Chapter 27

To Simone's surprise, Diana didn't question anything about her 'cramps'. She simply drove her to the hospital, which was only a few blocks away from the hotel in which they were staying. When they reached the emergency enterance, the pain emerged again and it felt like a thousand knives stabbing her stomach. Simone let out a small cry and held onto her stomach. Diana's look of motherly concern grew and she hurried Simone into the hospital. There were very few people in the waiting room. Simone sat down tears burning under her eyes.

"What's going on?" she thought to herself. "Taylor's right, this isn't normal." She was ripped from her thoughts by the excruciating pains. Diana returned to her, carrying a clipboard with papers on it.

"These need to be filled out, honey. If you want, I'll write the information for you." Diana offered. Simone thanked her and answered every question that was on the paper. Finally, the waiting became unbearable. It was at least 45 minutes before a nurse even realized that Simone was still waiting to be called on.

"I'll see if there is a doctor avalible for you, miss." The nurse said, walking down a long corridor. Taylor appeared in the doorway. He looked around the brightly lit room to find Simone and his mother. With the waiting room being close to empty, he found them almost immediately. He sat down next to Simone and took her hand in his. His hair was pulled back and he was wearing extra baggy jeans, a white long-sleeved shirt, with a black John Lennon shirt over top of it, plus he had sunglasses. He didn't want to be recognized because he didn't want any interuptions coming between Simone finding out what was wrong with her.

"They haven't taken you yet?" he asked. Simone shook her head. Taylor looked around again at the person-less room. "There isn't anyone else here. Why the hell not?"

"Watch your mouth, young man." Diana said sharply. She was surprised at Taylor's language. He had never talked like that in front of her before.

"Miss Reid, the doctor can see you now." A nurse said from the hallway. Taylor squeezed her hand.

"Would you like us to go back with you, dear?" Diana asked. Simone shook her head.

"No thanks, Mrs. Hanson. I don't know how long it's going to be, so maybe you can go back to the hotel and get some rest. Those kids really tire you out. I'll be fine. Could Taylor stay and wait for me, please?" Simone asked, hoping that Taylor could stay, because she didn't want to go with the doctor all alone. Diana nodded.

"You are so considerate, Simone. You're thinking of my well-being before your own, when you're the sick one. Okay, Taylor can stay, but let me remind you to come straight back to the hotel as soon as you are done here." Diana said, giving Simone a quick hug, then she smiled. "Get better soon." Then she turned to Taylor and handed him the credit card. "Charge the expenses. Come right back to the hotel. Bye." Then she turned to the exit and left.

"Miss Reid?" the nurse repeated. Simone got up, still holding onto her stomach. Taylor helped guide her back into the hall. The nurse led them to a room.

"Please sit down and the doctor will be in shortly." She said, then put her folder in the holder outside the door and left. Simone took a deep breath,. Then looked over at Taylor, who was already looking at her. He removed his sunglasses.

"You don't look like yourself." Simone said, as if looking at Taylor for the first time that night. Taylor smiled.

"Well, I had to come in disguise." He said, smiling. Then he took a deep breath as the doctor came into the room. He was just about as nervous as Simone was.

"So, Simone? Am I pronouncing your name right?" the doctor asked, looking up from the folder. Simone nodded. "Great. I'm Dr. Matthews, now, would you like to tell me what's been going on?"

Simone took a deep breath and began to tell the story. "Well, my period is about 3 weeks late, give or take a few days. And tonight, I got all dizzy, and fell down on my knees, then I blacked out for a couple seconds. Then, when I got back up, I had this horrible pain in my stomach then everything went blank. I can't remember anything after that, except for coming here with Taylor's mom."

"Whose Taylor?" Dr. Matthews asked.

"My boyfriend." Simone said, nodding towards to Taylor. "Taylor Hanson." The doctor stood up and shook Taylor's hand.

"Wow, Taylor Hanson, huh? Pleasure to meet you." she said. Taylor sat back down in the seat next to Simone. "Please continue. Is there something that you might suspect why you might be late on your menstrual cycle?"

Simone glanced nervously at Taylor, who glanced nervously at her. "Well, um, we did have sex, but I am on the pill and we used a condom, so I don't think that I could have gotten pregnant from that."

"Uh-huh, I see. Is there any time that you may have forgotten to take your pill one day? Even one day can throw you completely off." Dr. Matthews asked.

"Yeah, one day, but"

"Then we should run you thru some tests to see what the problem is. If you are pregnant, and that is a definate possibility, then we'll have to discuss your choices with everything. Come with me and we'll take a urine test. Then if nothing shows up there, then we'll run an internal exam. You're very lucky because you'll be getting the results in tonight, the reason being, the hospital isn't crowded tonight."


