Me at the Pittsburgh Concert!

The Pittsburgh concert was so incredibly awesome! Ok, let me start off by telling you guys that no, I didn't get to meet them…nothing extrodinary happened at the concert like that.

We got to the Civic Arena at about 7:00 and then we got in the long massive line. We waited in the line for about 20 minutes, then they started letting people inside. Some guy was telling us that you weren't allowed to have any type of cameras, but you were allowed to have binoculars. He also said that if you had a bag, it would be checked thoroughly before you were allowed to enter. I had a bookbag and inside it, I had a little handheld video camera, my dad's professional photography camera, my regular camera and my friend Ashley's camera. I walked through just fine, they didn't even ask to look through my bookbag! Then, Ashley's mom walked through, she had the smallest purse that I ever saw, and they asked to look through her purse! It was really funny because I had like, an entire movie studio in my bag and they didn't even ask to look thru it. I guess they weren't expecting me to have anything in it.

We had NO idea where our seats were. So, we asked an usher and he took us there. They were SUCH good seats, it was unbelievable! They weren't ground level, they were the seats that were just beginning to be elevated…they were SO good! I counted back equal with the ground seats and we were back 10 rows from the stage, off to the right, and up in row G. They were so awesome! Then, we waited for Admiral Twin to come out…they played for about 30 minutes. Then they started to set the stage up for Hanson. From where my seat was, I could see behind the little black cloth that the people had put up, and I could see Taylor at the keyboards and he looked really good! Then, it got all dark, and Isaac started the beginning of Gimme Some Lovin'. So, I got the video camera out and started taping. Then the cloth thing dropped and it was so cool. The lighting system was awesome.

Zac was wearing bright orange pants and a black shirt. Taylor was wearing black pants and a red shirt and to be honest, I completely forget what Isaac was wearing, but I do remember that he had on leather pants. After they sang Gimme Some Lovin', Thinking of You, Where's the Love and about half of River, some stupid security guard came and told me that I wasn't allowed to have a video camera and that he needed the tape that was in the camera. I didn't want to give him the tape because I had some really really good footage of Hanson on it! So, I pretended that I was having trouble opening the tape ejector thing, and the guy was getting really impatient. I was afraid that he was going to say something like, "then give me the entire camera", and I would have been in SO much trouble if he would have taken the camera. So, I gave up and handed him the tape. But as he was walking away, I thought of a different plan that I could have done. I could have squatted down, and pretended to still have some trouble opening it, then reached into my bookbag and give him the blank tape, but it was already too late. Owell. After he left, I put the blank tape in the camera and started recording just the sound of the concert.

After River was over, they were supposed to sing Weird. So, Taylor started the beginning of it, and it sounded awful! He said "whoops, wrong keys" and started it again, and it still didn't sound right! Then, he said "My keyboards aren't tuned right. Next song, Sometimes" and they went into Sometimes.

After Sometimes, they exited and people came out onto the stage to change it around. A couch was brought out and so was a smaller drum set and a smaller keyboard. This was the acoustic set. When they came out, Taylor had taken off his red shirt and was wearing a white shirt. The first song was Stories. After Stories, Isaac's guitar strings broke, so he had to go backstage and get another guitar. Then, they sang With You in Your Dreams. I got goosebumps during that song. It sounds so good live! I loved it when Zac was pounding on the drums. Then, they sang Madeline and Soldier. After Soldier, Zac and Taylor left the stage and Isaac played More than Anything. I love that song. It sounded so much better live than it does on the Boomerang album. After he was done, he left the stage too, and the people came out again and took away the couch, the extra drum set and the keyboards. Hanson came back out and returned to their instruments again.

After the guard took my tape and I was just recording the sound, I thought that I would try to get a little portion of every song on tape, like so you could see it. I got a little bit of Stories, some of Soldier, More than Anything, some of Speechless, and that's all. Plus, I was using my dad's professional photography camera that had a 600mm zoom lens on it and the pictures are going to come out really good. I just hope that it was in focus for all of the pictures and the flash went off on all of them, too!

Then they sang Speechless. It was really cool, because the lighting system looked like glow in the dark or something. It was really cool. Then, after Speechless, they sang A Minute Without You. I was really surprised because Isaac was walking around the stage. He went back beside Zac and then over to Taylor a few times. I wasn't expecting Isaac to be walking around the stage like that. After A Minute Without You, they sang I Will Come to You. I got goosebumps again! It sounded so totally awesome!

