Chapter 20

Taylor stayed with Simone all through out her first night in the hospital. He had a lot of time to himself because she slept all of the time. So while he was sitting there by her bedside with nothing else to do, Taylor thought about everything.

Becoming famous has to have been the best thing that ever happened to me. It took my family and me all around the world. We saw and did things that we normally wouldn’t have been able to see or do. Not only did it make the family closer, make our financial worries obsolete, and give us the chance to find ourselves, but it also brought me Simone. I would probably bet that if she never came into my life, then I wouldn’t know what love is.

"Do you want something to drink? Maybe some…hot chocolate?"

"Hot chocolate?! It's the middle of May!" Taylor said.

"So? Sometimes its fun to do something silly like that every so often." Simone said. Taylor smiled.

"Ok, some hot chocolate then." He said. She set the water in the teapot, then sat next to him at the table. He leaned over the short distance between their chairs and kissed her. And it didn't end with that one kiss. Another followed and it was Simone that was the one that opened her mouth first and gently let her tongue touch his lips. She heard Taylor inhale deeply and the kisses became more.

Although they were so close together, Simone couldn't stand the distance between them, even if it was only a few short inches. She had been separated from Taylor for too long. She had to have that physical contact. She slowly scooted her chair closer to his and before she knew was doing, she was out of her own chair and sitting on Taylor's lap, her legs on either side of his chair. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him.

All the while, their long string of kisses never ended, and Simone's hands were exploring the newly developed muscles in Taylor's chest and shoulders. For about three minutes, they stayed there, with each passing second, the kisses becoming more in depth and passionate.

His hands had been resting on her hips the whole time, then went under the bottom hem of Simone's shirt. She could feel his cool hands, his fingertips on her skin, which seemed as if it felt like it was catching on fire as he ran his fingers and hands along her lower back and the curve of her figure. Even though it seemed impossible, Taylor pulled her closer to him yet and Simone put her hands under the bottom of his jaw line as their heated kissed continued.

Just as his hands were about to feel her stomach, the teapot on the stove began to whistle, letting them know that it was time for the hot chocolate, or ever warning them to just stop right there. Simone pulled slightly away and looked into Taylor's eyes. She felt as it she would drown in the pools of sapphires captured in them. Their lips touched one last time before she stood and walked over to the stove to pour the hot water.

Taylor smiled as he thought about that time in the kitchen. When he and Simone were so young and spontaneous. It had been their first time seeing each other since they had officially become a "couple". But at the same time, he also couldn't help but think about that horrible night at the hospital...

"Well, we have your results. What would you like to hear first? The bad news or the really bad news?"

Simone was scared out of her mind. The bad or the really bad?

"Well, the bad, and then the really bad, I guess." Simone said, squeezing Taylor's hand, hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

"Well, I don't know if this will be bad news for you or not, but it usually is for teenagers. Okay, first the bad news. Brace yourself kids…you're pregnant." Dr. Matthews said. Simone sucked in her breath, and tears built up under her eyes. She knew it. She was shocked. She looked over at Taylor. He looked stunned too.

"Are you sure?" Taylor asked, holding onto Simone's hand, not letting her slip away.

"There's no doubt. But, here's the really bad news." The doctor continued. "You have a tubial pregnancy."

Sure, we’ve had some obstacles, but as I sit here next to her and look at her and touch her and know that she loves me, it’s a feeling beyond imagining.

I thought she was going to kill me when we were in the hotel room in Vegas and Carla was talking to me like that. I had honestly forgotten about her! Nothing extreme happened with Carla, we had only fooled around once before, but that was only because she had slipped me some beer while I was at Rudy’s, the night club she worked at, and her number, along with quite a message that made me want to call her. She persuaded me into going over to her place, where she gave me even more alcohol, and before I knew it, we were messing around and I didn’t want anything more to happen with her. I got out of there before it got out of control. That was the last time I saw her, except for at the hotel.

It’s so hard for me to think about her and Zac, my own brother, sleeping together. Especially finding out that way that I did! I didn’t know what the hell she was getting so worked up over when I told her that I had talked to Ike. I was only referring to him and Rachel hooking up and becoming an item. I had no to even expect that my fiancée and my little brother had slept together!

I admit that I was more than pissed when she told me. At first, it didn’t even really register in my head. But it all hit me at once. I wasn’t mad at her. How could I be mad at her? I love her too much to be mad at her. She’s such an important person in my life. I don’t think that there’s anything she could do to make me hate her. Well, maybe sleeping with Zac again, or anyone else for that matter, but knowing me, I’d more than likely forgive her and forget about it. No one knows this, but I’m such a weak person without her in my life. She’s my entire world and if she’s not in it, it would all come crashing down. I wouldn’t know how to live my life if she wasn’t a part of it.

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Chapter 21

Excerpts come from Simone's Dreams