An hour slipped by before the doctor spoke to Simone again that night. She was growing impatient with everything and how long everything was taking.

"What is taking so long?" she asked, in a sharp tone of voice. Taylor calmed her down.

"Just remember that the doctor us before, with getting the results back tonight, so we shouldn't be complaining about anything just yet." Taylor said, smoothing her hand with his. She leaned her head against his shoulder and rested her eyes. Then she sat up quickly, and grabbed her stomach. The pains were occurring about every 20 minutes. "Sim? You okay?"

"Taylor, this is so horrible! I don't know why this is happening! What's up with these cramps?" she asked, then relaxed as the pains subsided. The doctor came down the hallway, carrying a folder. Simone sat up straight, and she also felt Taylor tense up.

"Well, we have your results. What would you like to hear first? The bad news or the really bad news?"

Simone was scared out of her mind. The bad or the really bad?

"Well, the bad, and then the really bad, I guess." Simone said, squeezing Taylor's hand, hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

"Well, I don't know if this will be bad news for you or not, but it usually is for teenagers. Okay, first the bad news. Brace yourself kids…you're pregnant." Dr. Matthews said. Simone sucked in her breath, and tears built up under her eyes. She knew it. She was shocked. She looked over at Taylor. He looked stunned too.

"Are you sure?" Taylor asked, holding onto Simone's hand, not letting her slip away.

"There's no doubt. But, here's the really bad news." The doctor continued. "You have a tubial pregnancy."

"What does that mean?" Simone asked.

"It means that when the egg was fertilized, instead of implanting into the uterus, it implanted in the fallopein tube. Now, this is a very serious matter. Many females become steryl after this happens to them. But with us catching this as quickly as we did, there is medication that you can take you have an abortion and to help prevent sterility. I can prescribe something for you." Dr. Matthews explained. Simone sat there in complete shock. A tubial pregnancy? The whole thing felt like a dream.

Simone was completely unaware of things that were happening. She could no longer hear what the doctor was saying, but she could see his lips moving, and yet there was no sound. And when she looked over at Taylor, he could almost hear his heart pounding. Then, she realized that it was her own heart, not Taylor's. She was pregnant, but she was never going to have the child. There was a living, growing, breathing embryo inside of her, but she was never going to see it, and it was never going to see her.

She thought to herself, what would happen if it wasn't a tubial pregnancy? Would she have an abortion anyway? Or would she have the baby? Would it be a boy or a girl? Would she keep it, or give it up for adoption? What would she name it? All these thoughts were racing thru her mind, thru her head, desprately searching for all of the answers as the doctor continued to talk mutely. Her head was pulled down from the clouds when she felt Taylor tug on her hand.

"Would you like me to write you a prescription?" Dr. Matthews asked.

"Yes, please." Simone said. Taylor never let go of her hand the entire time. The doctor quickly wrote something down on a piece of paper, and handed it to Simone. "Thank you."

"There is a pharmacy across the hall and will fill this right now, even at this hour an the night. Because of your conditions, with being on the tour and everything, I can't ask you to come back, but I have to ask you to call this phone number in exactly 28 days, let me know if you have gotten your period since then, and then I will contact a doctor that will be near you so you can get a check up."

Simone thanked the doctor again and then she and Taylor went to the pharmacy to her prescription filled.

"Oh my gosh. Taylor, I can not believe this." Simone said, wrapping her arms around herself. Taylor went to hug her, but she pulled away.

"Sim, you're not going to let this come between us, are you?" he asked, hoping, even praying, that her answer was going to be no.

"I dunno." She said. "I don't want it to, really I don't, but I am just so, uncomfortable now. You know what I mean? With everything that was just thrown at us tonight, is it really worth it anymore?"

"But it wasn't from that…it was from the pool." Taylor protested. Simone placed her hands around the corners of his face.

"I love you. I could never tell you that enough, and you know that I mean it forever. Just because we don't do 'that' doesn't mean that I don't love you any less, ok? You have to try to understand where I am coming from, Tay. You just have to. I don't want anything this risky to happen again." Simone said. "At least not while I am on any medication."

Taylor smiled, and was just about to lean down to kiss her lips, when the pharmacist rang the bell, telling them that the prescription was ready. Taylor carried the bag, his other hand clutching Simone's and they walked back to the hotel.

"What are we going to tell everyone when they ask us what was wrong with you?" Taylor asked, just as they reached the outside of the hotel. Simone stopped a moment to think.

"Tell them that I was having really bad cramps and the doctor prescribed medication to help them. That's all. Don't give out any more information than needed. It's not lying, its just not telling the whole truth." Simone said. Taylor nodded. "Thanks for being there with me tonight. I don't think that I would have been able to do that alone."

"You're welcome." Taylor said, then they got in the elevator, preparing themselves to be asked a ton of questions.

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