and they hurried to the baggage claim. Thank goodness he immediately found his bag and picked it up, then they raced to the parking garage. Simone unlocked the trunk for him to put his stuff in. Taylor set the bags down on the concrete in front of him.

"Before this gets stalled anymore, I really missed you." He said, pulling her close to him, then kissed her. Simone thought that she was going to melt.

"I missed you too." She said. "We better get going." They got into the car and she started driving back to her house.

"Ok, how are you allowed to drive so much if you're only 15?" Taylor asked.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out." Simone teased jokingly. While she was driving, Simone noticed that Taylor was just staring at her, not saying anything, just staring. "What?" she asked, becoming paranoid.

"Nothing, just thinking." Taylor said, vaguely.


"About how much that I've missed you and how I almost forgot how pretty you were." Taylor said, taking off his seat belt, and moved closer to Simone on the front bench seat of the car. He leaned close to her ear. "Almost." He whispered.

Simone shrugged him away. "Taylor, don't! I have to drive."

He put his hands up, as if defending himself. "Ok, I'll behave." Things were pretty quiet until Savage Garden, Truly Madly Deeply came on the radio. Taylor sat close to Simone and then kissed her neck. She tried her best to ignore him, but it wasn't working too well. Then he kissed her cheek, then her lips.

"Taylor! I have to drive!" she shrieked.

"No, you don't." he said simply.

"Oh really? And how are we going to get back to my house if I don't drive?"

"Pull over." Taylor said.

"Pull over?"

"Yeah, then you won't have to drive." He said. Simone pulled the car off the road and onto the shoulder. Then she turned in the seat to face Taylor. He leaned over and kissed her. She responded to his kisses. When their lips parted, she looked into his eyes. They were sparkling and seemed to be full of life. She smiled.

"Have I ever told you that I love you?" Taylor asked, breaking the silence.

"Hmm, maybe I few times." Simone said, smiling and pulling down on the collar of his shirt for another kiss. "You know, I'm beginning to think that this was an extremely brilliant idea."

"Me too." Taylor said, kissing her gently on the lips. Simone sat up straight.

"We really have to get home." She said. Taylor sighed and sat up too.

"You're right. And I promise, no distractions this time."


They got to Simone's house and everyone else was asleep. She warned Taylor to keep quiet so no one would wake up. They went to the kitchen.

"Do you want something to drink? Maybe some…hot chocolate?"

"Hot chocolate?! It's the middle of May!" Taylor said.

"So? Sometimes its fun to do something silly like that every so often." Simone said. Taylor smiled.

"Ok, some hot chocolate then." He said. She set the water in the teapot, then sat next to him at the table. He leaned over the short distance between their chairs and kissed her. And it didn't end with that one kiss. Another followed and it was Simone that was the one that opened her mouth first and gently let her tongue touch his lips. She heard Taylor inhale deeply and the kisses became more.

Although they were so close together, Simone couldn't stand the distance between them, even if it was only a few short inches. She had been separated from Taylor for too long. She had to have that physical contact. She slowly scooted her chair closer to his and before she knew was doing, she was out of her own chair and sitting on Taylor's lap, her legs on either side of his chair. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him.

All the while, their long string of kisses never ended, and Simone's hands were exploring the newly developed muscles in Taylor's chest and shoulders. For about three minutes, they stayed there, with each passing second, the kisses becoming more in depth and passionate.

His hands had been resting on her hips the whole time, then went under the bottom hem of Simone's shirt. She could feel his cool hands, his fingertips on her skin, which seemed as if it felt like it was catching on fire as he ran his fingers and hands along her lower back and the curve of her figure. Even though it seemed impossible, Taylor pulled her closer to him yet and Simone put her hands under the bottom of his jaw line as their heated kissed continued.

Just as his hands were about to feel her stomach, the teapot on the stove began to whistle, letting them know that it was time for the hot chocolate, or ever warning them to just stop right there. Simone pulled slightly away and looked into Taylor's eyes. She felt as it she would drown in the pools of sapphires captured in them. Their lips touched one last time before she stood and walked over to the stove to pour the hot water.

Chapter 17: