Chapter 3

The phone rang and rang. Isaac gripped the phone tighter in his hand. He didn't realize that his palms were sweating. I quickly wiped them off on his jeans, the someone picked up the phone. It was ' her '.

" Hello?? " Simone answered the phone.

" Is Simone there?? " Ike asked.

" This is Simone. " she said.

" This is Isaac. " he said. Did she want to talk to him?? Or did she only like Taylor?? Whenever they had talked a few times before, she didn't seem to be ' in ' the conversation, but whenever she talked to Tay, he was always laughing.

" Hi!! Oh, wow, I wasn't expecting to hear from you guys in awhile! What's up with you ?? " Simone asked happily. She was really truly surprised to her from Isaac, she was expecting it to be Taylor. In a way, she had hoped that it would've been Tay that had called, but Isaac was cool, too.

" Not much. We just tried to have a nice quiet family dinner at some resturant, but, boy, did that blow up in our faces. " Isaac said. Simone laughed.

" Why, what happened?? " she asked. To Ike, it sounded as if she really wanted to hear the story, unlike some of his other friends, who have no enthusiasm in their voice whenever they talk.

" Well, see, we were at this resturant, you know, we wanted to have dinner, but, things never ever go as planned. There was a table full of girls sitting next to us, who was trying really hard to keep in their laughter because they were sitting next to us. But, before we could order anything, the doors of the resturant blew open, and in ran about 20 screaming girls, that were seriously hyperventilating!! So, the manager asked us to leave!! So, as we left, all the girls were following us, and we were nearly ran over whenever we got back to the hotel. " Isaac explained.

" Aawww, poor Ike. None of you got hurt, did you?? " Simone asked sympathetically.

" No, everyone's fine, how are you doing?? " he asked.

" Pretty good. My friend, Ashna is over, and is begging me to let her talk to you, should I let her?? " Simone asked his opinion.

" Only is she promises not to scream into the phone, okay?? "

" Hi, is this really Isaac?? " Ashna asked excitedly into the phone.

" Yeah, is this really Ashna?? " he asked, joking. She laughed.

" Wow, I guess that Simone was telling the truth whenever she told me that she talked to you guys on the phone. Did you ever see Taylor in his boxers?? " she asked. Simone quickly smacked her friend in the shoulder.

Isaac winced. Once again, the girls wanted to know stuff about Taylor. It just wasn't fair!!

" Yeah, I've seen him in his boxers, why do you ask?? " Isaac asked.

" I was just wondering if what I read was true or not. I read that you guys prefer boxers over briefs, so I guess that it was right. " Ashna said giddily. Simone was about to smack her even harder!! Why was she being so stupid??

" Do you ever sing in the shower --- " Simone ripped the phone out of Ashna's hands.

" Sorry about that, she forgot to take her pill today to calm her down. " Ashna said, trying to cover up for her friends stupidity.

" That's okay, I've been asked worst things than that. " Isaac said. He really didn't mind that he was getting asked those questions, it was just whenever he was asked questions about Taylor and Zac that got him a little upset.

" Um, is Tay there by any chance?? " Simone asked hopefully. Isaac's heart groaned. So she did like Taylor, alot. His spirits fell down to the floor.

" Yeah, he's here, butm uh, he's in the shower right now, so he can't talk, I'll have him call you later. " Isaac lied.

" Well, I have to be going, it was nice hearing from you, and tell Taylor that I said hi, okay?? " Simone said, wanting to end the conversation.

Isaac tried to put on a happy face. " I'll deliver the message personally! " he said.

" Ok, bye!! " Simone said.

" Yeah, see ya. " Isaac said then hung up the phone.


" See, I told you that he would call me tonight! " Simone said to Ashna.

" Well, HE didn't call you, Isaac did. So, that doesn't count. " Ashna said.

" You really are impossible!! " Simone laughed, flicking a few sprinkles of water on Ashna from her cup of water sitting next to her at the kitched table. Ashna got this evil/playful look on her face, took a drink of water, and sqirtted it out between her teeth at Simone.

Simone tried to block the on coming water, but failed, and got drenched. She got up, ran over to the sink and grabbed the little water thing-ee by the faucet.

" You wouldn't!! " Ashna said, looking skeptical at her best friend.

" Oh yeah?? Wanna bet?? " Simone asked, while pulling the button, having the water spray out ALL over Ashna. She squealed, but picked up her glass full of water and poured it all over Simone, while she continued to pull the handle, and there was a BIG mess to clean up in the kitchen after the water battle was over.....

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