Central Park
... a story told from Bronwyn's point of view ...


Bronwyn - self defined girl who knows exactly what she wants. She lives in Tulsa with her mother, but during the summer, she lives in New York City with her dad. She doesn't really like Hanson, but when they 'accidently' bump into each other, they become friends. Even though nothing more than friendship occurs from this, they still share a special bond...besides, her heart already belongs to somebody else.

Michelle - one of Bronwyn's best friends in New York. Loves Hanson too much to believe that her best friend actually knows them. She's kind of jealous with the relationship that Bronwyn has with Toby, especially because she's had a secret crush on him for such a long time.

Jenni - one of Bronwyn's best friedns in New York, who also loves Hanson. She accepts the fact that Bronwyn is pals with the guys, and thinks that it's actually really ironic. Something unexpected happens with her ...

Toby - friends with Bronwyn, and becomes really close to her, so much that she *might* change her decision to go back home to Tulsa. (sorry, not much info about Toby)

Trista - Bronwyn's best friend in Tulsa. She can't believe that she met Hanson, especially because she knew that she didn't really like them...and is even more surprised with all the stories that she has to hear about when she talks to Bronwyn before school starts, and what happens before school starts.

All 3 Hanson bros - I kinda think you already know who they are...

Now what do you want to do?

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