Chapter 1

Taylor Hanson sighed. Wow, he thought. We just did a concert for about 25,000 people, most of which were 15 year old screaming girls. Not that he minded all those screaming girls, but, there was just something in his life that needed ot be filled. There was a certain emptyness that he couldn't describe.

" Hey, Ike, I have to ask you something... " Tay asked his older brother. Isaac, who was in the middle of tuning his acoustic guitar, looked up with a concerned look on his face, and then gently set the guitar down.

" What's up, Tay?? You don't sound too happy. " Ike said.

" Well, it's just, see, um, its hard to explain, and you have to swear not to tell anyone, especially Zac, okay?? This has to be a secret, okay?? Just us. " Taylor said, feeling butterflies in his stomach. Soon his secret would be out. Isaac nodded. Taylor felt that he could fully trust his oldest brother. " Okay, you remember that girl Simone from our Pittsburgh concert?? "

" Yeah, how could I forget her?? " Isaac asked, smiling. He would never foget Simone. She was just the type of person that you would never ever forget, as long as you lived.

" Well, I think that I like her. " Taylor said. Isaac looked up in awe and was really surprised.

" W - what do you mean?? You guys only talked for about 15 could you like her?? " Isaac asked. He was really surprised that Tay brought this up, especially since he couldn't stop thinking about her either.

" I don't know, but she was just so much different than all the other girls that we ever met backstage. I mean, she was cool, calm, and really friendly, not to mention a knock out. I mean, wow. " Tay said. He really did like her. He wanted to know her, as a friend. She seemed like she would be a really good listener and a cool friend to have. Isaac thought the same thing. " Is there any way that I could possibly find her phone number and call her?? "

" Whoa --- call her?? But Tay, you don't even know her!! You don't know how much trouble you could get in. You know that Dad only allows calls to Tulsa. Why do you want to --- "

" Just answer the question. You know a little bit more about computers than I do. I'll handle Dad whenever the phone bill comes. It's no big deal. Just tell me, can I find her?? "

" Do you remember her last name?? "

" I think that it was, oh, what was it?? Um, it's Reid. That's it. Simone Reid. Look it up, from Amity, Pennsylvania. She said that it was a really small town, if that helps. " Taylor remembered.

" Well, I'll try, but there's no promises, okay?? " Ike asked. Tay nodded, hoping that his brother would find the number.


" I can't believe it!! You are so lucky!! " Ashna Marche exclaimed to Simone whenever she told her the story about the backstage pass.

" Well, you'll believe me whenever I get my picture's back. I was thisclose to Hanson, especially Tay.....Oooh!! he looked incredily hot after the show, in more ways than one...he was sweating, but made it even better!! " Simone said, making Ashna mad.

" I can not believe that my mom wouldn't me go to the concert. It so would've kicked if I would've been able to go. And whenever she gave me permission to go, the show was sold out!! I was so mad!! "

Simone's phone rang, she looked up saddly. She was grounded off the phone for a whole week because her parents thought that her report card could've been better. Her mom knocked lightly on her door.

" Sim, phone. Only 5 minutes, okay?? " her mom said quietly, handing her the white cordless phone. Simone took the phone eagerly, not knowing who was on the other end.

" Hello? " she asked.

" Is this Simone Reid?? " a boy's voice asked.

" Yes, may I ask who's calling?? "

" This is Taylor. Taylor Hanson. "

" Yeah right, Randy. Do you think that I'd actually believe that crap that you try to pull on me, again?? I'm not that stupid, belive me. " Simone practically yelled into the phone.

" No, really, this is Taylor Hanson. I know that it's really hard to believe, but it's the truth!! I mean, ever since we met backstage, I have been thinking about you and how cool it would be if we could be friends. " Taylor said desprately, so she wouldn't hang up the phone.

" Then prove it. Sing. " Simone said evily. If it was Tay, then he would sing.

" What song?? "

" The chorus to MMMBop. "

Taylor began to sing the chorus to MMMBop, leaving Simone in total and utter shock. " Now do you belive me?? "

" Omigosh. Wow, omigosh. " was all that she could say. " Hi. "

" Hi. "

There was an akward silence. Niether of them knew what to say.

" Say something!! " Simone said.

" What do you want me to say?? It took up a lot of courage just to call you --- "

" Yeah, why did you call me?? I mean, I want to talk to you, but, I mean, hey!! How did you get my number?? And, why are you calling me?? I'm really confused. " Simone said hyserically.

There was silence at Taylor's end if the phone.

" Hello?? " Simone asked, " Are you still there?? "

" Yeah, okay, I don't know why I called you. I guess, that I uh, just want to be your friend, is that alright?? I mean, I want to have new people to talk to other than my old friends in Tulsa. Like, would it be okay if I could call you after a big performance or something, so I can just talk to a new voice?? " Taylor asked anxiously. He really wanted to get to know Simone. She seemed so nice.

Simone was in shock, Taylor wanted to be her friend!! Her friend!!

" Okay, that could work out, I guess. Actually, that will be really cool! " she said, trying not to be too excited, she wanted to be as calm as possible. She didn't want Taylor to think that she was an obsessed freak or something. Thank goodness that he couldn't see all the facial expressions that she was making or all the fireworks going off inside her her head.

" Cool, well --- "

" Sim, you have to get off the phone now ... " her mom had picked up the extention line in the living room. She heard a click as her mother hung it back up.

" Well, I have to go, I'm not really allowed on the phone because I had a sorta bad report card, so I have to go. " she said, although she did not want to get off.

" Okay, well, I'll call you soon, I guess. " Taylor said.

" Okay, bye. " Simone said.

" Later. " Taylor said, and then hung up.

" OMIGOD!!! OMIGOSH!!! Ashna!! OMIGOSH!!! I just talked to Taylor! He wants to call me and he wants to become friends!! Omigosh!! Wow, omigosh, omigod!! I mean, he wants to be my friend. He said that he thought that I was a nice person!! " Simone yelled at Ashna.

" OMIGOSH!!! " Ashna cried!! She was in as much shock as Simone.


" So, you talked to her?? " Isaac asked curiously as Tay hung up the phone. Taylor nodded.

" Yeah, and she is really nice. I just wish that I could've seen her, you know Ike, she is so --- mmm, well, you saw her!! I can't wait to call her again! " Taylor said to his brother. Isaac was feeling pain. Taylor always got the girls. Even when they were younger, Tay had all the attention. Ike had always felt a tiny pang of jealousy whenever Taylor talked about being nervous around girls. He just wanted to scream, " SHUT UP!! You could have no trouble getting a girl to like you!! " but he kept his feelings to himself and never told a soul.

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