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04.03.00 - If you're a first-timer to my site, and you want to read the stories, but dont know where to find the beginning of them [because I only post updates to them on the main site], click on the STORIES link in the upper section of the page :)

Don't forget to buy This Time Around! The single goes on sale tomorrow!

03.29.00 - Ok, click here to see the songs that will be on This Time Around.
I also have Chapter 14 of Ceiling Fan
*NOTE* Chapter 14 of Ceiling Fan is a little, shall I say, akward (?) ... so read it at your own risk

02.11.00 - Wow! Story updates! Chapter 13 of Ceiling Fan and Chapter 19 of Unfamiliar Faces added! Go check them out pronto!

02.04.00 - Okay, holy ton-o-news. First and foremost, get your Hanson loving butts to Hansonline.com and listen to clips from This Time Around!!

Plus, Hanson is scheduled to be on Letterman May 8th and on Rosie O'Donnell May 9th!!

*Changing Quote of the Day*
"Within you I lose myself
Without you I find myself
Wanting to be lost again."

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From the last Hanson Poll, you guys, voted for which Hanson album you liked the most ... here are the results:

3 Car Garage and Other [like Boomerang and MMMBop] was tied and got only 3% of votes! :(
Middle of Nowhere came in 3rd place, winning 20% of votes!
Next was Snowed in with 23%!
And the winner is ... LIVE from Albertane with 51% of votes! Whooo!!

Hanson - Album
On the new album, who do you think will have the most lead parts?


Click on the above link to see the answers to the last question

**You're flipping through the pages of your favorite magazine, and all of the sudden, you see your name on the page ... announcing that Hanson has chosen you as their number one fan. What makes you their number one fan?

NOTE: PLEASE leave your name so I can recognize you!!

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Go to Hansonline for all the official tour dates, appearances, news and buzz...like Hanson has a dog named Wicket! (<-- sp?)

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