NOTE : Keep in mind that Isaac is almost 18 and that he is old enough to have a *real relationship*...


I looked around my room one last time. Oh, I would really miss this house. Stupid job transfers anyway. My dads job. He works for an oil company, so, we move around a lot. But the company promised that this was the last move. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Yee-haw, lets break out the saddle, and have ourselves a hoe-down, right? But, luckily, we were moving to Tulsa. My mom's best friend from high school lives there, so she helped us find a house in her neighborhood. I traced my fingertips along the woodwork around my doorway.

"Elle! Come on! We're leaving!" my younger brother, Shawn shouted from the bottom of the stairway. I took one last look at my room, then turned around, bounded down the stairs and into the car…

Chapter 1

My mom was absolutely ecstatic about seeing her best friend again. She wouldn't shut up about the whole ride there! At one point, I was wanted to tell her to shut up, but I only smiled and nodded.

"Oh, you'll love Diana. She's the nicest person in the whole world! In fact, she said that after she reserved the house, 5 different people made offers on it, but the company wouldn't take them because she already reserved it for us. She also is getting her boys to cut the grass for us, so it should look really nice when we get there. I am lucky, the house is right next door to Diana, I haven't seen her for so long!" Mom went on and on. My ears perked up. Boys? She never mentioned that Diana had any 'boys' before. Hmm, so maybe this move wouldn't be so bad after all.

We pulled up in the driveway. And, as Diana had promised, the lawn was all trimmed and cut and it did look really nice. I hurried into the house first so I could claim my room. I didn't want Shawn to get the good one. The very first room that I looked in, I fell in love with. It was perfect, except for the color of the walls. They were this puke color of green, but I wanted them to be a soft peach color, so, it was going to get painted anyway. I walked over to one of the windows, and sat down on the windowsill. It had a perfect view of the neighbors' backyard. Then I thought about Diana's boys. Would they be cute? What were their names going to be? I hear some commotion coming from downstairs. My mom was hugging a woman. That must be Diana. I walked down the steps, and my mom introduced us.

"Nice to meet you Elle. How old are you?" Diana asked me. My first impression was that, she had really long hair!

"I'm 15, almost 16." I replied. She smiled.

"Ooh, I have two sons that you might be interested in then. One is 15 too, and the other is 17." She said, continuing to smile. I smiled too. Woohoo! I couldn't wait to meet her sons! Two of them! Wow!

After my quick conversation with Diana, I went back to my room to tell the movers where to put everything, and then I started to unpack all the boxes. It was a long and boring job, but it had to be done. I was used to it. This was the 4th time that we moved within the past 3 years. But, this was going to be our last move, thank goodness. I hooked up my alarm clock, and set it to the correct time. I happened to glance out of my window, and I saw thee perfect sunset. I sighed, but then continued to put my clothes in my closet.

Exhausted, I fell back against my bed, and fell immediately asleep. In my dreams, I dreamt that I met Diana's sons and they were really cute.

Anyway, in the morning, I looked horrible. I woke up and pulled my long blond hair into a ponytail, and dug my roller blades out of a box. I was going to take a lap around the block in the morning before the summer air became too hot. My mom looked at me as if I was insane.

"Aren't you tired?" she asked me. I shook my head.

"Nope! I wanna get in shape this summer, and stuff. Wanna come?" I asked, and grabbed a Pop Tart and ran out the door. She shook her head. I took a bite of the Pop Tart. Good way to get healthy, huh? A Pop Tart? What was I thinking? I began my lap around the block. I looked up at all the houses. They all seemed like nice houses, and I could tell that the neighborhood was quaint and quiet and everyone knew each other. As I was about to head back to my house, I saw Diana getting her morning paper. She was dressed in a bathrobe, and she waved.

"Hey! It's kinda early for that, isn't it?" she asked. I shook my head.

"It's never too early to exercise!" I said. She laughed.

"I wish that you could tell that to my boys'! Speaking of which, do you want to meet them now?" she offered. Now? I looked like crap! I felt my head. It was damp from sweat, and there was lots of fly aways from the ponytail. But, what the hell?

