Chapter 7

When they reached Simone's house, all but Taylor had fallen asleep. He was sitting next to her in the front seat, and Avery was sitting beside him, with her head leaning against his shoulder as she slept. Simone was silently squealing because she thought that it was really cute. Everyone staggered out of the Bus, and groggily followed Simone into the house. She warned them to keep quiet, because her parents were probably sleeping. She showed them the 2 extra bedrooms, and the two pull out couches that they could sleep on, then she went to her own room to go to sleep. Then she actually stopped and thought about it…. Hanson was in her house, sleeping!!! And that's when she let out a little "Omigod!" and then finally drifted to sleep.

In the morning, she was awoken by the smell of pancakes grilling, coffee brewing, and eggs sizzling. She hurried, looked at her reflection briefly in the mirror, made sure that her night gown was not see thru and wandered downstairs for breakfast. She saw her dad at the stove, flipping the pancakes, with Walker beside him, insisting in helping, her mom frying the eggs, with Diana pouring glasses of milk for everybody and her brother talking friendly to Ike. She smiled. In the living room, was all the rest of the people were in there. She went in, and sat down on the couch, next to Taylor. He looked over and smiled.

"You were right, there IS enough room! I didn't think that your house was this big. It's enough for your family and my family. That's really cool," he said.

"Well, anything to help a friend!" Simone said, smiling. She then felt self-conscience because she was in her night shirt, in front of Taylor, not wearing any make up, her hair wasn't brushed, her teeth weren't brushed, and, ugh, she probably looked awful! But Taylor didn't say anything about it. "So, what do you guys want to do today?"

"What do you have to do around here?" Taylor asked.

"Yeah, what's the most happenin' place to be on a Thursday?" Ike chimed in.

"Thursday?! Omigosh! I've got to go to school!!" Simone said, in a panicked voice.

"School doesn't sound like much fun!" Isaac said, laughing. Simone rolled her eyes at him. She hurried back up to her room to change. When she descended again, she was dressed properly for school, and for being in the presence of Hanson.


School seemed to take forever for Simone. She didn't tell Ashna about Hanson being at her house, and she wasn't planning on it, either, because Ashna would come over, and she would be hysterical. When she returned home, she found just the three oldest Hanson brothers at her house.

"Hey, where's everyone else at?" she asked. She wondered why all the others were missing.

"Well, our family went to the hotel, but we decided that since you had to go to school today, and we really didn't get to spend any time together, that we would stay here, and then leave to go to the hotel later tonight. We'll just call a cab or something to get into Pittsburgh." Zac explained everything. Simone nodded, and was kinda glad that the others weren't around.

"Oh, that's nice. So, what do…" the phone rang and cut Simone off. She picked up the receiver. "Hello?"

"Hi!" Ashna said in a cheery voice. "How are you?"

"Uh, hi Ashna. I'm doing pretty good, but I kinda have company, I can't really talk.."

"Well, there wasn't any cars in your driveway whenever the bus went past." Ashna said.

"Yeah, I know, but there's people here now." Simone said. Then, Tay decided to make Simone a little mad.

"Hey!! Simone, are you coming back in your room or what??" he yelled, in a really loud voice. Isaac laughed, and so did Zac. She smacked him quickly on the shoulder and then thought, "I just smacked Taylor Hanson! Oh my gosh!"

"Who was that?" Ashna asked curiously.

"No one. I have to go! Bye!" Simone said and quickly hung up the phone. She then, lifted the phone off the hook so Ashna couldn't call back. Then she turned to Taylor, who was smiling like a chesire cat. "And what is that smile for?" she asked him.

"Nothing." He said, still smiling. Zac crept up behind him, and threw his arms around his neck, getting Tay in a lock. Tay then pulled Zac over the back of the couch, and gave him a noogie, messing his hair all up. Zac punched him on the arm, and Tay punched him back. "Stop it Zac. You don't want to start with me."

"No, I don't, but I did something that you never did yet…." Zac taunted.


"Kissed a girl!" Zac laughed evilly, and Simone laughed under her breath. Tay's face got all red with embarrassment, and he hit Zac.

"I'm gonna kill you!" he shouted, and lunged towards Zac. Simone stepped in between them.

"Oh, no, you won't. Do you realize that if you kill him, I will be help responsible because your in my house?" Simone joked. Taylor stopped. Simone decided to put the phone back on the hook, in case an important call would come in for her dad or something. As soon as the phone hit the cradle, it rang.

