Chapter 21

As they walked in silence down the empty corridor, the only sound they could hear was the echoing of their own footsteps. But Simone was sure that her heart was beating so hard and loud enough that Taylor could hear it. She knew that they were going to the pool, not only to be alone, but to 'be alone'. They finally reached a door labeled "Indoor Pool" and Taylor pulled it open. As soon as they were inside, the smell of chlorine nearly knocked them over. Simone inhaled deeply. She loved the smell of chlorine, especially this strong. She thought that it symbolized being extra clean.

She chose a chair to lay her towel on, and she gingerly stepped out of her jean cut offs. She was unaware of Taylor watching her so closely. When she realized that he had been staring so intently at her, she blushed. Simone had always been insecure about the way she looked. Just about a year ago was the first time she became comfortable about how she looked in a bathing suit, let alone a bikini. She dipped her toes in the water, testing its temperature.

Before she knew what was going on, Taylor was running towards her, grabbed her hand as he passed her, and jumped, pulling her into the water behind him. She emerged from bottom of the pool quickly and gasped for air. The water was warm, but it wasn't as warm as she thought.

"Well, that certainly surpirsed me." she said, splashing Taylor, who was now only about a foot away from her. He smiled, then pulled her wrists, causing her to come close to him. They kissed, then again and again. He released her wrists and she immediately placed her hands on Tay's shoulders. He had his hands on her hips. Before another kiss occured, Simone pushed Taylor away.

"Taylor..." she said, not finishing her sentence. She never felt like this before. It was like a magnetic pull attracting her to him. There was a fluttering feeling in her throat, that tickled its way down to her chest, then in her stomach. He pulled her close again, and he backed up against the wall of the pool to lean against it. When their lips met, Simone lifted her feet from the bottom and wrapped them around Taylor's waist abd her hands were clutched around his neck. Taylor enclosed her hips and waist in his strong arms and occationally, his hands would wander down and lovingly graze over her butt.

Their feverish kisses continuted, and Simone found herself wondering about what was going to happen next. Like a few short days ago, which seemed like ages, her hands began to investigate Taylor's muscular chest and abs and when her hands reached the elastic band around his swimming trunks, she slid her forefinger under the hem and traced the outline around his body. She felt it and then knew that it wasn't just her that wanted to go further, Taylor wanted it, too. As Taylor reached around Simone's back to unhook the snap of her bikini top, they heard the door to the pool open and she pulled away.

They both looked up to see Isaac and Zac ready to dive into the water. Simone groaned with disappointment and pulled even further away from Taylor, going under the water to get the hair from her eyes. She saw the disappointed look on Taylor's face and she knew that she must've had the same look on her face because she had wanted to do it as much as he did.

"We've been looking all over the place for you guys." Zac said as he threw his towel aside before doing a master cannon-ball into the water.

"Really." Taylor said, looking at Isaac, unconvinced. He had told Ike that he was going to the pool with Simone. He looked over across the pool at Simone and they each exchanged knowing glances. Taylor backed away into the corner of the pool. Simone came close to him, kissed his lips and whispered in his ear that she was going up to bed.

"See you guys in the morning," she said as she walked out of the pool room. As soon as she was gone with the door shut behind her, Taylor let out a sigh of relief and slowly let his knees give out beneath him and sunk below the water.

"Tay; let's just hope none of your 'little guys' leaked out before Zac and I came in here." Isaac said. Taylor turned around in the water to face his brother.


"Oh, come on, Tay. I saw the look on your face. If we hadn't come when we did, then -- then there would have been some serious problems going on."

"Ike, what are you talking about?"

"For Gods sake! Don't you remember anything?" Isaac asked. Taylor remained confused. Isaac sighed and told him. "From dads little speech / health lesson?"

Then it all came back to Taylor, him remembering everything that his father had told him about. They had that conversation about a month before he had even made the plans to go and visit Simone alone. Everything that his father told him, everything was just coming back into his head, all the little details. 'Oh shit' he thought to himself.

Chapter 21:
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