"Sure, why not?" I said. Then it occurred to me. I didn't shower since yesterday before we left our old house, and I was all sweaty, and I had no make up on, but it was too late for that. I sat down on their front stoop and took off my roller blades, and followed her into the front door. I was shocked. Nice house! But, the floor was like, all covered with toys and there was about 5 kids running around. She must of read the look on my face and she laughed.

"Don't worry about the house. This is a typical morning in our household. Toys scattered, kids running around, screaming at each other, kids crying, kids fighting. Nothing to worry about." She said. Then she said a little louder, "Avery! Stop pulling Mackie's hair!" I had to laugh, it was funny. I sorta felt embarrassed, because I didn't know any of the kids. Then, she introduced everyone.

"This is Jessica, and Avery is the one that was pulling Mackenzie's hair. The baby, Zöe, is asleep still, and I have NO idea where the older ones are." She said. I guessed that she was referring to 'the older ones' as her sons. Mackie came over, and smiled me at me. He was so cute! I bent down and ruffled his bangs. He smiled even bigger.

"What's your name?" he asked me, curious.

"My name is Elle." I said, smiling back at him. He was so so cute! I loved him! That's when I heard it. Yelling. From upstairs. Sounded like the voice of the male species that was in the process of a voice change.

"STOP IT!!" the voice yelled, which cracked on "it". I laughed; I always laughed at guy's voices changing. It struck me as funny! Then, I saw a boy; he looked about 12 or 13 years old come down the stairs, with a SuperSoaker in his hands, squirting water at whoever was at receiving the end of it. Then, I saw an older boy, covering his face from the water, and another older boy behind the middle one, with another SuperSoaker, squirting the youngest one. I laughed.

"Boys!! Settle down! How many times did I tell you NOT to use the water guns IN the house?!" Diana scolded, but they kept on squirting each other. She shrugged, and said under her breath, "boys", and I laughed again. I couldn't really see what they looked like, because they were in a water battle, but from what I could see, they were cute, really cute, especially the middle one. And they all had long hair, but they all had it pulled back. When Diana got squirted, she blew up.

"Can't you see that you have company?" she asked. "I am ashamed of you! Acting like a bunch of uncivilized fools in front of my best friends' daughter! I am going to dis-own you!" she joked. I laughed under my breath.

"But we made her laugh!" the oldest one spoke up. I finally got a good look at their faces. Omigod, it was Hanson. Omigod and I look like crap. Omigod, I am next-door neighbors with Hanson. Omigod, they are in their boxers and a tee shirt. Omigod, Hanson is standing right in front of me. Omigod, I am in Hanson's house. Stay calm. Breathe. Relax. Ok, I am under control.

"So? Be gentlemen, and introduce yourselves." Diana said, and walked into the kitchen, leaving me alone with them. I was freaking out inside my head. I was in the presence of Hanson!

"Hey, I'm Ike, this is Tay, and the retarded one is Zac." Isaac said, extending his hand to shake mine. I shook his hand trying not to look like a complete asshole.

"Hey, I'm Elle, I just moved in next door. I guess that my mom and your mom were like, best friends in high school or something." I said, shaking Taylor's hand, then Zac's.

"Cool." Taylor said. Omigod, he spoke! "You blade?"

"Yeah, I just went around the block. Do you?" I asked.

"Yeah! You feel like going around again?" he asked. I saw anticipation in his eyes, and I shrugged.

"Sure, the more exercise the better!" I said at last. Isaac groaned.

"Your not one of those health freaks, are you? Please say your not."

"I'm not. I simply want to stay in shape…something I see that you need to take into consideration…" I trailed off, while squeezing his upper arm. Omigod, I just touched Isaac's arm! What am I doing? He laughed.

"I don't have the time." He joked. I gave him a skeptical look.

"Oh? But you have time to run around in your underwear, in the morning, attacking your little brothers with water pistols?" I joked back. I was impressed with myself…that was a good come back. Go me! He got embarrassed. "Hey, sorry. But, you're welcome to come with us if you want to." I offered. He smiled.

"Ok, give me a minute, and I'll go upstairs to compose myself in suitable clothing to be in the presence of 'thee Elle Patterson'. Be right back." He said, smiling, showing off his braces. I laughed too. He was funny. As he was going up the stairs, Taylor was coming down, with his roller blades in his hands.

