Chapter 5

Simone sat by the phone anticipating for Taylor to call. And as soon as she got up to do something, the phone did ring. She hurried over to answer it. It was indeed, Taylor.

" Hi! Wow! It's great hearing your voice. " Taylor said, hoping that she would get the hint that he liked her. Simone felt her face get hot, and she blushed. Thank goodness that we're only on the phone, she thought.

" Hi! I've been waiting for you to call. " she said, telling the 100% truth. She loved talking to him on the phone. He was so incredibly easy to talk to.

" Really? " Taylor asked.

" Yeah. " Simone said. " Um, guess what? "

" What? "

" Well, I heard on the radio that you guys were coming back to Pittsburgh on like, April 20th or something. I was wondering if that was true or not, because sometimes the dinky dj's can be ass-holes like that and get people's hopes up and then tell everyone that it was just a joke. "

" Yeah, we're coming back. Mostly because of my influence, I was seriously begging that we come back. " Taylor said.

" Why? "

" Well.... " Taylor trailed off. " Well, uh, because, I guess that I wanted to see you again. I don't know. "

" Oh, okay. " Simone said, but inside was flipping out. Hanson is coming to Pittsburgh in concert, again, because Taylor wants to see me! Oh-my-gosh! Whoo! she thought.

" Why? Don't you want to see us again or something? " Taylor asked with disappointment in his voice.

" NO! It's not that, it's just, like, no one had that much power to do something for me. " Simone said quickly. Maybe a little too quickly.

" You know, to guarentee that I'll get to see you again, how about if I send you a backstage pass or something? Is that okay? " Taylor offered. Great, Simone thought, now I can bring that up with Ashna.

" Sure. I have to ask you another favor.....could you possibly throw in two front row tics and another pass? Because my friend is really into you guys too, and she didn't get the chance to go to the last concert, and she would be so totally psyched, you know? Please? " Simone asked. Taylor laughed.

" Anything. You didn't even have to explain, I would've sent it to you anyway. Oh, yeah, I'll need your address. " Taylor said, while getting paper to write it down on.

" Oh, okay. Simone Reid, 284 Dutch Hollow Road, Amity PA, 55555. " she said slowly so he could write it down. " Did you get all of it? "

" Yeah. Sure thing. I'll send them as soon as I can, okay? Anyway, I have to get going....Ike needs to use the phone now. Talk to you later. "

" Bye. " Simone said, not wanting to leave the phone.

" Later. " Taylor said. She heard a click, and then the line went dead. Then she immediately called Ashna. Darn. It was busy. Well, Simone thought, she'll just have to find out about the front row tickets and backstage passes tomorrow, then.


Isaac pushed Taylor roughly in the chest, sending Taylor flying into the wall. Taylor was stunned as to why his older brother was acting so weird, and violent.

" Ike, what the heck is your problem? " Taylor asked in an angry voice.

" You know. I already told you what my problem is. You and Simone. " Isaac answered.

" What are you talking about? " Taylor was confused.

" Oh, like you don't know! You knew that I like her! And, like always, whenever I like some one, you have to go and make a deal about it, so that they will like you more than they would ever like me. It's always been that way, Tay, don't even try to deny it!! " Isaac said sharply.

" But, Ike -- "

" Don't even try and make it seem like it's not like that, Tay, because it always has been and it always will be. And what really REALLY ticks me off, is that I saw her first, and I know that the only reason you made the first move to talk to her, was because you know that I'm too shy to do things like that, and mostly because you saw me looking at her! "

" Ike, that's not the case. " Taylor said quickly, before Isaac could cut him off again.

" Then what is the case? "

" I don't know. I mean, yeah, I saw you looking at her, but when I followed your gaze, I thought, ' my goodness, ' what guy in their right mind wouldn't look at her!? I didn't know that you liked her, but I thought that you were just friends. I like her too, she's nice, and friendly, and seems always to be interested in what I have to say. " Taylor said. Isaac just glared at his brother, deciding on whether to believe him or not.

" Well, Tay, it always seems like a girl would be interested in talking to you ... "

" Ike, just do me a favor and shut up, okay? " Taylor snapped. Isaac was making him somewhat mad with all the crying and belly - aching that he had been doing the past few days.

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