Chapter 12

With her arms wrapped securely around his neck, they danced to “their” song at their wedding. Simone was so happy that her day was finally here. She had dreamed about this day for such a long time. Then again, all little girls dream about what their wedding day will be like.

The song ends and Simone pulls away to look into his eyes. The man that she loves with all of her heart, Taylor. She looks up, but she doesn’t see the usual blue eyes of her love. She sees dark caramel eyes and she’s surprised, naturally. Not at the fact that they are the rich creamy color of Zac’s eyes, but surprised at how much she is enjoying getting lost in his eyes. She’s loving every second, every minute of it. She’s surprised at she feels when she looks into Zac’s eyes. She thought that Taylor was the only person that could make her feel the way that she was feeling that moment, or how she was feeling that entire day.

“I guess I was wrong when I loved Taylor.” She thought to herself.

“I love you, Sim.” Zac whispered into her ear. She smiled to herself, knowing that it was Zac she always loved.

“And I love you, too.” She replied. She felt a tingle of excitement rush up and down her spine as she saw him bow his head to lean closer to her for a kiss. She moistened her lips and both hers and his touched. Lightning bolts fleeted throughout her, making her high on his kiss.

Their wedding guests applauded and cheered at the sight of their kiss; their happiness. Zac pulled on her arm, taking her hand into his, pulling her away from everyone, taking her away so they could be alone. They had never made love together before, and both Simone and Zac were anticipating the honeymoon more and more with each passing minute of the reception. They kissed again and again, and even though Simone should’ve felt bad about deserting Tay like she did, she didn’t feel bad. Zac was like a drug and she was addicted to him.

Simone sat up wide awake with fear. Her palms were all sweaty and her hair was drenched. That dream she just had was so weird! She reached over to feel for Taylor, but his half of the bed was empty. The covers were pushed over, making it look like he was secretly trying to sneak away.

“Where could he be?” she asked herself. Shivering, she crawled back under the covers, trying desperately to get warm again. She listened carefully and she could faintly hear Taylor’s voice coming from downstairs. She slipped out of their bed and crept into the hallway, coming face to face with Zac. They actually bumped into each other. He was just about to go into her room. With his newfound height, Zac was just as, if not taller, than Taylor. Simone could’ve easily mistaken Zac as Taylor, especially with the weird shadows that were cast from the nightlight in the hallway.

“Zac!” Simone gasped. “Why were you about to come into my room?”

“Because Taylor wanted me to get you.” He said. And with those weird shadows from the nightlight, Simone realized just how attractive and good looking Zac was.

“For what?” she asked him.

He shrugged his broadened shoulders. “I dunno. He’s downstairs on the couch, and he asked me to come up here and get you and tell you that he wants to talk to you or something. I thought that the two of you had a fight or something cause he was on the couch.”

Simone reached around the back of the door, got her robe and slipped it on. She was only wearing her new Victoria’s Secret silk pajama slip and it was a little chilly. She could feel Zac’s eyes sweep over her as she walked by. They made a split second contact with their eyes, and then they both automatically looked away, as if ashamed to have made eye contact. She shivered. Not because she was scared of Zac, but because of her dream that she just had. Plus, she felt a little uncomfortable thinking that Zac looked really good. And then she let her imagination get away with her.

If she had been more sleepy, and she would’ve ran into Zac in the hallway, she could’ve thought it was Taylor, and she might’ve pulled him into bed with her and then that would’ve been not good at all. She shook her head to rid the image of her and Zac in bed together.

Simone hurried down the main staircase and into the living room and saw Taylor sitting on the couch with a blanket wrapped around him.

“Taylor?” she said when she approached him. He turned immediately at the sound of her voice and stood. With his outstretched arms, he welcomed her with a warm hug and a loving kiss on the lips.

“What’s wrong?” she asked him. She could tell that something was bothering him just by the look in his eyes. He sat down before saying anything and she sat next to him, letting him enclose her in his embrace, holding her against his body, so so close.

“I just wanted to hold you close to me and to make all my nightmares go away.” He said. Confused, Simone didn’t understand what he was talking about.

