When I leaned down to kiss her lips, every instinct inside of me was telling me not to do it because it was wrong, but all the same, I didn’t stop myself and I kissed her anyway. God, if Taylor would ever find out, then he would mess me up pretty badly. I wouldn’t fight back either, I was being devious and I couldn’t really help myself.

And when she didn’t pull away when our lips touched, I knew that there was more to that kiss in the library that what I had thought. I thought that I was going to die right then and there. I had liked Beth for such a long time and this was finally happening, like I dreamed it would. Well, it’s not exactly the way I dreamed it would be, but it was close enough.

When she slid her tongue across my lips, my knees almost trembled. This was wrong. As much as I wanted it to happen, I didn’t want to do it. I pulled away, pushing her away at her shoulders. She looked somewhat disappointed because I had pushed her away, but at the same time, she looked relieved.

“Beth, I uh, I don’t think that was good.” I stammered. She looked up into my eyes and backed away a little more from me. She nodded, then looked down at the ground.

“Ike, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to put you into a situation like that. This never happened, ok?” she said, a tone of warning in her voice that seemed to say that if I told anyone, she would do something really serious. I nodded, not wanting this to make our friendship uncomfortable.

“We’re still friends, right?” I asked her.

She nodded. “Only if you still want to be friends.”

“What I really want is to be more than friends, but since that’s impossible right now, I guess that I’ll have to settle for *just* friends.” I said. Her eyes, they lit up when I said that. It looked to me that she wanted to be more than friends, too. Maybe it was just my imagination playing evil games with me. She sighed, then turned to leave. My heart fell. Maybe it was just my imagination after all. Then she turned back to face me, with a smile on her face; one of those sexy smiles that she only shows Taylor. She held out her hand to shake mine.

“Friends...for now.” She said, and I readily shook her hand, agreeing to her compromise. After we shook hands, she turned and left.

No, I didn’t just see that. Oooh, there was NO way that I just saw that. I blinked my eyes tightly, trying to rid the image from my head, but it was still there and it would not go away. Beth, Isaac, my smile, no! She smiled at him. Any other smile wouldn’t have bothered me at all, but that was MY smile! She gave him that sexy smile that makes me shiver with pleasurable tingles. And that made me wonder why she gave him that smile. What happened before I came down the stairs?

I kept my thoughts to myself, and I wasn’t going to let this bother me. Hell, it was going to bother me like crazy until I found out exactly what happened, but I was not going to let anyone know what was wrong with me. Let them think that I was just plain moody or something. If Beth picks anything up, then she’ll know what’s wrong with me. She can always pick up on what’s bothering me and I never have to tell her.

I called her later that night. As soon as she said hello, she sensed that something was wrong. It was the truth, too. I was still mad.

“Tay, what’s wrong?” she asked me, her voice sounding really concerned.

“Don’t you already know? You *should* know.” I said, with a little attitude in my voice. I heard her gasp. She knew.

“You mean, you found out about what happened?” she asked.

“I saw you.” I said. “Beth, why?”

“I couldn’t help it, Tay. He started everything.”

“I don’t care, Beth. I saw the way you looked at him before you left, and it hurt. That’s my look you gave him.” I said.

“But Taylor, it was an accident. Honestly.” She said, hoping that I would believe her. The tone in her voice, her pleading, it made me believe her. I had no other choice. Besides, maybe what I saw was just a misinterpretation.

Chapter 14
Chapter 16