Chapter 9

Simone thought that she was dreaming. Taylor had admitted to liking her. She was in total shock. It seemed like a fairy tale or something. She was just a normal fan, at a normal concert, with a normal backstage pass, and she was talking casually to the guys, and then she finds out that Taylor liked her?? It didnít seem possible.

In the van, to the hotel, it was a little crammed, considering that there was the entire Hanson family plus Simone. The van wasnít as big as the Bus, so it was a little uncomfortable, but Simone wasnít complaining, because she was in the very backseat, crammed in with Taylor, then her, then Isaac on her other side, and Zac was on the end. But now she didnít really know how to act around Taylor now because he had told her that he liked her, and duh, she likes him too, but, it was just so confusing. So, she decided that she would act like that conversation didnít even take place.

When they reached the hotel, the little kids went immediately to bed, because it was way past their bed time. Isaac Taylor and Zac all took turns using the shower, and Simone sat on a bed, talking to Diana and politely answered every question that she was asked.. She could tell by the way that both Mr. And Mrs. Hanson talked to her, the did indeed like her, and that was good, right?

Then, after everyone was done doing what they were supposed to be doing, they all piled up in the van again to take Simone home. Zac was being unusally quiet. Simone asked Taylor about it, and he explained that he usually got like that after a performance. Isaac was in the middle seat, and Zac was laying down in the front seat that was in the back, and you couldnít even see that he was there, except that every now and then, he would lift his foot in the air and try to touch the ceiling of the van.

They reached Simoneís house, and as she was getting out of the van, Isaac slipped a note in her hand. She shoved it quickly into her pocket, and then continued climbing out of the van. Before she shut the door, she thanked Walker and he told her that they would come over in the morning to pick her up around 10:00 so they could go site seeing. She looked back into the backseat, where Taylor was sitting, waved to him and to Ike, hit Zacís foot, said goodbye, and slammed the door shut.

She walked into her house, and went to her room. She changed into her night clothes, and washed her face before going to bed. Then she remembered that she shoved Isaacís note in her pocket. She got up, retrieved her jeans from the hamper, and pulled out the note. It read:

"Dear Simone, Since we are going to be going sight seeing tomorrow and weíll be out all day, would you want to go to dinner tomorrow evening? Meet me at 7:00 at our hotel, in the lobby. Then weíll go to dinner. See you tomorrow! Isaac"

Simone folded the paper, and laid it on her dresser. Why did he give her a special note whenever Taylor had already asked her if she would want to go with them tomorrow. Well, Taylor didnít really ask her to go to dinner with them, but, she was just assuming that they were going to be gone all day and they were going to be eating out for dinner anyway. She was just confused, and she really wanted an answer. She was tempted to call Taylor at the hotel, but he probably wasnít there yet, and she didnít want to wake up the little kids.


Simone woke up at 8:30 to give her enough time to get all ready before they came to pick her up in the morning. She decided that she was going to wear nothing fancy, just a pair of jean shorts and just a tank top with blue stripes through through the middle of the shirt. She brushed her hair quickly and brushed on just a hint of make up. She thought that she looked pretty good, considering that it only took her about 45 minutes to get ready. It was 9:30 and she was so nervous. She was going to be spending the whole day with Taylor, and the rest of his family.

Then she thought about it. She was being kinda rude about it to Ashna. She would be really mad if the situation was reversed and Ashna was the one being friends with Hanson, going sight seeing with them, and Taylor had feelings for her. She thought about calling Ashna to apoligaze, but then threw the thought from her mind because she saw the big white van pulling up her driveway.

She went outside to greet them. She smiled as she saw Zac waving wildly out the window. The sliding door was opened for her, and she saw that the only seat available for her to sit in was next to Isaac in the back seat. She glanced over at Taylor, who was in the middle seat, squashed between the car seat, holding the baby ZŲe, and Jessica. The backseat only held Avery and Ike, so Simone decided that she had to sit back there.

Walker declared that they were going to the Carnegie Science Center. Simone smiled because she knew that it was a pretty cool place. But she heard Taylor groan with disappointment. She figured that he didnít really like science.

"Hey, the Science Center is pretty cool!!" Simone said, loud enough for Tay to hear her.

When they got to the Science Center, the van piled out onto the sidewalk, and then all walked into the building. At first, everything was ok, no one really recognized them. But as they were getting in line to play some virtual basketball, the girl in front of them started freaking out, screaming "Omigosh! It's Hanson!!" and that caused a rucus. Taylor looked over at Simone, along with Isaac and Zac's gaze. She knew what they were saying. They wanted to know if there was somewhere they could go so that there would not be any screaming.

Immediately, Simone thought, "the Omnimax theater!" because it was like a big planitarium, and it was dark and no one would see them in there. "Follow me." She said, pulling on Tay's shirt sleeve. She ran in the direction of the Omnimax and a guard stopped them.

"Whoa, slow down. No running!" he said, stopping them. They walked quickly out of the guards sight and then made another mad dash to the theater. They ran down the steps, and into the high domed room. There was about half of the seat already taken for the show. Simone quickly searched the seats and found an empty row, and climbed up the steep steps to get to it. Zac went in first, sitting next to the projector wall, and as he sat down, his feet were wobbling. It was really steep! Isaac sat next to him, then Taylor, and last Simone. Before the show started, Isaac leaned forward in the tall, reclining, cushioned seat, and said,

"Hey, thanks for getting us out if that jam. If it wasn't for you, then we would probably be in the rest room or something. But I guess since you know how to get around this, then, this was better than hiding in a stall. Thanks."

"No problem." Simone said as her response. Then she thought about the situation. She was sitting beside Hanson, in the dark, getting ready to watch a show in the Omnimax Theater. Wow, she thought. This is amazing luck on my part!!