Abruptly, she stood, bringing her hand to her forehead, then running her fingers through her hair. “Tay, this can’t be happening. I have a boyfriend and tomorrow we’ll be together for six months. Everything was great in my life until tonight. Why did you show up? These feelings that I have never felt except when I’m with you are so unexplainable! Six months I’ve been with Jonathan and not once have I ever felt the way I do right now with you. I just don’t under--”

Taylor stepped closer to her. He thought that she was so sensual when she was angry about something. He brought his hand to the back of her neck again and pulled her close. Simone’s mind froze and she couldn’t react. Then again, she didn’t want to react.

Their lips touched together firmly. Shocked, Simone pulled away from Taylor and her eyes questioned his. Flashbacks were controlling her thoughts at this point in time and she couldn’t think of anything else but him and the feel of his lips touching hers.

He started to back away, thinking that kissing her was a mistake. Simone reached over and kissed him. The kiss was short, but signified so many things. Their lips pressed together again, longer this time. Taylor didn’t want to push anything and he was surprised when he felt the cautious touch of Simone’s tongue sweep beyond his lips.

These kisses that they were sharing weren’t wrong. They belonged with each other, loved each other, wanted each other. Passion enclosed them and Simone soon found herself feeling guilty for not feeling guilty about the kisses. They were lost in the heat of the moment and could only concentrate on one thing and one thing only. They needed each other.

Simone reached down and unbuttoned Taylor’s jeans and when he didn’t pull away, she unzipped them, too. Just as he felt the hem of her shirt, their long string of kisses halted, and he quickly rezipped and buttoned his pants again. Simone looked disappointed. She wanted him so badly. She turned towards the door.

“Talking…yeah right.” Randy muttered and he stood in Simone’s doorway. Simone felt her cheeks redden, but she only pleaded with Randy with her eyes. “Fine. Have fun, kids.” He said, reaching for the doorknob, then pulled the door shut, leaving them alone, again. Simone didn’t return to Taylor’s side. She was a little shaken up over Randy. Taylor sat next to her on the bed. She glanced at him.

“Just one question.” She said.


“How long are you staying?” she asked.

He shrugged. “However long it takes for me to find you.” He finally said.

“Truthfully, I don’t think you ever lost me.” She said. “But Jonath--”

“Shh, don’t talk about him right now.” Taylor hushed her.

“Tay, what’s up with this?”

“What do you want?” he asked her.

“I want,” she thought for a second, “you.” Taylor smiled. “You had to show up, didn’t you?”

“You better believe it.” He said, reaching up and taking the ring from the ceiling fan, then placed it on her left ring finger. Tears built up in her eyes.

“Taylor,” she whispered, then looked into his eyes. “Why did we break up in the first place?”

“I don’t know. I was stupid and I wasn’t thinking. Forgive me? Are we back?” he asked. Simone nodded, then closed her eyes as their lips touched.

Chapter 2
Chapter 4