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Noell's Page

^ This is me ^

Okay, this is my personal homepage :) as if you couldn't already tell, but, I decided to tell you again. Anyway, here you'll find stuff about my life, my friends, stuff I like, and whatever else you find on a personal page, I guess. Sooo, click around, be nosy and find stuff out about me! Really, I don't mind. I have no secrets, or else I wouldn't have a personal page!

Some basic info about me ...

Name: Noell

Age: 16

Birthday: January 14th 1983 (hint hint)

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'5"

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Lives Presently: The middle of nowhere (seriously, I live in like, a cow pasture *LoL*)

Hobbies: hanging out with my boyfriend, playing pinball, going out and having fun, being online, writing really long emails, making and designing webpages (watch out for a whole new look to this one), writing stories and poems, tanning, swimming, and hmm, that's just about all that I can think of right now :)

Sports: well, I can't really play any sports right now because of the stupid car wreck that I was in, but I did play softball, and I was good at basketball and volleyball (<~~ I hated playing those, tho)

Other info: If ya got AOL Instant Messenger, my screen name is Noell Gaz and on ICQ, I'm known as Noell, with the #15159576.