Chapter 4

Isaac awoke with a smile on his face. He was so happy because he had talked to Simone last night. She had sounded so happy. But whenever she had asked to talk to Tay, he had lied and said that he was in the shower. Why did I do that?? Isaac asked himself. Because he wanted to have Simone all to himself, he didn't want to share her with Taylor. Besides, he always got all of the fan mail, all the posters that said " I love Taylor!! " and he got all the presents in the mail. But Isac wasn't mad becuase of that. He was mad because he had been the one that had seen Simone first backstage, but was too afraid to say anything to her becuase he thought that she would only want to talk to Tay. But that wasn't the case. He had talked to all 3 of them with equal conversations and seemed to be just a fan of their music, not some obsessed freak that would scream and flip out whenever they would meet. The truth is, Isaac had spotted Simone in the front row, belting out the lyrics simotaniously with him for A Minute Without You, which was the opening song. She knew every word, and looked so pretty whenever she sang. Isaac was sure that she had saw him looking at her, and then he had blushed and almost forgot what chord was next in the song.

" Hey Ike!! Wake up!! You look like your in outer space!! " Taylor yelled, while tossing his pillow at Ike, which hit him in the head.

" Nothing, just thinking. Why?? "

" You look like your on Cloud 9. "

" Uh, why do you say that?? " Ike asked, blushing. Taylor noticed his blushing and decided to tease him about it.

" Hey!! Isaac has a girlfriend!! Ike!! C'mon!! What's she like?? " Tay asked.

" No one. Leave me alone. " Isaac said while pulling his sheets over his head. He felt a sudden and unpleasent weight on his lap and looked out to see Taylor on his legs, with a cup of water in his hand.

" You better tell me, or I'll throw this water all over you!! " Taylor warned. Isaac shook his head, and the water was poured all over him. He gasped and quickly got out of bed, all wet.

" What the hell was that for?? " Ike yelled.

" I told to that you have to tell me why you look like you've been hit by cupid's arrow!! " Taylor said.

" Leave me alone!! I hate it whenever you do this to me!! Just forget about everything about girls and me. They don't go together!! " Ike yelled.

" God, chill out, what is your problem?? " Taylor yelled, now angry.

" I'll tell you what my problem and Simone is my problem! " Isaac yelled angrily at Tay.


Ashna called Simone in a hurry.

" Hello? " Simone picked up the phone.

" SIMONE!!! OMIGOSH!!! Were you just listening to the radio by chance?? " Ashna asked excitedly.

" No, why? What's up?? " Simone asked, getting butterflies in her stomache. What was this all about? she wondered.

" Well, the announcer said that Hanson was going to be coming to town again in concert pretty soon!! I think that he said that they would be here April 20th!! We've got to call and get tickets!! I want a good seat!! " Ashna exclaimed. She was talking so fast, Simone could barely understand a word she was saying.

" Okay, settle down. Relax. We will get good seats, and probably backstage passes too. Calm your self, Ashna. Did you happen to forget that I am friends with them now? I can get us front row and backstage passes, okay? " Simone said, her heartbeat quickening. Just the thought of actually seeing Taylor again, made her quite happy.

" Oh, yeah, that's right. I forgot about that. Well, call them and have them mail the tickets to you!! " Ashna said. She really wanted to go to this concert. She had missed the other one, she wasn't about to miss this one, either!

" Well...." Simone trailed off.

" Well, what? "

" Well, they never really gave me their number. They call me all the time. I can't call them! " Simone said. She was secretly hoping that Taylor would call her right now, so that her call waiting would beep and then she would get off the phone with Ashna. In a way, she was mad at Ashna because she had forgotten so easily that she was friends with Hanson.

" Oh, okay, well, my mom needs to use the phone, so I have to be going. But you better call me as soon as you get the chance to ask them about the tickets, okay? "

" Okay, will do! " Simone agreed. After she had hung up the phone, all she could do was basically wait until Taylor would call her, which, she hoped wouldn't be too long from now.

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