Chapter 8

The concert went on and on, Hanson singing one song after another. Simone thought that it was even better than the last time. Mostly because she actually knew them, she thought. Too bad that Ashna fainted, or she would have a killer time, Simone thought. Before MMMBop, Isaac came over to the side of the stage. There was lots of extra screaming because of that. He had his guitar in its holder thing, and he bravely hopped off the stage, into the aisle that was created by a metal gate to keep the screaming fans away. There was arms grabbing for him, but they were all out of reach.

Isaac walked to Simone, who was wondering what the heck Isaac was doing. He smiled, and reached for her hand. She didn't know what he was going or planning to do, but she took his hand, stepping on the metal rail, and hopping over it, still holding Isaac's hand. He them jumped up on stage, and pulled Simone up behind him. She got butterflies in her stomach as she saw ALL those people, screaming and cheering.

"Well Pittsburgh, you better thank this girl right here, because she's the main reason that we came back to Pittsburgh in the same tour!" Isaac yelled into the microphone. There was an immense sound of screaming. People were cheering for her. They were happy because she brought Hanson back to Pittsburgh during the same tour. But why was Isaac doing this, she thought. She looked over at Taylor, who was smiling and blushing, but you couldn't really see the blushing because he was all red from being on stage anyway.

"Say hi to Pittsburgh, Simone." Isaac said, shoving the microphone in her face. She took a deep breath.

"HI PITTSBURGH!!" she yelled, and was surprised how quiet it came out. I guess you really have to scream during concerts, she thought. Taylor came over from behind his keyboard and joined them.

"Hey, lets give Simone a round of claps, ok?" he said into the mike, and there was tons of clapping. Then Taylor whispered into her ear, "Come with me." And she followed him back to the keyboards. He whispered again, "I saw that big keyboard set up in your family room, along with the book of music to Middle of Nowhere, so I think you know the notes to MMMBop, right?" She nodded, but was afraid as top what he was going to say next. Isaac and Zac were busy keeping the crowd entertained. Taylor said, "Well, how about if you play the keyboards for me, and then I'll be on the bongos the whole time, ok?"

"I'll mess up." Simone said, thinking that this would HAVE to be a dream. Taylor shook his head.

"No you won't. It's settled. You're playing MMMBop." He said. Simone didn't have a choice. Tay was making her play MMMBop. He looked over at Isaac, and said into the microphone, "Ok guys. I hate to say this, but this concert went way too fast, and this is gonna be the last song we can play tonight. And to help us out, Simone is going to play the keyboards for me for this last song." There was tons of screaming of encouragement. Somehow, deep down, Simone knew that she could do it.

Zac pounded his drumsticks above his head, and started the drums off, the Isaac followed through with those forever famous guitar riffs. Taylor gently nudged Simone with his elbow to que her in with the keyboards. She pushed down the keys that have become familiar to her over the past 3 months. She thought that she would need the music book, but she was going fine.

"MMMBop...du bop...du bop...du" the song was almost over, and Simone thought that she had done a terrible job. She had missed 3 keys during the 2nd verse, and forgot what verse was coming up next, and forgot what she was playing, but quickly recovered with the correct notes, just a bit too fast. Taylor kept looking over at her, smiling, and nodding with approval. Isaac kept getting his fair shares of glances of Simone while she was playing, too. She didn't think that it was possible for her to complete the song, but somehow, she did it. She wasn't sure how it exactly happened, but, she finished the song, and she was very very proud of herself.

But before she knew it, it was all over, the song, the concert, all of her nervousness. She felt as if she was in a dream, she barely even felt Taylor pulling on her hand, pulling her backstage with his brothers. When she was backstage, she was surrounded by congratulations from Taylor, Isaac and Zac, along with their bodyguard and their parents. Then there was the mad rush of lucky fans with backstage passes. The boys were seated at a table, and they were busy signing autographs, and shaking hands, and posing for pictures. She was surprised at how calm they all were, especially with all of the hyperventilating girls.

Then, all the autographs were signed, all the crazed fans were gone, and the only people backstage were the Hanson family, their bodyguard and Simone. In a way, she felt kind of privileged to be back there. Then she remembered that she had to call her mom so she could come and pick her up.

"Um, where is there a phone? My mom told me to call her whenever the show was over, so she could come and pick me up." Simone said. Isaac looked up and over at her.

"There's one in the dressing room, I'll show you." Ike said, leading Simone to the dressing room. On the table, right next to the couch, there was a phone, and Simone picked up the receiver and dialed her phone number. The phone number that both Isaac and Taylor had become familiar in dialing within the past few months. Her mom said that she wouldn't be able to come and get her. There was a family emergency and she was needed at her grandparent's house. She told Simone just to take a taxi home. She sighed as she hung the receiver back on the cradle. "Something wrong?"

"Yeah, sorta. My mom said that she couldn't get me because of a family emergency and that I would have to take a cab home. I get a bit scared in cabs. The drivers scare me." Simone said.

"Well, it won't be too much trouble, we can give you a ride home." Isaac offered. Simone looked up and smiled.

"Really?? That would be so great! Thank you so so much!" she exclaimed. Walker agreed to take Simone home, only after they stopped at the hotel first. For two reasons…..1. so the little ones and Diana could go to bed, it was getting late, and…..2. because the guys were all sweaty and needed to take a shower. They all agreed, and it was settled. Go back to the hotel room, then to Simone's house.

In the car, Taylor leaned over to whisper into Simone's ear.

"We were thinking about doing some sight seeing tomorrow, do you want to go with us?"

"Are you sure I wouldn't be intruding in on your family?"

"No, they asked me to invite you. I think that they like you, and that's good, because…." He trailed off.

"Because….because what?"

"Because, well, because, um, uh, I like you too." Taylor blushed. Simone felt her cheeks get a bit hot too. Well, this was really big news! Taylor Hanson liked her! Wow!

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