Hanson Day is coming!

As we all know, Hanson Day is May 6th! And to make it really special to the guys, all of you, please do the at least one of the following:

1. Call MTV for Total Request and request ALL Hanson video's! Even MMMBop, Where's the Love, and I Will Come To You, not to mention Weird! We, the fans, should try and make it so that every single one of Hanson's video's make it into the Total Request show!!

2. Listen to Hanson ALL day!!

3. Call your local radio stations and request Hanson as much as possible!! (I think that my radio station could use some extra help, so if any of you would like to help Pittsburgh out, call (724)333-9494 and request Hanson like crazy, or go to the B94 webpage and click on "People that work here" and email ALL the dj's and request Hanson. You never know, all the extra emails might make an impression.

4. Email Hanson!

5. Go to Hansonline!

6. Send Hanson a present in the mail!*

Guys, lets make Hanson Day of '98 really memorable to Ike, Tay, and Zac, so please do at least one of these!! Also, I am making Hanson a Hanson Day card, so, email me with your name, and I'll add it to the card!!

* optional