Unfamiliar Faces

I stared at all the unfamiliar faces staring back at my unfamiliar face. I stood on my tip toes and strained my eyes to see someone that I recognized. No luck what so ever. I looked down at the schedule again to see my locker number, then looked at the numbers on the locker lined up against the wall. Woah, I was far from mine. I stood up on my tip toes one last time. Yes, I saw him!

I walked quickly in his direction. Then my arms were wrapped quickly around his neck and his were wrapped around my waist. Oh, it was so good to see him again! Its been about 3 years since the last time his family had visited mine.

"Hey Beth, its good to see you again." Isaac said as we released each other. I looked up into his eyes, and they were the same as I have remembered. Dark chocolate brown. He set his bookbag down on the ground and took a good look at me. "Well, I see that the glasses are gone, along with the braces and you've grown about 3 inches."

"Yeah, that all happened. I have contacts now, and straight teeth, but I see that you have braces now too." I said, still not believing that I was standing in front of Isaac. I mean, its been 3 years since I have seen him. He had gotten a lot taller, and a lot cuter from the last time we were together. I have always had a little crush on him, but I never told anyone about it.

"Well, all for the better, right?" he asked. I smiled. "Okay, lets have a look at your schedule," I handed him my schedule and he smiled. "Looks like you have just about every class with Tay,"

"Really, that's so interesting." I said, wishing that I really didn't have any classes with him. It was a long story, and I hated the fact of even being in same building, let alone the same room as him.

"Yeah, I know you hate it, but try to get along, ok? I know that its going to be hard for you guys but, just try?" Isaac said, rubbing my upper arm gently. Tears built up in my eyes and I tried to forget about the past, but it was just about impossible. I looked away and picked up my bookbag again. The bell rang, and I looked up into his eyes.

"Come on, I'll walk you to homeroom." He said, pulling on my hand, guiding me down the hallway.

I sat down in an empty seat towards the back of the room. As I walked, a lot of eyes were following me, making first impressions about me. I suddenly became self concious. That wasn't normal for me, because I was hardly ever intimidated. The homeroom teacher announced my name and asked me to come to the front of the room to tell everyone about myself. As I got to the front of the class, I immediately saw Taylor and he was busy not paying any attention to me what so ever.

"Well, my name is Beth Guinnesson, and I just moved her from Santa Fe, and I guess that Tulsa seems like a pretty nice place. I don't really know many people, but I do have a few friends. My dad got a job transfer in the oil company that he works at, so, I guess that's about it." I said, looking around at all the faces that were now my new classmates. I saw one girl in the back of the class, all by herself, and she looked pretty friendly. I took my seat again, and then moved over to sit next to her, which was conveniently closer to Taylor. I had to say something to him. We were so close to each other before, and now he wants to ignore me? Its just not possible.

"Hi," I said to the girl. She looked over at me and smiled.

"Hi, are you really friends with Taylor?" she asked. I nodded.

"Yeah, how did you know that?" I asked.

"Because I overheard him talking to his friends yesterday and he said that one of his brothers friends was moving here and that he wasn't really prepared for her to be coming. He was wondering something about if she was still going to like him or not."

"Are you serious?"

"Well, that's what I heard, so, did you two have something going on earlier?"

"Well, that's kind of personal." I said, looking down at the floor.

"I understand. I'm Alicia." She said.

"Hi, what class do you have next? Ike looked at my schedule and he said that I had every class with Taylor." I said, hoping that we would have some classes together.

"Well, then we have classes together too because I have 5 classes with Taylor." Alicia said, smiling.

"Cool. Um, I don't mean to pry, but do you like him or something?" I asked.

"Not really. I mean, he's just a guy, right? Well, a really cute guy, but no, I am not like all the other girls in the school who go ga-ga everytime that he looks at you with those ever so blue eyes." Alicia said. "Actually, I think that he is kind of arrogant."

That made me laugh. Soon, Alicia and I were laughing about every little thing. A few times, I caught him looking over at me, but I only let our eyes make contact for about a split second, then I shifted my eyes back to Alicia.

Chapter 2: