Chapter 24

As Simone kicked the door shut, Taylor slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him. They kissed each other with such force and intensity that it was almost unbearable. They were both thinking the same thoughts as this point in time. Even though they had only begun, the other knew what was going to happen.

"Tay, if we do this, I want to do it right. I mean, I have had this fantasy of my first time being something incredibly special and memory lasting. Like, I want everything to go slow." Simone explained as they walked over towards the bed. Taylor nodded.

"Yeah, me too." He said, not really knowing what else to say. He knew that he had to do whatever she asked him because he loved her so much, he would do basically anything for her. And besides, if she didn't want it, then neither did he. They sat down on the floor, at the foot of the bed, and flipped on the television. There really wasn't too much stuff on TV at this hour of the morning, except for old episodes of Jerry Springer. They watched them for awhile.

During one of the many commercial breaks, Taylor kissed Simone and she returned to the kisses with just as much wanting and needing as Taylor was putting into it. She thought to herself, 'This has to happen tonight. It's our only chance'. They continued their deep and gratifying kisses. Their lips only parted for the short amount of time that it took for Taylor to remove Simone's tank top. His hands quickly touched her newly uncovered skin, her stomach, her back and shoulders. She kept her hands on the back of his neck, keeping him close, not wanting to let go. His lips left hers to kiss her neck. Simone knew that they had to move when she felt hid tongue graze over the curve of her collarbone.

"Tay," she said. "I…I, um, I think, uh, I think that we should get up on the bed." They both lifted themselves onto the king-size bed. Once there, Simone lifted the shirt from Taylor and threw it carelessly to the floor. He lowered himself and their lips met again. He unbuttoned her jean cut offs and before anything else happened, she wanted to give him the condom that was in her pocket. She pulled away and reached in her pocket and got it, then handed it to Taylor. He looked down at it, then up to her.

"Okay Sim, are you sure?" he asked. He wanted to do this so badly, but he didn't want to do anything that she didn't want to do. Plus, he didn't want to get started and then have her change her mind, like she did a few nights ago.

"What do you think?" she answered his question with a question, leaning over, unbuttoning his pants. He took that as a yes and kissed her. She continued to unzip his pants, he quickly slipped out of them, and tossed them on the floor, next to both his and her shirt. Then he continued to take her shorts off. Once they were both in only their under garments, they kissed. Taylor's hands went behind Simone's back and unsnapped her bra and slowly slid the straps down her arms. Simone didn't feel the least bit uncomfortable with anything they were doing because it all felt so right.

Then Taylor ran his hands down around the shape of her figure and around her underwear. Before he pulled them down, he ever so gently let his hands slip around her waist and the lower part of her back. Simone reached down, like she had done in the swimming pool and slid her fingers under the elastic of his boxers. He fidgeted and pulled away.

"I can do this part by myself." He said, slipping his boxers down and then sitting at the edge of the bed to put condom on.

He returned to her and they kissed, Then he leaned over her, and lowered to kiss her again. Simone couldn't believe that this was happening. They had waited so long and had been so patient to let this moment finally happen. And, with all the excitement and pleasure that was included with everything that was happening, it was well worth the wait.

She couldn't do anything but simply arch her back. When Taylor had climaxed, he moaned and then kissed her lips, moved to her ear lobe and her neck. Soon after, Simone climaxed too, and she screamed out. She was not expecting it to be like that. In all the books, in everything that she had ever read, she could never imagine it being so wonderful. When Taylor was sure that she had reached her peak, he wrapped his arms around her, and then gently rolled her over.

Simone breathed deeply and looked up into Taylor's eyes. 'Oh my God', she thought. "Taylor, I love you so much."

He was breathing as deeply as she was. "I love you, too." Then he got out of the bed and went into the bathroom of the room. Simone's breathing was still heavy when he came from the bathroom, picking up their articles of strewn clothing on the floor. She reached out as he handed her the bra and panties and he quickly slipped his boxers back on. She put her bra back on, and Taylor reached around and snapped it secure for her.

They fell asleep together. Taylor was lying behind Simone, his one arm draped over her waist, keeping her close to him. Her back was to him, and she had her hand over his.


Isaac knocked on Taylor's hotel room door in the morning. He wanted to apologize to Taylor for the fight they had had the day before. No one answered. He knocked again, more forcefully. Within a few seconds, Jason came to the door and opened it.

"Jay! What are you doing in Taylor's room?" Isaac asked, surprised to see Jason instead of Taylor.

"Taylor told me about your fight and he asked to switch rooms for the night. He's in my room." Jason said. Isaac shrugged his shoulders and then walked down the hallway to Jason's original room. Jason had given Isaac the card key to the room, and he inserted the key, then opened the door. Ike saw the shape of Taylor's body under the sheets, and he snuck up to the bed. He was going to surprise Taylor. He quickly pulled the sheets away.

"What the fuck ?!" Isaac shouted as he saw Taylor and Simone in bed together, Taylor only wearing his boxers, and Simone only wearing her bra and panties. Taylor rolled over quickly with a look of fright on his face. Simone was in so much shock that she didn't know what to do. Taylor reached down and pulled the blankets back up to cover her.

"What the fuck!" Isaac repeats himself. He now has a look of anger on his face.

"What the fuck yourself!" Taylor replied. "What the hell are you doing in here!"

"What am I doing in here?!" Isaac got snappy. "More like what the hell is she doing in here?!" He left the room, and then shut the door. Simone was so scared, she started crying.

"Omigosh, Taylor, I am so sorry. I didn't want to get you into any trouble." She said, the tears already streaming down her face.

"Sim, don't cry." He said, pulling her into a hug. She clung to his arms and never wanted to let go. "Shh, don't cry." He said, and then wiped her tears away with his forefinger. He quickly kissed her lips. "Get dressed, then go to your room."

"What about Ike? You think that he'll tell on us?"

"You let me deal with Isaac. Just get dressed and do to your room. I'll see you at breakfast." He said, kissing her lips again. She got dressed quickly, and then opened the door to leave. Isaac was waiting outside and when he saw her, he went to her side.

"Tell me that nothing happened last night, and that you two only fell asleep like that." Isaac said, looking down into her eyes, wanting her to say it was true. He didn't want to hear that his little brother and the girl that he had the biggest crush on had…had…God, he couldn't ever think of it.

"Ike, I can't say that. I would be lying if I did." She said, shrugging Isaac away, and then walked to her room. Isaac looked after her, his feelings totally crushed and it felt like his heart was bleeding. The door opened again, and Taylor came out, face to face with him.

"Are you stupid or something?" Isaac asked him. Taylor glared at him.

"You better not say anything about this to mom or dad." Taylor threatened.

"I should. I should go to them right now and tell them that I found you two in bed together, and did God only knows what before I walked in." Isaac said. The glare in Taylor's eyes was unbelievable and Isaac backed away in fright. "But I won't. Just as long--"

"Don't even try to make compromises with me right now." Taylor said. Isaac nodded and then backed away. Taylor went to Simone's room, and knocked before entering. Isaac wanted to shout after him, saying "Gosh, don't you two ever take a break?" but he kept his mouth shut. Taylor looked like he was serious when he said not to say anything and Isaac didn't feel like paying the price for pissing him off.

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