Chapter 5

I glanced out the window again. Where was she? It only takes seven minutes to walk from her house to mine. It's been twelve minutes and counting. I paced back and forth in front of the door. I looked out the window again. There she was. She turned up onto the walkway that led to the porch and she quickly took the steps up onto the porch. I opened the door before she could ring the bell.

I smiled but she didn't. She didn't exactly look happy to be here. Probably, well, because she hated me. But then I thought, "if she hates me, then she wouldn't be here right now," and that brightened my spirits. I stepped outside onto the porch and shut the front door behind me.

"Hi." I said. She didn't even acknowledge that I said anything. I couldn't stand it. She was treating me like dirt and I didn't deserve the silent treatment anymore. She looked so, so - she looked hot. Her hair was pulled up in a messy ponytail and the jacket that hung so perfectly from her shoulders made her t shirt underneath look so snug and it enhanced her features in all the right places.

She looked down at the ground. It seemed as though she was going to turn around and leave. It was such a long time that she just stared at the ground. And I didn't do or say anything. I only watched her. She was so pretty and I couldn't believe what a stupid idiot I had been. "This could be mine," I thought. Then she looked up. Her eyes were glassy and shiny, almost tearful.

"Love is so strange." She whispered. I could barely hear her. I stepped a little bit closer to her so I could hear her. But she took a step back, warning me that I was already close enough. "You have no idea how much that I want to yell and scream at you. To tell you how much I hate you and slap you."

Well, that wasn't exactly what I was expecting to hear. I sorta backed away. Maybe it was in fear that she would reach up and slap me right then and there. My eyes fell on her hands, just to make sure they were still at her sides. But her words did make some sense because I had been such an ass.

"Almost as much as I want to kiss you." She continued. I looked up into her eyes and they looked different than they had two seconds ago. Before they were full of hate, but now they had some trust and faith filling them. Had I heard her correctly? Or was it only my imagination toying with my brain. Did she just say that she wanted to kiss me?

I took another step closer to her as she took a step towards me. She moistened her lips and then gently placed her hands on my shoulders. Her touch, it made me tingle all over. She was so close to me, her hands touching my shoulders, and at first I only had my fingertips touching her hips. And when she didn't pull away at the touch of my fingers, I placed my entire hand on each of her hips. Our chests touched each other. I could seriously feel her heart beating. So, I assumed, that meant that she could feel mine beating, too. That's how close we were standing.

Slowly, I tilted my head so that our lips could touch. I saw her close her eyes and soon after, I closed my eyes, too. I wasn't exactly sure how close our lips were to touching when the front door swung open. Beth immediately gasped and took her hands from my shoulders and pulled away from my touch. I looked over at the door to see Ike with the sorriest expression on his face. Dammit, he had to ruin it, didn't he? I breathed out harshly, and gave him an annoyed look.

"Um, sorry?" he offered, and then quickly shut the door. I turned back to Beth, but she was gone. I saw her outline running down the sidewalk. Running away from something that was meant to happen. Running away from me. And I had to wonder, "how many times is she going to leave me?".

* * * * * *

I shut the door quickly and then leaned against it. My timing had been awful and perfect all at the same time. The look on Beth's face was pure horror. Her complexion was pale and her eyes were wide with fright.

And Tay it looked like he wanted to kill me! I felt guilty because I know how much he liked Beth, but I don't think that he fully understands how much he hurt her. Tay had become a player after that incident and was never too serious about another girl. Not the way he was with Beth. To be truthful, I wasn't even sure if Tay was still a virgin or not. He had been in so many 2-3 week relationships in the past 3 years, that it was hard to tell.

The door tried to open. My head bumped against the wood as Taylor tried to push it open again.

"Dammit Ike, let me in." he pounded on the door. I stepped away and then opened the door. Tay held the most evil glare on his face. I almost didn't recognize it.

"Sorry about before. I didn't know--"

"Yeah, whatever." Tay said, brushing past me and then up the stairs. Well, it's true, I was sorry about it. But I wasn't really sorry that they hadn't kissed. I know it was mean, but it was how I felt. This is getting too close. I better make my move on Beth before she forgives Tay. I wanted to be a part of her life. Well, I was a part of her life, as a friend, but I wanted to be more than a friend. A lot more.

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