Chapter 28

Taylor and Simone reached their floor and stepped off the elevator. They both looked down the hallway, half expecting to see Diana waiting for them to return. There was no one waiting, so Simone decided to just go to bed, for the medication was making her a bit sleepy, plus it was already kinda late to begin with. She quickly said good-night to Taylor, and she avoided his lips as she slipped behind the door to her room.

Taylor sighed a disappointed sigh. 'Great,' he thought. 'I knew that this was going to drive her away from me.'...

Simone leaned up against the back of the door and took a deep breath. She could not believe anything that had just happened. She was pregnant, yes, but she was never going to give birth. In a way, she felt really bad because she was basically killing the baby, taking the pills, but on the other hand, if she went on ahead with the pregnancy, there would be major complications. If her stomach was hurting so bad tonight, then she could only imagine how it would feel in the upcoming months.

And, she continued to think, if I would have had the baby, I could have died in labor, I could have a miscarriage, or it would be stillborn. With all the things added up, all of the risks that could happen, she concluded that she was making the right choice. It wasn't her fault that she had become pregnant in the first place. Sure, she had forgotten to take her birth control pill that day that she and Taylor concieved, but it was not her fault.

"It was Taylor's fault." she told herself. "It was all Taylor."

Simone kept telling herself over and over again, that it was Taylor's fault, and that she would never forgive him for it. What happens if, in the future, she wants to have kids and then because of this whole tubial pregnancy, she won't ba able to? It's all Taylor's fault, she said to herself once again.

But her conscience was telling her just the opposite. "You know that it couldn't have been Tay's fault," it said. "He did nothing wrong. He didn't know that it was going to happen. You know how much he loves you, and that if he knew that night that all of this was going to happen, then he never would have asked you to go swimming that night."

Simone nodded. Her conscience was right. It wasn't Taylor's fault. Then she thought back to how rude she had been to him. All he was trying to do was make sure that he was all right. He dressed differently than he normally did, just so he could make it to the hospital faster, so he could be with her. He wanted to hug her, and to tell her that everything was going to be 'okay', but she only shrugged him away, and barely let him touch her. And she didn't even let him kiss her good-night. She felt totally rotten. She fell asleep with nothing but Taylor on her mind. All of other problems didn't seem to matter. Taylor was her first concern, then the rest were close behind.


A small knocking on Taylor's bedroom door awoke him from a not so peaceful sleep. He didn't sleep well because all he could think about was Simone, and their visit at the hospital that night. The look on her face when the doctor told her she was pregnant was unforgetable. He even thought that there was a small hint of happiness. But when Dr. Matthews said that it was a tubial pregnancy, the color totally drained from her face.

Taylor began to think that maybe he only dreamt about the knocking on his door, and pulled the covers back up over his head. The knocking came again, this time more forcefully. He got up, wearing only his boxers, and answered the door.

"Sim!" he said, seeing Simone standing there, wearing a robe, with his t-shirt and boxers that he had given her underneath the robe. "You know you're not allowed in my room."

"I know, but I couldn't sleep." Simone said, looking directly into his eyes. Taylor felt relieved. She didn't hate him, she loved him.

"Neither could I." Taylor said, still standing in the doorway, Simone still out in the hall. He wanted her to come in, in his room, so he could wrap his arms around her, and tell her that everything was going to be all right. Tell her that he loved her. Tell her that while they were together, nothing bad was ever going to happen again. But he couldn't. She wasn't allowed in his room, and if they would get caught, that could cause some serious trouble.

"Can we talk?" Simone asked, hoping that he would forget about his parents stupid rule and let her come in. She wanted him to hold her in his arms. Because when he did that, all of her problems seemed to melt away, no matter how big or small they were.

"Yeah." Taylor said. He no longer cared about getting punished. He opened the door wider, then stepped back to allow Simone into his room. As soon as the door was shut behind them, she reached up, and hugged him. It was a great hug. That was just what she needed. It felt great.

