January 3, 2000
She stepped up on her bed and reached up for the pull chain of her ceiling fan. She slipped the silver ring into the chain and then hung it again. The ring, she wanted to be able to see it everyday to remind her of what she shared with him. It was such a shame that it had to come to an end. She loved him so very much. But when he accused her of cheating on him, she lost her trust in him trusting her. Just because she was friends with Jonathan didn't mean that she felt 'those' kinds of feelings for him. He blew the whole situation out of proportion and she didn't like it at all. He was the one that broke up with her.

They shared a great two or so years together. She didn't really 'keep track' as to how long they were together. She knew that it was over two years, though. There was a lot of good times, and also a lot of bad times, but they made it through them. She thought that this little spat that came up was so insignificant compared to some of the other crap that they had went through. She sighed.

She laid on her bed now, looking at that ring. She thought back to the day he gave it to her. That was a great day. Was is that main word of that sentence. No longer will she be able to share those great days with him. It was his choice and he chose to leave her. A tear rolled down her cheek and she looked over at her phone, half expecting it to ring and to find his incredibly soothing voice on the line. But the phone didn't ring. So, she picked it up and called her best friend. She had to tell Ashna what happened.

Chapter 1