"Ready?" he asked. I shook my head.

"Well, I am, but your brother isn't. After I terrorized him, he wanted to come with us, so he went up to change." I said. Taylor's eyes fell. Hmm, I guess that he wanted to go alone with me. Owell, I already told Ike that he could come with us.

Chapter 2

As we went blading, I found myself liking Isaac a lot more than I thought that I would. He was cute, but as I got to know him more, he seemed even cuter! Anyway, he was cute, funny, totally charming, and he was fun to flirt with. Taylor was fun to mess around with. To play games with. I mean, he liked to race and, he as fun to race with, and as much as I want to like Taylor, I think that I am only going to like Taylor as a friend. But, Isaac would be a killer boyfriend.

We sat down in my front yard. Breathless, we sat there, not saying anything. I took my blades off. Ike held his nose.

"Ew! Stinky feet!" he said, and I laughed. My feet didn't stink. I thought fast.

"Well, at least my feet aren't the size of Texas!" I said, commenting on his feet. He looks down at them, then at the ground.

"Shut up, they're not that big." He said.

"I know, I was just messin' with ya." I said, playfully punching him on the shoulder.

"Hey, there's a pretty cool café downtown, maybe I could show it to you sometime." Taylor offered, jumping into the conversation, and changing the subject.

"Sure! That would be great. When?" I asked, happy that Taylor wanted to be buds. I looked over at Ike, who gave Taylor the dirtiest look on earth.

"Or, uh, maybe Ike c-could take you." Taylor said quickly.

"I don't really care who takes me, just as long as I get to see a pretty cool café, I'll be happy!" I said cheerfully, but I knew what was happening. I may be blond, but I'm not that dumb. Diana called the boys'; it was time for school. "School? In the summer?"

"Yeah, don't remind us, but it's something that we gotta do! Well, see `ya around!" Ike said, getting up, with Taylor following behind him.

Omigod, I cannot believe how lucky I am. I was never a really big Hanson fan in the first place, but I do have their album, and it is pretty good. They look so much cuter in person! Plus they have normal lives, sort of. With the family thing, and the schooling stuff. Whatever the case was I then considered myself the luckiest girl in the world.

The next morning, I awoke with sunlight spilling into my room from my front window that overlooked the street and our front yard. I looked at the clock. 7:30. Well, I might as well get up and get in my roller blading this morning. With my hair down today, a sweatshirt over a tee shirt, and my favorite pair of khaki shorts, I was out the door and sitting on my front porch lacing up my blades. Before I knew it, Isaac was standing beside me, with his roller blades too.

"Hey!" he said. I looked up and smiled.

"Hi! So, you're deciding to follow my advice and start exercising?" I asked. He smiled.

"With you, if that's all right."

"Sure! But, only if you promise to take up on that café offer from yesterday." I said.

"You got a deal!" he said, while shaking my hand.

An hour later, I was sitting at the café, with Isaac across from me. The waiter brought up our order. Me: a Diet Dr. Pepper (diet, for my healthy-ness) and Ike: a Mountain Dew.

"Soooo…" I said, breaking the silence that grew between us. Isaac looked up, as if he was torn away from deep thought.

"Uh, I hope you don't mind me asking, but…do you have a boyfriend?" he asked shyly.

"Nah, you gotta a girlfriend?" I asked, teasing him. He smiled, shook his head no, and then looked away, as if embarrassed.

On the way home, the sun seemed to disappear and it became unusually dark and the sky casted an eerie pinkish color.

"Ok, Master Kook, the sun has disappeared! Launch the attack missiles now!" I said, talking into my scrunchie that I wore around my wrist, pretending that it was an alien translator. Isaac laughed. "What's going on with the clouds? They look pink or something."

"Oooh, sCaRy!" Isaac said, skating behind me, tickling my waist, and making the word 'scary' sound hilariously funny. I laughed. Then he came up beside me again. "We might have a storm or something, I dunno." Just as the words came out of his mouth, the wind started to blow like crazy, and there was a boom of thunder in the distance.

