Tears she didn’t even know were going to fall fell from here eyes. Jonathan, she thought, he hates me now! Forgetting that Taylor was waiting for her, she raced to her room, slammed the door, leaned against it and sank to the floor, allowing the tears to run freely down her cheeks. Why, she thought, did Taylor have to come back? Because he loves her, she reminded herself. She was so confused! Never in her life could she imagine cheating on someone, betraying their faith and trust. She felt like a criminal.

“Sim, it’s going to be okay.” She heard Taylor comfort her, sitting beside her on the floor. She looked into his eyes, then reached over to hug him. Even though he was the reason she broke up with Jonathan in the first place, she loved him.

He stroked her back, her hair, her body. It tore him up so much inside to see how upset she was over him. “She loves me, not him,” Taylor reminded himself. He could feel her trembling in his arms and he pulled her closer and tighter into his grasp, making her feel protected. It felt good to know that she needed him.

“Let’s leave.” He said. She wiped away her tears and sat up. Confused didn’t even begin to describe what she felt.

“Leave?” she questioned him.

“Yeah. Come back to Tulsa with me, Sim.”

Now she was stunned! Leave the small town of Amity, Pennsylvania, the only home she’s ever had, and go to a big city like Tulsa, Oklahoma? When she was there with him before, she thought to herself that it was a nice place to visit, but her heart belonged in Amity. What the fuck is he thinking? She already has plans to go to IUP (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) in the fall, and there’s still four months of high school left! What an inconsiderate moron!

She was so close to tell him to fuck himself, but then she realized that he was serious! The expression on his face, the look in his eyes...she wanted him, badly. She also wanted to be with him. She had a strange feeling when she thought about the future, their future. She wasn’t sure if it was fear, or if it was excitement.

“So, Sim, whaddya think?” She just looked at him. Oh how she wanted to say yes! She took a breath and was about to reply, but she stopped her, probably thinking she was going to decline his offer. “Sim, come on. Don’t leave me hangin’ like this! I’ve put just about the past two years of my life on hold just so I could be with you now. I can’t even begin to count the number of times temptation stood me in the face. I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Come back to Tulsa with me as my fiancée.”

Oh my God. Oh. My. God. Now, instead of going to Tulsa with him for awhile, it’s going to Tulsa as his friggin’ fiancée?! What the hell? This was too much.

Simone gasped when she saw the extravagance of the diamond ring he displayed to her. She immediately recognized it as a tiffany setting, with probably ¼ karat diamond, and 12 karat gold.

This time when the tears rolled from her eyes, they weren’t from grief, they were from joy. She nodded, because somehow, her voice escaped her, and threw her arms around his neck. Then he took the ring and slipped it onto her finger, once where he had put his other ring, the ring Simone keeps dangling from her ceiling fan. This seemed all too good to be true for Simone. She seems to have forgotten the whole ‘episode’ with Jonathan...wait, Jonathan who? Taylor kisses her. Kisses his new bride-to-be; the long awaited Mrs. Simone Hanson.

Chapter 7

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