Characters from Unfamiliar Faces
... a story told from different characters point of view ...

Beth Guinnesson - 15 year old girl that moves back to Tulsa after living in Santa Fe for the past 3 years. She still isn't over the 'episode' that her and Taylor went thru those 3 years ago. She tries her best to forgive him, but she was hurt so incredibly bad that she can't find it in her heart to ever forgive him

Alicia - becomes fast friends with Beth and she promises to help her forget about the past and try to move on to bigger and better things, like Taylor's older brother, Isaac

Taylor Hanson - believes that he made of the biggest mistakes of his whole life when he hurt Beth. He wants her to forgive, forget and focus on what they can have together now, and he tries his hardest to get her forgiveness

Isaac Hanson - knows that Taylor really screwed up what he had with Beth and not a day goes by that he doens't remind him of it. He wants to try to help Tay get Beth back, but at the same time, he doens't want to help him because he has secret feelings for Beth that no one else knows about

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Unfamiliar Faces
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