"Good word, Detective!" I shouted above the wind, skating faster so we wouldn't get caught in the storm. Ike got ahead of me, and I couldn't keep up with him. Then he turned around and started skating backwards, so he could see me.

"Fear not, Elle Patterson! For SuperIke will protect you!" he said in a super hero voice. Then, another crack of thunder, and a bolt of lightning lit up the sky, and it started pouring down rain. "Holy shit! Hurry up!"

"Isaac Hanson! Did you just cuss?!" I asked, scolding him as much as I was amazed.

"Yeah. C'mon! It's really starting to come down!"

"Sorry, but I don't go much faster than this!" I said, trying desperately to keep up with him. He slowed down for a millisecond, then grabbed my hand and pulled me so we would go faster. We were about 5 minutes from home, and it was still raining like a mother. We finally reached my house first. We hurried up the front walkway and I tried to open the door. It was locked. On the door was a note from my mother.

"Dear Elle, I went shopping. Took Shawn with me to help pick out some food. Be back around 4:00. Love, Mom"

"Great! My mom won't be home 'til 4:00!" I said, and tried the door one last time. I was locked out, in the rain and it seemed to be coming down harder with every passing second.

"Come over to our place." Isaac offered. We ran across the yard to his house. His door was unlocked, but there was no one inside. Everyone was totally gone! On the kitchen counter, there was a note too. Apparently, his mom went with my mom, and they took all the kids with them. Oh, that should be an interesting shopping trip! The kids would probably stay in the van though, so no one would get mobbed, I thought. Without even realizing it, my teeth were chattering.

"We better change. We're soaking wet!" Isaac said. "I guess you can just wear something of mine, or Tay's. It might be a little big, but at least it'll be dry."

We went up the stairs and into his room, which he shared with Taylor and Zac. I looked around as Isaac disappeared into the closet, in search for some clothing. I saw a Lego castle, Isaac's acoustic guitar, Taylor's tambourine, and Zac's castanets; a bunk bed that was unmade and the covers were all a mess. Isaac emerged from the closet with a pair of black pleather pants, which he handed to me, and a long sleeved park purple shirt that had two white stripes going down the sleeves. He showed me to the bathroom where I could change. The pants fit me perfectly, and I assumed that they were Taylor's pleather pants, and the shirt was a little big, so, I guessed that it was Ike's. I looked in the mirror and smiled. I looked good in their clothes!

I returned to his room, and I found him sitting on the bottom bunk bed, wearing a pair of baggy khaki's (*Note to reader* Ike's pants were sorta resembling the pants that he wore at the Beacon Theater in TT&MON) and a black shirt that had two stripes going thru the middle of it. He stood up when I entered, and offered me a hairbrush. I took it gratefully, knowing that my hair was a complete and total mess.

"Should I take that as a subtle hint that my hair looks like crap?" I asked.

"No, it's not that, I just thought that you would want to brush out your hair…"

I sat down next to him, and began to try to untangle my messy hair. "So…nothing like getting caught in a storm to start off your morning right, huh?" I joked. He laughed. Just then, there was a really loud crack of thunder, which caused the lights to flicker.

"Whoa, that was weird." He said. I nodded, and handed him back the brush. He was smart, he had his hair pulled back, and I didn't. He sat the brush down on the bed, and looked into my eyes. I knew what he was going to do. He nervously bit his lower lip. Just as his lips were thisclose to mine, the phone rang. It startled me, and he got up, picked up a cordless phone, and talked for a few minutes.

"That was my mom…she wanted to make sure that we didn't get caught in the--" It was me that interrupted him this time. I kissed his lips softly. I liked him. Not just because he was Isaac Hanson, either. I liked him because he was nice to me, he was so fun to be around with, and I loved the way that he flirted with me.

When our lips parted, I looked into his eyes again, and smiled. He smiled too, and kissed me again. Then again, but a french kiss. And another followed.

'Omigod, kissing Isaac! Wow, he's a really good kisser! Is that his hand that I feel on the back of my neck to hold me close so we can continue kissing? Omigod, what's going to happen now?' All these thoughts were racing thru my head as we were kissing.

Once our lips parted again, I breathed out. So did he. For some odd reason, without any motivation at all, I laughed.

