Chapter 23

“Taylor, what did you tell them??” Simone ended his flashback.

“I didn’t tell them anything, and neither did Zac. They think that Ang and I slept together.” Taylor said.

“What?” Simone couldn’t believe it. How could they think that? But then she looked at the situation from an outsiders point of view and she saw how they could perceive that from everything.

“So, do I know about it?” Simone joked, however Taylor looked up at her with a look not to joke about it.

“Whatever, it doesn’t really matter.” He said, his mood suddenly changing. Simone could only wait for him to come get her out of the jeep. He came to the passenger side and had the wheelchair already waiting. He lifted her gingerly to the edge of the seat, swinging her legs around.

“Taylor,” she said. He looked up at her. “I love you, and I miss the way that you used to look at me. You know how much I wish that this never happened. Will you do me a favor and kiss me, please?”

Taylor smiled. He let his hands wander up her waist and put them behind her back, pulling her forward just enough for their chests to be touching. She put her hands behind his neck. She moistened her lips as she waited to feel the luscious taste of his. As she closed her eyes to make the moment more enjoyable, she saw him close his eyes as well as their lips got to be closer and so near to touching.

“Oh, the two of you are finally home!!” Diana squealed from the front door. Simone jumped back and opened her eyes. It was clearly evident that the interruption had been perfectly planned so that their lips wouldn’t touch. Simone smiled anyway. She looked again at Taylor, who had removed his hands from her and was now getting ready to lift her from the car and into the wheelchair. Taylor wheeled her up the front walk and into the house. Simone caught Diana giving Taylor a glare that seemed to say “how dare you attempt to kiss her when you slept with someone else?” Simone felt horrible.

“How am I going to get upstairs to our room at night?” Simone asked, realizing the problem for the first time.

“I’ll carry you.”

“I made up the sofa bed.”

Simone for two answers at once. The look that Diana possessed when she looked at Taylor was full of such hate and disgust.

“Actually the sofa bed is a really nice offer, but I think that I would much rather prefer to be in a real bed. The hospital bed was so uncomfortable.” Simone said as nicely as possible. Diana straightened her posture.

“If that’s what you prefer then.” She said, then threw Taylor one last look before she left the room.

“Tay, I can’t take the way that she’s treating you! I’ve got to tell her the truth.” Simone said.

“No, Sim, don’t. Just leave it alone.” Taylor seemed to be begging her. She nodded. It was then they both heard voices coming from the living room. Simone wheeled herself there with Taylor close beside her.

There stood Zac and Angie. Their conversation looked tremendously important and Simone didn’t want to interrupt them. However, the sound of her chair was unavoidable. They both turned their attention to the doorway where Simone and Taylor were.

“Sim – you’re home.” Zac stated the obvious. It sounded as though he was surprised and that he was left uninformed about her arrival. Taylor probably didn’t tell him. Zac couldn’t take his eyes off of Simone. She felt extremely uncomfortable with Taylor standing beside her and with Ang beside Zac. He also stopped speaking. He seemed to be awestruck in her presence. It was the first time either of them saw one another since the accident happened. Angie placed her hands on the sides of Zac’s face and turned his attention back to her. Simone was deeply confused. Were they back together?

With no questions asked, Taylor pushed Simone to the kitchen so she could get some “real food” in her stomach. The vision of Angie with her hands around Zac’s face echoed in Simone’s mind.

“Zac ...” Ang said. She noticed that since he had they brief glimpse of Simone, he’d been looking at the doorway, almost wanting to see her there again. His eyes left her face once again and shifted over to the empty doorway.

“Forget it.” Angie said, throwing Zac away from her. “I thought that I was being too hostile before, and that we would actually have another chance. But we won’t. You’re too hung up on her. It’s over.” She stormed out, leaving him torn and not knowing if he should run after her or not.

The rest of the day lazily passed by. Simone knew that things would never be the same again. Not with Taylor knowing, not with Walker and Diana under the impression of the wrong thing, not with anything!

Simone felt herself becoming extremely exhausted. She kept dozing off while her and Taylor watched a program on television.

“Taylor.” She said. He was sitting on the floor next to her wheelchair, gently caressing her fingertips with his. He looked up at her. “I’m sleepy and more than ready for bed. Could you wheel me to the steps please?”

Taylor stood and did as she asked. When they got to the foot of the grand staircase, he lifted her so effortlessly and carried her up the steps with no trouble at all. They reached their room, door already open. Simone reached around to flip the light switch on. When the light filled the room, she felt a bit disoriented.

“Our room ...” she said, still in shock. “What did you do to it?”

“Well, I didn’t plan on redecorating the whole thing.” Taylor stated. Simone looked around in awe at the new bed, new love seat, new dressers, new everything! “I only started out looking for a new bed, but decided on getting the entire set.”

“Wow ... I kinda wish I had some say in our new bedroom motif, but…” Simone drifted off. Taylor had said that he started out only looking for a new bed…because he knew that “it” happened in his bed. Oh my gosh, Simone thought, this is too much.

“You don’t like it?” Taylor asked, sounding a little offended.

“It’s not that. I do like it, it’s just--”

“You think it’s a bit extreme?”

“A little.” Simone admitted.

“Well what did you want me to do? Go on sleeping in the same bed that you and my brother had sex in?”

“No. You’re right. But let’s not fight about it. This new set is really nice. I like it.” Simone concluded. She watched Taylor back away from her a little and pretend to be interested in the new dresser. “You know, I never got that kiss from earlier.”

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