“What?” she asked.

“Nothing...don’t mind me. I just had a horrible dream, that’s all. Nothing to worry about. You’re back in my arms now and that’s all that really matters.” Taylor said, then gently kissed the top of Simone’s head. “My dream...I dreamt that instead of us getting married, you and Zac got married. Even though it sounds crazy, I just got shaken up about it. I just don’t ever want to lose you.”

Completely freaked out, Simone didn’t know what in the world to do or say! How could it be possible that they both had the same dream at the same time? It seemed too weird, like something that should only happen in a sci-fi novel.

“Tay, I’m here now and I always will be. Remember this?” she asked, pointing to their engagement ring. Taylor nodded. “Shh, don’t worry about losing me. I’m not going anywhere.” She hushed him and quieted him down. That dream really had him shaken up. Simone gave him a hug. His entire body was ice cold.

“Tay, you’re freezing. Let’s get back to bed before you get sick or something.” Simone said.

“I’d rather stay here with you.” He said.

“I’d be in bed with you.”

“Oh yeah...” Taylor trailed off.

“But I know a better way to get you warmed up, and it’s not from any blanket.” Simone said, getting closer to Taylor.

Taylor smiled, wrapping the blanket around her, pulling her closer to him. “And how’s that, Miss Reid?”

“Like this.” She said, then closed her eyes as their lips touched. On and on they kissed, each kiss getting more wonderful and succulent as the last. Within minutes, their breathing became hot and heavy. As much as Simone wanted to continue, she knew they had to stop. She regretfully pushed him away.

“Tay, this had got to stop.” She said.

“What does?”

“This does. We need to have protection.”

“Why? Don’t you trust me?” Taylor asked, now sounding a little upset.

“God Taylor, this has nothing to do with me trusting you or not. I don’t want an accident to happen,” she said, “again.”

“Don’t worry about it. Nothing’ll happen our first time without protection.” Taylor insisted.

“Well, something certainly did happen before our first time!”

“Sim, trust me! I’ll pull out in time! I know when it’s gonna happen and trust me, I’ll stop, I swear.” Taylor persisted. Simone really wanted to, but her better judgement was kicking in.

“But here?” she asked him.

“Why not?”

She shrugged, threw her better judgement over her shoulder, and kissed Taylor. Straddling him now, he slid his hands around her pajamas and tugged them over her head, then negligently tossed it to the floor. His lips soon kissed her newly uncovered flesh as she worked her hands down to the buckle of his pants, and then down inside.

Already knowing that he was ready, she decided to play with him anyway, so that she could get herself completely ready, too. Soon, he lifted himself up to remove his pants and then their lips met again. She lowered herself to his lap and that’s when their kisses became more intimate and driven.

This time, Simone noticed that their lovemaking was considerably better than it had ever been before. Just when she began to think about why, she had to bite her lip to keep herself from moaning or screaming out. Then she felt it. It felt like an explosion, but it wasn’t from her. That’s when she realized that Taylor didn’t pull out like he said he would, and truthfully, Simone didn’t care. She never had it this great before and she didn’t want it to end.

Taylor, being the uncontrollable animal that he is, couldn’t keep anything inside. Their lips met again, and he groaned with delightful pleasure. Simone was thankful that they were kissing when he did that because he would’ve let it out in the open and she figured that it would’ve been quite loud. Simone soon followed his pattern in the moaning process; she knew that it would be over all too soon. She could feel herself reaching her climax, and when Taylor let his tongue caress over her bear stomach, she dug her fingernails into his arms to keep herself from shrieking out loud. Everything put together that he was doing was almost too much for her to handle.

They both fell from their sitting position and into each other’s arms as it ended, Taylor leaning over Simone, on the couch. He kissed her lips, for about the 10 millionth time that night, and they just stared into each others eyes, listening to the other breathe, knowing exactly what the other was thinking.

“Um, wow?” Simone said, once their breathing had returned to normal.

“You read my mind.” Taylor said. He kissed her once again. “I love you.”

“Ditto.” She replied, smiling.

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