Chapter 7

The more I thought about it, the angrier I became. Why did I leave after Isaac opened the door? I should have stayed because then I could have kissed Taylor and then I would have known my feelings. But mostly, the main reason why I took off like I did was because it was Ike that opened the door.

I couldn't help it that I liked him! And I couldn't help that I really wanted to kiss Taylor, too. It was just something that I couldn't control because the feelings were just too strong. But thinking about this 100 times a day isn't going to get my anywhere. Well, I might go in circles, but that was useless. I needed answers.

I didn't care what time it was. I threw the covers from my bed and looked at the clock. Well, it was only 9:30 PM. It wasn't too late, so I didn't care. I slipped back into the clothes that I had on earlier and the same jacket, too. Before I slid quietly down the stairs, I ran a brush through my hair and then I was gone.

The walk to his house was a lot longer alone and in the dark. Even though it we both lived on the 'better' side of town, it was still kinda leery walking alone on the sidewalks. I quickened my pace and before I knew it, I was turning onto 78th Street and then their house was in my sight.

Just before I rang the doorbell I reconsidered the time. Was it too late? The little ones might already be in bed. I felt really bad for coming over at this time at night, so I didn't ring the doorbell. I grabbed a handful of small stones and went to the back of the house, immediately found his window and began throwing the small pebbles at his window.

Within seconds, the window opened and Taylor stuck his head out and he looked down.

"What the?? Oh, Beth, it's you." He said. I didn't say anything, but I let the stones fall from my hands. "I'll be right down."

I watched him as he pulled his head back inside the window and then it shut. About a minute later, the backdoor opened and he motioned for me to come inside. I was a little cautious about going in, but he insisted.

"I don't want your parents to think that I'm here too late." I said.

"My parents aren't home." He said. "Jessica and Avery had a birthday party and they should be home pretty soon. They took Mackie and Zöe with them." He said. For the first time in the past week that I had been back, I felt as tho I could really trust Taylor. It was like nothing had happened, and when he looked at me, I could feel the love in his eyes. He was telling the truth when he said that his feelings never changed.

"If you don't mind me asking, but why did you come back?"

"Well, um, I was thinking and I shouldn't have run away." I said. He nodded, then took my hand in his and pulled me up the stairs with him. I knew where he was taking me. To his room.

After he shut the door, it opened a little because he hadn't closed it all the way. The hinges squeaked as it opened the rest of the way. "Damn door." He mumbled to himself. I smiled to myself. He turned back to me.

"Anyway, you need to hear this again." He began. I waited. "I'm sorry for before, but I don't think that you know what really happened. When Jenn was over, the only reason she was there was because she told me that you were moving that that you wanted to break up with me. I didn't believe her, but she took advantage of me 'cause I was feeling a little vulnerable and everything. You came in when she kissed me. I wasn't even kissing her back. She just laid it on me, out of nowhere!"

"Well, I'm glad that I know the truth now." I said.

"I just thought that you might feel better if you knew--"

I couldn't handle it anymore. He looked so cute, just standing there, explaining everything to me. His lips formed every word so perfectly and I was thinking back to when I wasn't afraid to kiss those lips. Sure, I was afraid now, but I got over the fear and just kissed him.

I had my hand on the back of his neck, the hand that I sorta like, pulled his head down with. It was only a short kiss on the lips. I quickly backed away and looked to the ground. It was awkward knowing that I had just kissed him and that I wanted to kiss him, but it sorta seemed wrong because of … everything.

He stood there frozen for a moment. "Um…" and we kissed again. This time it didn't feel wrong. Another kiss to the lips, and we had parted again. At first we just looked in the other's eyes for a second. He leaned down this time to kiss me. I put my hands around his neck and his were resting on my hips, like we were on the porch before. Our lips touched again and again, and it wasn't at all surprising when I felt his tongue slide into my mouth and mine into his.

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