"What's so funny?" he asked, smiling, leaning over to kiss me again.

"Nothing," I said, right before our lips touched and I slipped my arms around the neck of his neck, casually pulling him down, so we were laying down on the bed. We kissed again. Mid-kiss, the phone rang again. I laughed, and relaxed against the mattress. He kissed me again. The phone continued ringing.

"I guess that I should answer the phone, huh?" he said eventually. I nodded. He got up, and picked up the portable. Then he yelled, "MOM! I'm fine! Stop calling!" then hung up, and tossed the phone next to me on the bed, and resumed his position. "Ok, I will continue coming on to you now…" I laughed, hard. It was funny!

"You're a nut." I said, sitting up.

"A nut that's crazy for you." He said, tilting his head and kissing the curve of my neck. It felt good, but one little thing bothered me. I pushed him away.

"Do you really like me?" I asked him. A look of surprise filled his face. "I mean, we only met yesterday! How do I know that this isn't going to be a 'one day' thing?"

He took a deep breath. "Elle, I like you. As soon as I saw you, I knew that I liked you. I never felt like this about anyone before, it's a feeling that I can't describe. I dunno how to explain it." He said.

"Then you don't have to explain it. I have that same feeling too, but I never thought that this would be happening." I said. He smiled and we kissed again. Needless to say, 4:00 came around rather quickly!

Chapter 3

"Dear Diary, So much has happened since we moved here! And I thought that this move was going to be bad! Yeah right. I met the perfect guy for me, and I actually think that this relationship is going to work out and that we are going to be together for a long time. Isaac seemed like the kind of guy that would be totally and completely devoted to his girlfriend, and, boy, is he ever! He calls me 3 or 4 times a day, and one time, he called me at 2:00 in the morning. I am lucky that I have my own phone line, or my parents would have pissed off, but he said that the only reason that he wanted to call me was because he wanted to hear my "angelic voice" and that he would be able to sleep after he heard me. I thought that was totally sweet. He gives me a rose every day, and I have grown accustomed to it, too. Everyday before our daily roller blading session, he hands me a single red rose and a piece of paper. And, I take the rose up to my room, add it to my "Isaac rose vase" and read the paper. It's always a poem that he wrote to me after we talk on the phone. And they are so incredibly sweet too! They almost make me cry! Anyway, all I know is, I better never lose him, because, right now, I believe that he is the best thing that has and ever will happen to me."

Chapter 4 Three weeks later

A business trip. Dad and Walker have to go on a business trip. They both work for the same branch in the Oil Company, so, they decided to travel together. Mom decided at the last minute that she wanted to go too, so, Diana decided that she too wanted to go. And, the all also decided that it would just be easier, and a lot safer, if Shawn and me would just stay over at the Hanson household for the weekend. How exciting, right?

Shawn and Zac have become pretty close friends, as did Isaac and me. Friday night, after the parents had left; everyone was piled in the living room, watching TV. I could tell that the little ones were getting tired. Zöe was already asleep in my arms, and she looked really cute, and the girls were almost falling asleep. I went upstairs and put Zöe in her crib, and then helped the girls get ready for bed, too. Then I went back downstairs.

"So, how are we gonna do the sleeping arrangements?" I asked.

"I guess that you and Shawn can sleep in mom and dads bed--" Isaac started to say.

"Ew! I'm not sleeping with my sister! No way!" Shawn protested.

"Ok then, how about if you and Zac talk mom and dads bed then?" Ike said. They both agreed, reluctantly and took off for the master bedroom. I glanced over at the clock. Whoa! It was already midnight! Where did the time go? I then looked over at Taylor. He had a mischievous grin on his face.

"I'll go up for now, so you guys can stay down here to talk, or 'whatever'." Taylor said, as he said getting up. As Tay reached the top of the stairs, he flipped off the light switch, so the lights in the living room turned off.

"Good kid." Isaac said, smiling. Even in the dark, I could see his face, his features, and I smiled. We were on the couch and the TV was still on. I began to flip thru the channels. Isaac scooted closer to me, and took the remote from my hand, and turned the TV off.

"I know a channel that both you and I will like." He said and kissed me. I responded to the kiss. We began making out passionately on the couch, in the middle of the living room.

