Okay, let's face it; there are TONZ of hot guys that help populate this planet that we live on. This section of my site is going to be a little tribute to all of those wonderful men that we drool over. I'm going to include the guys not only for their striking looks, but also because they seem to be nice people.

So, if there's someone that you think deserves to be on "the list", puh-leese email me asap and tell me about him!!

Without further adue, here's my list!!


PS - don't worry!! I'm going to add a picture of Isaac, I just need to find the perfect one! :)

Taylor Hanson
Do I even NEED a reason?? :)
Because he's such a good singer and dancer and because he takes care of his little girl.

Joshua Jackson
Because we loved him as Charlie in Mighty Ducks, because we loved him as a gay guy in Cruel Intentions, because we still thought he looked mighty fine hanging dead from a tree in Urban Legends, and most of all, because he loves Joey.

Erik Von Deeton
Because he was on TGIF.

Zac Hanson
Because, ..., well, just because :)
Plus! This is what Zac would look like with short hair!! I think that he should defintely consider it. Anyone else agree?

Dean Cain
Because he was Superman!

Ryan Phillippe
Uh, well, just LOOK at him ... m m m

Mark McGrath
Coz everyone loves him

Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Aww, because he's been in such sweet movies

Dylan McDermott
Just look at those baby blues and that scruffy sexy look :)