Riding home, wherever that was, with complete strangers was scary. I had no idea where we were going! I was terrified at the thought of not getting my memory back. Now I’ll have to start all over again.

This Zac kid, I’m pretty sure that’s his name, yeah, Zac...now I could definitely get used to him. The only thing that I really didn’t like too much about him was his long hair. With a decent hair cut, he could be a Polo model, no doubt.

For some reason, the name Jeremy Paris was stuck in my head. I wonder if he was someone I knew? I didn’t know him – or did I?

“Ang, are you alright?” Zac asked me. I had to concentrate on his question. No I wasn’t all right! I had no idea who any one was! Everyone looked like strangers! I didn’t recognize anyone! But, I nodded. He smiled and put his hand over mine. I could feel my knees trembling and even though I wasn’t standing, it felt like I was going to collapse.

Finally, the car pulled into a driveway and we got out and walked to the front door. A ton of people were crammed into what looked like a living room. A bunch of little kids. Well, not a bunch, only four. Who were all these people? Were they my family? I groaned, wishing I could remember everyone...especially that blonde over there. The one with the incredible blue eyes. If I’m related to any of these people, then PLEASE do not let me be related to him, I thought.

He walked over and took me by surprise, welcoming me with a hug. Hmm, another thing I could get used to. “Welcome home Ang. You had us scared there for a minute.”

Do you have any idea what it’s like not to remember? It’s hell! All I have for memories are blank spaces and black visions. No one looks familiar and it really really sucks. At least I think it does. For the strangest reason, it feels like I’m D R E A M I N G . . .

“Ang? Angela? Omigawd, you’re awake.” I heard someone say. Blurred visions filled around me as I opened my eyes. “Go get the doctor.” The voice commanded someone.

I recognized the voice as my mothers. But wait ... my mom is dead. Does that mean I’m dead, too? I blinked a few times and everything became clearer. Yes, it was my mother, leaning over me, looking so pretty.

“Mom?” I asked. I was completely confused. I looked around and saw Jeremy Paris walking through the door. This was too weird.

My mom started to cry, yet she was still smiling. “Oh honey, I’m so glad that you came back to us.” She said and hugged me gently. That’s when I realized that I was in a hospital.

“Zac?” I asked. “Where’s Zac?” My mom smiled again.

“In the waiting room, honey. He’s been here everyday.” She said. Everyday? How long have I been here?

“Why am I here?”

"Oh honey, do you really want to hear about it now?” my mom asked me. Hear about what? Was whatever happened so horrible that I might not want to hear about it?! I nodded, then my mom took a deep breath.

“Ang, we had a accident. Do you remember when you called me at work and asked me to take you and Zac ice skating?” she paused, waiting for me to respond. I nodded. That dreadful day...how could I forget it? I didn’t know what to expect now. My mom was supposed to be dead. “Well, on the way there, we were involved in a car wreck.”

I gasped. This was way too freaky.

“I know it’s hard to believe, but it happened so quickly. Someone was drunk and ran right into us. They hit us pretty hard, pushing us off the road, and over a hill. They hit on the passenger side, the side you were on. You had an immediate concussion and have been out cold ever since.” She explained.

So, I’ve been asleep the whole time? Everything that happened to me...losing my memory, getting abused by Bobby, her mom dying, had all been a dream? It didn’t seem possible! It was all too real. Way too real to have been a dream.

“Oh mom, I was dreaming the whole time! What a horrible nightmare!” I sobbed, the tears flowing so freely from my eyes. She comforted me, wrapped her arms gently around me and tried to get me under control. I still couldn’t believe that it was all a dream!

“Do you want to talk about it?” she asked me.

“Not right now. Can I see Zac?” I asked. She smiled, then looked over at Jeremy Paris. He smiled a half smile.

“You haven’t noticed that your father was here, have you?” she asked me. I looked again at Jeremy and he came closer to my bed.

“Jeremy Paris.” I whispered under my breath.

“What?” my mom asked me.

“His name is Jeremy Paris, isn’t it?” I asked.

“I never told you your father’s name before...how did you know?” she asked me. I shrugged my shoulders.

“It was in my dream. I met him while I was dreaming.” I replied. My mom gave me an almost eerie look. But honestly, I didn’t really want to see my father. I didn’t know him and I didn’t really care to. He left my mother and me, so he should still leave us alone. “Can I see Zac now?”

She nodded, then left the room. A few seconds later, Zac came rushing in and oh, I never felt so happy. Nor did he look so happy.

Chapter 17
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