"Is Isaac there?" a voice asked.

"Yeah, hold on." Simone said. She handed the phone to Ike, and he took it.

"Yeah? Hi dad. Now? Are you sure? Why can't we stay longer? Ok. Alright! See you soon. Bye." He said and hung up, then looked at Tay and Zac. "Well, that was Dad, he wants us back at the hotel, now."

"Now?" Tay asked. He didn't want to leave yet! Ike nodded. "Well, call a cab, then."

"Well, I guess that I'll see you guys tomorrow then, at the concert. Bye." Simone said, as they waited for the taxi to come.


The car ride to the concert seemed to take forever! Simone and Ashna were talking and singing the whole way in the backseat. Simone's mom looked like she wanted to slap them both for being so annoying, but she contained herself. When they reached the concert, her mom informed them to call her whenever the concert was over, so she could come and pick them up.

They were there about 45 minutes early, so, it was Ashna's idea to go backstage for a little while before the concert even started. So, with the backstage passes around their necks, they proudly strode back. The security guard wanted to examine their passes. But Simone didn't want to take it off from around her neck. Without it there, she would feel somewhat unsure of herself, or something. As the guard was about to throw Simone and Ashna out from backstage, because he thought that passes were fake, there was yelling in the background.

There came Hanson, flying down the corridor, on roller blades, going fast, and knocking into the guards, and coming to a halt in front of Simone and Ashna.

"Simone, where are you going?" Isaac asked.

"Well, the guards thought that our passes were fake, and they were about to throw us out." Simone said. Isaac turned to look at the guard, who's big face was red with embarrassment.

"Sorry guys, I didn't know that you knew them." He said quickly, then left.

"It's great you guys could make it." Taylor said, his eyes affixed on Simone's. She smiled.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world!" she said. Ashna, who had been silent the entire time, closed her eyes, and collapsed to the ground. Simone hurried to her side. "Ashna!"

"What happened?" Zac asked.

"She fainted. Go get, like, a doctor or someone!" Taylor commanded, and Zac skated off in the opposite direction to get someone to help Ashna. Slowly, her eyes opened, and she saw Taylor, Isaac and Simone's faces all huddled over her. She sat up. Then, when she realized what was happening, and that Hanson was 2 feet in front of her, her eyes rolled up in the back of her head again, and she fell back down to the floor.

"Well, I guess we should take that as a compliment?" Isaac asked. Tay laughed, so did Simone. Zac was coming back, and there was someone behind him. She kneeled down next to Ashna, and said,

"I think that it would be best it she doesn't stay for the concert. I'll call her parents, and they should come and pick her up. Come on, help me with her." The woman said, while grabbing one of her arms, and Isaac took the other. They helped her walk down the hall and into a room.

"Poor Ashna." Simone said. She wanted to see the concert so bad. She glanced down at her watch. She had to get to her seat soon. "Well, I better get to my seat. See you guys later!"

She walked to her seat, which, as Taylor had promised, was in the front row, towards the center of the stage. She saw the looks of jealousy from the other girls as she sat down, to wait for the concert to begin. Then, the lights dimmed, and an announcer came over the speakers.

"Ladys, and probably not too many genltemen, are you ready for Hanson??" and there was tons of screaming. Simone stood up, to get 'into' the concert. "Well, here's Isaac, Taylor and Zac!!!!!"

The screaming was immense. Even Simone had to cover her ears. Before Hanson even came out, she turned around, and there was tons of people there. She wondered how they did it in front of all those people. Don't they ever get nervous? Or stage fright? Then, all of the sudden, something a little bit slimy and a bit wet hit Simone in the forehead. She looked up, Hanson was onstage, spraying silly sting into the audience, just like they did on Tulsa, Tokyo, and the Middle of Nowhere. She smiled, and joined in on all the screaming.

"Hey Pittsburgh!! You guys are awesome!!!" Taylor yelled into the microphone behind his keyboards, which caused even more screaming.

"Wow! You guys are pretty loud! Do you think that you can break the record of screaming? Last August in Toronto, the audience reached 140 decibels, can you beat it?" Isaac asked, smiling widely. The screaming was so loud, it was literally unbearable.

"That might have beat it, but, we have to sing!!!!" Zac said, and opened the beginning for Thinking of You.

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