There was those little glow in the dark necklaces that you could buy and a lot of people had them. Before one of the songs, Isaac said "Everyone with those glowing things, wave them around!" and of course, everyone did. Then Zac stood up from behind his drums and said "I have some too!" and his drumsticks lit up! It looked so cool! And during the song, they were changing all different colors!

Then, they sang an oldie, I forget the name of it, but I think that it was called Good Lovin' or something like that. I was singing along to it, because it was a popular oldie. Then they sang another oldie, but I forget what it was called. During that song, towards the middle of it, they were just playing the instruments and they weren't really singing, they were talking to us. Then Taylor went up behind Zac and took the drumsticks and started playing the drums! He is SUCH a good drum player! Even better than Zac! While Taylor was on the drums, Zac got a Super Soaker and was squirting the audience. There was a little ramp thing that led over to my section, and he came over on it and was squirting the people in my section! It was so cool. Then, he went back to the drums and Taylor then got another Super Soaker and went back out on the ramp thing and was squirting people in my section again.

After that song, Zac got up from behind the drums and had his drumsticks in his hand, and said something like "these are for someone really special in the audience tonight." And he walked over to the edge of the stage, and was reaching out to hand them to someone. Some girl grabbed them and was pulling on them, but Zac wouldn't let go of them. She pulled on them so hard that Zac almost fell off the stage! He yanked them back out of the girls hands and yelled "NO! Not for you! These are for the little dude behind you!" and he reached out and handed them to this little boy that was sitting on a man's shoulders. It was so cute and so adorable!

Then, they played MMMBop, which they claimed was going to be the last song of the night. It was really funny, because the messed up during MMMBop! They got all the verses out of order and it was really weird because the have sung it so many times, how could they mess up MMMBop? But, I don't think that anyone really cared that they messed up a little bit. Then, they exited the stage, and no one was leaving. You could hear Zac going "Oooooeeeeoooohhh" and making noises like that. It was really funny.

That's when Ashley and I went down to the front row of our section so we could see a little better, be closer to the stage and stuff like that. I was wearing my glasses for the majority of the concert, and I was wearing them down there too. They came back out and sang Man From Milwaukee. I think that Zac had drumsticks with lights on them that changed colors on this song too. During MFM, Isaac was walking around the stage again. Actually, he was running around the stage. At the very end of the song, he jumped up over Zac's drums and landed on his knees in the middle of the stage. It was so cool. But Taylor just looked over at him, as if saying "Ike, you're so stupid." And then Isaac had this look on his face that seemed to say, "Hey, the fans liked it!" and it was really funny…their facial expressions. Then, they played Look at You. It sounded so incredible! It was a little different than the album version, but it sounded so good! Then Summertime Blues. During Summertime Blues, Isaac's voice got so so deep! He would say "'Cause there ain't no cure for the summertime blues" and his voice was so deep! It actually sounded like a voice changer! After that, they all pulled out some more water guns. This time, I got wet because I was closer to the stage. First Zac came out on the ramp and shot over towards me, and it got my glasses all spotted. Then, when Zac was out of water, Taylor came over, and was shooting us. My shirt got completely drenched!

Then, they were throwing their water bottles out into the audience. I was screaming on the top of my lungs and I got Taylor's attention. He looked directly at me and threw the bottle to me, but because it was empty, the girl about 2 seats closer to the stage got it instead. I was mad, because he was throwing it at me! Owell.

After the massacre with water was over, they all gathered around one microphone and began to sing Weird accapella. It was funny because Zac was too far away from the microphone and Taylor reached over, grabbed Zac and pulled him closer. It sounded incredible! Then, they exited the stage, and it was over.

During most of the songs, they would encourage us to clap, jump and / or sing along. And when Taylor, or Isaac or Zac told us to jump, we made sure that we jumped! I have never jumped so much, screamed so loud, sang so off-key, clapped so hard or waved my arms so much in my entire life! My arms felt like they were going to fall off from clapping so much above my head! And in one song, Isaac walked over to Taylor on the keyboards and handed Tay his guitar and he took over the keyboards, and Taylor set down the guitar and got a water gun and began shooting the people in the front row.

I will never forget the concert. It was so unbelievably awesome! Now I can't wait until they go on tour again!!!