"Elle…can I have a glass of water, please?" Mackenzie asked from the top of the stairs. Isaac and me sat up, and I looked up at Mackie.

"Uh, sure, Mackie, but, you know, you should be sleeping." I said, a little embarrassed. He came down the steps, and took my hand, and we walked to the kitchen, so I could get him a glass of water. After he drank a sufficient amount of water, I walked him back over the bottom of the stairs, and told him to get back to bed, and he ran up the stairs and to the direction of his room. I looked over at Ike, who was looking at me already, and was smiling. I sat back down on the couch, and he kissed me again. I turned my head away.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, it's just that, well, Mackie sorta ruined my mood. And I am kinda tired. Think we could go to sleep now?" I said. He nodded. I stood up, and grabbed his hand. I walked up the stairs ahead of him, and pulled him up behind me. One time, my back was to him, and he put his hands around my waist, then rubbing them down over my butt, and I then turned around to scold him, because it tickled, but he pulled me back, I fell backwards, and he caught me. I looked into his eyes, and kissed him quickly on the lips. He smiled. When we reached his room, Taylor was already asleep in the top bunk, Ike's bunk. Isaac lay down on the bottom bed, and reached underneath and pulled out the pullout bed for me to sleep in. I crawled under the covers, and Isaac leaned over me. He kissed me goodnight, I kissed him goodnight. We kissed again; I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down on top of me. We kissed for awhile. Then, he shifted his weight and the pullout bed creaked and squeaked. Taylor rolled over and peered over the edge of the top bunk bed.

"Hey! Stop it!" he whispered loudly, in a joking voice.

"Shut up and go to sleep." Isaac said, leaning back down to kiss me again.

"Ugh-I'm disgusted…" Taylor said, rolling back over, and pulling the covers over his head. He kissed me again. Then two short kisses. Then he lay beside me and I wrapped my arm over his chest and snuggled against him. I put my head on his shoulder. He kissed my ear.

Then whispered, "Elle, I love you." The words felt so good to hear.

"I love you, too." I whispered.

"Really?" he asked, not believing me. I leaned up and looked into his eyes.

"Yeah, really." I said. "Sealed with a kiss," and we kissed one last time that night.

Chapter 5

In the morning, I was awaken by the sound of Zöe crying. I groaned, and sat up. I looked over at Isaac. He was still sleeping. He looked so cute. I leaned down and kissed him. His eyes opened, and he smiled, a big smile. Then, he sat up, he heard Zöe crying too. I stood up, and he grabbed my hand, and pulled me back down.

"That's ok, I'll take care of her…after all, she is my sister." Ike said, getting up, walking to his parent's room, where Zöe slept. I laid back down against the bed. I sighed. Oh wow, I was so lucky to have a boyfriend like Isaac. I mean, he was so nice to me, and everything was great. His parents loved me, and I liked them. I got along great with all of his siblings, and he got along with Shawn. Everything seemed perfect. He said that he loved me. And I could tell by the way that he said it that he truly meant it. And I meant it too, when I said that I loved him. I did, I honestly love him!

Isaac came back, carrying Zöe, and he looked so cute carrying a baby! He sat down on the bottom bunk, cradled her in his arms, and shushed her, so she wouldn't fuss. He was so good with little kids!

"I think that she might be hungry or something. She keeps on trying to suck her thumb off or something, and well, she looks hungry." Isaac said. I stood up and took Zöe from his arms. We walked downstairs together and went into the kitchen. He got the bottle ready, and I went to the rocking chair to sit and feed her. When Isaac came back, he handed me the bottle and I fed it to the ever so patiently awaiting Zöe. Then, Ike placed his hands on my shoulders.

"You know, when we get older and married and stuff, this is what its going to be like when we have our own kids…" he said, that totally caught me by surprise. I looked up from the baby and looked into his eyes. His amazing chocolate brown eyes. He was serious.

"You mean that? But Ike, we're so young to start thinking that far into our future!" I said reasonably. He shrugged.

