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Last Updated: May 20, 2000 at 10:00 pm EST


05.20.00 - Sorry that it has taken me SO long to finally get some updates up and running, but the new chapter 15 to Ceiling Fan is up and waiting to be read!!

04.23.00 - So, new layout? Everyone like? Well, I was trying for something totally different, it just happened to come out looking like this. What I was envisioning in my head was SO much better. Owell.

Anyway, updates to stories will be up soon, I promise :)

If you're a new comer to my site, allow me to let you know that when I do update my stories, I only post the new chapters here on the main page. If you want to read any of my stories, then click on the link that says "stories". Easy, eh? Oh, and this is new ... anytime you want to return back to the main page, you can either click on the home link or click on the upper section of the page (the image "Noell's Hanson Site") and you'll instantly come back here!

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