Gina's Hanson Encounter

It wasn't really a concert, it was when I went to the Q102 thing. It was really cool! First of all, I took a pen so they couls autograph my cd cover, NEVER GOT IT SIGNED!!!! I also took a little teddy bear for Zac. When we got there, there was about 300 or more people, and alot of camera men. When they came, body guards wouldn't let them out because there was no roomto walk to the doors, so, we had to make a path. When they opened the door to their van, everybody charged towards it. The look on their faces was filled with fear. Even Isaac. Zac came out first, holding on to his body guard for dear life. By the way, I was in the front of the line, so I saw the whole thing! Anyway, back to the story. Isaac then came out, then Taylor. Everybody was grabbing for them, it's amazing they didn't get killed! So they walked up the aisle as fast as they could, with the bodyguards pressurring against the crowd. Finally, Zac had come in front of me. I almost died. I had the teddy bear in my hand and reached out to give it to him, as I was flashing pictures. He let go of his bodyguard for a split second to grad the teddy bear. and lost hold. He was being tprn away from the bodyguard by the girls. I felt really bad that that had happened but, I wanted him to have the teddy bear. He never got my teddy bear, but he had touched it and my hand, I still have the bear in my room. Then, it was Isaac's turn to walk by me. It looked as if his head was floating above the crowd, just smiling. Then Taylor. He was having his hair pulled out! He kept his head down, so his face wouldn't get scratched. I was with two of my friends, and when he came down in front of us, he looked up and said "Hi guys!" I almost died, but still kept flashing pictures. Finally, they reached the doors and went in and up to the Q102 station in the two floors to the room they were in. So we went to the side of the building where you can look two floors to the room they were in. They kept waving out. This was live on the radio, as we were there. The room they were in was supposed to be sound proof, but I taped the interview, and you can hear us screaming outside. Then we found a way in around the back to go in. We went in the stair well to go to the second floor, but all the doors and elevators were non-accessible. So we never got to see them again after they came.