"I dunno, but after last night, and you said that you loved me, I had this feeling, maybe call is gut instinct or whatever, but, I know that we are going to be together forever. I mean, I'm almost 18--" "Yeah, you're almost 18, but I am only almost 16. You have a whole 2 years ahead of me in the life department I still haven't made my mind up yet about what color I wanna paint my room yet and you want to talk about marriage? Ike, we're too young." I said, trying to tell him as gently as I could, which, by the way, was almost the hardest thing for me to do in my entire life. I felt the same exact way about him as he did for me.

"Elle, I love you--"

"And I love you too." I said, handing him the now empty bottle. I began to burp Zöe.

"You have no idea how good that feels to hear you say that. And, I know, I just know it that we are going to be together forever."

Chapter 6

Saturday night. It didn't seem right to spend a Saturday night at home, keeping an eye on the kids. Wasn't Saturday nights supposed to be fun? I didn't mind it tho. I flash backed to last night, and how perfect everything seemed for me. When Isaac and me spent the night holding each other, knowing the other was right there. It was such a warm fuzzy feeling. And when it thought about it, I wanted to spend every night for the rest of my life like that. In Isaac's arms.

Once again, time seemed to go in fast forward because it was 11:30 before I knew it. The little ones were off to bed in a hurry. I was tired too, but I didn't want to go to bed alone.

"If you guys don't mind, I was planning on staying up to watch Saturday Night Live." Tay said, staying downstairs in the living room.

"Sure. Just make sure that you turn off all the lights when you come up, ok?" Isaac said, grabbing my hand, and pulled me towards the back door. We went outside.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Shh." He silenced me, by kissing my lips. "We'll have more privacy…in the treehouse."

"The treehouse?" I asked. He lead me to the giant oak tree and climbed up the rope ladder first, then reached down to help me up. We settled comfortably on the floor, just sitting there, gazing lovingly into each other's eyes.

"You know, you have thee most incredible eyes that I have ever seen. Did anyone ever tell you that before?" Isaac said. Actually yes, my past 2 boyfriends have told me that.

"A few people…but I don't think so. They're just green." I said, looking down at the floor. Ike put his index finger on the bottom of my chin and lifted my head up.

"They're not just green, they're totally awesome." I again, looked down at the ground. I was not good at taking compliments.

"If people give you compliments, you shouldn't look down. You're pretty and I am going to be giving you lots of compliments, so, you better get used to it." Ike said, smiling. He placed his hand on the side of my face, caressing my cheek. He then moved his hand to the nape of my neck to pull me closer to him for a kiss. We kissed a passionate kiss and began making out, sitting up in the middle of the treehouse.

My skin tingled and burned at the touch of his hands under the bottom of my shirt as he placed them on my waist, pulling me closer to him. He stroked my back as we kissed. We somehow managed to lie down without breaking our kiss. He wasn't on top of me, more like leaning over me. I liked the way it felt when he did lay on me. I wrapped my arms around his neck to pull him down. He began to kiss my ear, then moved down to my neck. I placed my foot on the back of his leg and began rubbing his leg with my foot. I found the bottom of his pant leg, and pulled it up with my bare foot and continued. I almost gasped when I felt his hands against my bare stomach. It tingled. His hands went up and explored the inside of my bra. I didn't stop him. I didn't want too. He continued to kiss my neck, then to my ear again and back to my lips. I felt his hands trace the outline of my skin, my figure, and I almost gasped again when he traced the outline of my jean shorts. At first, he only slid his finger around the waistline of the shorts, but with me not stopping him, both of his hands went around my waist, as if memorizing my curves. We continued to kiss and he slowly and very cautiously unbuttoned my shorts and slid the zipper down. My heart raced. His hands went down further and I could only respond to kiss kisses with such passion and arch my back with pleasure.

I sat up, and we stopped kissing. Ike looked down and away quickly, not looking at me.

"Elle, I-I'm sorry-"

"For what? Oh Ike, don't feel bad! You did nothing wrong." I said, leaning over and kissed him. He kissed me back. I reached over, and unbuttoned his pants. He was surprised and he looked into my eyes. They were questioning me.

"Don't say anything, Ike." I whispered and continued to unzip his pants. He slipped them off the rest of the way and he leaned over me and we kissed, which, by the way, was only the beginning.