"Tay, I'm sorry that I seemed a little weird earlier tonight, but, you can understand why, can't you?" Simone asked, sitting Indian-style on the floor. Taylor nodded and sat down across from her, then took her hands in his. "I mean, geeze, I'm pregnant."

"YOU'RE WHAT?!?!!"

Both Taylor and Simone jumped in fright at the sound of Zac's voice. They looked by the door, saw Zac standing there, looking like a 2 year younger version of Taylor, wearing simular boxers, and his hair pulled back like Tay's was.

"You're what?!!?" he repeated himself, in a lower, more calm voice. Simone thought quickly.

"Uh, nous parlons en français. Tu comprehende?"
"Um, we are talking in french. Do you understand?"

"What language is that?" Zac asked, stepping more into the room.

"It's French, you moron." Taylor said. Zac look offended.

"Shht. Sois sympa." Simone scolded Taylor.
"Shh. Be nice."

"Cool! I didn't know that you knew French! Say something else!" Zac encouraged.

"Maybe she doesn't feel like it, ProZ." Taylor said, now angry at his brother.

"Ne sois bête pas. Il est ton petit frére, n'est pas?" Simone said quickly. Taylor
"Don't be stupid. He is your little brother, right?"
shrugged his shoulders, and she laughed. "You don't understand a word I am saying, do you?"

"No, I don't. That's the problem with getting homeschooled. There's not another language that we learn, unless it's something that we pick up from the country while we are there." Taylor said. "Who knows, you probably told us something really mean and we don't even know."

Simone smiled. "No, I didn't say anything like that."

"But what did you say before? When I first walked in. It wasn't French." Zac said, his curiousity rising in temptation to know what they were talking about. Taylor looked at Simone and she looked at him. They were talking with their eyes. "I know that you said something about you," he said, pointing to Simone, "being pregnant."

Simone's eyes grew wide, and her breath got caught in her throat. 'Omigod, he knows.' she thought to herself.

"Zac, you can not tell a soul. It's not a normal pregnancy, and she has to get an abortion. And, it didn't happen from us having sex." Taylor said. Simone couldn't believe that this was happening. Just another trauma to add to the night.

"Oh really? Then how the hell did she get pregnant?" Zac asked, his voice getting a little louder with each word he said.

"Keep your voice down, will you?" Simone shouted in a loud whisper. She was partly stunned at Zac's words, too. She never heard him say anything out of a 'G' rated language.

"Then how did she get pregnant if you two didn't get jiggy wit' it?" Zac asked, still wondering about everything. What Taylor was saying wasn't making any sense. Simone knew that her face was getting a shade darker with every second.

"Well, I'm not exactly saying that we didn't -- "

"Remember when you and Ike came into the pool that one night?" Simone interupted Taylor. God, was he stupid or something? Zac nodded. "Well, it happened there. Not what you are thinking, but there are other ways that 'that' can happen without the 'that' actually happening."

"Are you talking in French again?" Zac asked, scratching his head in thought.

"No, I am just saying that I got pregnant from the pool, there was no sex involved. But, I'm not able to have the baby because it's a rare pregnancy and baby is going to die before birth, so there's no reason that you should tell anyone about it, because no one has to know." Simone tried to explain as best as she could. Zac nodded, then smiled.

"But you two still had sex, didn't you?" he asked.

Simone looked at Taylor, then bit her lip, and refused to make eye contact with Zac. Taylor did the same thing, and didn't look at his brother.

"Ha, I knew it." Zac said triumphantly.

"If you tell anyone, I'll make your puberty a living hell." Taylor threatened.

"Calm down. You two little sex monkeys don't have to worry about me saying anything. I wouldn't want you to get in trouble. Besides, I like ya' Simone. Like a sister, you know? I won't tell, you have my promise."

Taylor only glared at his brother, knowing that he would keep quiet, but he still felt a little bit uneasy with Zac, of all people, knowing their secret.

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