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Fox After Breakfast
F1 – Taylor and Zac holding glasses of milk, guy in red shirt looking directly at camera
F2 – Taylor and Zac looking at hosts, laughing
F3 – most of Taylor is cut off
F4 – Taylor and Zac, Taylor looking at ground, Zac kinda smiling F5 – head shots of all three, Zac looking down, Taylor doing something with his hair, Isaac and Tay have glasses of milk
F6 – great shot of all 3, Tay and Zac laughing about something, all 3 holding glasses of milk, Ike about to take a drink of his
F7 – almost exactly the same as above
F8 – Taylor, looking down at keyboards (head only)
F9 – Taylor at keyboads, singing F10 – Taylor at keyboards singing, Zac at drums in background F11 – Taylor at keyboards, smiling, with some lady beside him, Zac in background, walking away from drums F12 – Taylor at bongos, singing in microphone F13 – Zac at drums F14 – one of the little sisters on someone’s shoulders

Planet Hollywood
PH1 – all 3, kinda blurred, Tay looking a camera, smiling
PH2 – all 3, clear, looking at someone in the front of the crowd
PH3 – Taylor’s face
PH4 – all 3, kinda blurred, Ike smiling
PH5 – Taylor, sitting at table, biting his lip
PH6 – all 3 at table, Ike still standing, Zac handing bouquet of roses to Taylor, flowers are covering Tay’s face
PH7 – all 3 at table, all smiling, ½ of Tay’s face is being blocked from view
PH8 – Zac and Ike, both standing and looking down
PH9 – almost same as above
PH10 – almost same as above
PH11 – Isaac alone at the table

Pittsburgh Albertane
P1 -- Taylor holding mic, Zac in background on drums
P2 -- Taylor with hands up talking into mic, Zac in background on drums
P3 -- Taylor holding waterbottle and present, Zac holding two waterbottles, Ike reaching out to fan
P4 -- Ike playing guitar and singing, Taylor playing tambourine and singing, Zac is partly in the picture (during the acoustic set)
P5 -- Ike playing guitar and singing, Taylor groovin' and playing tambourine
P6 -- Zac on the drums
P7 -- Taylor playing bongo drums, Zac on drums in the background
P8 -- Taylor behind bongo drums clapping hands above head and singing into mic, Zac on drums in background
P9 -- Taylor behind keyboard with hands up in air, talking into mic, Zac standing up behind drums with hands up, holding drumsticks in background
P10 -- Taylor playing bongo drums and singing into mic, Zac on drums in background

London Albertane
L1 – Taylor at keyboards, side view
L2 – Acoustic set, Taylor at keyboards, Zac at drums
L3 – almost same as above
L4 – Acoustic set, all 3 visible
L5 – Isaac at keyboards, side view
L6 – Tay at keyboards, side view
L7 – Isaac at keyboards during the acoustic set
L8 – Taylor on bongos

Various Photos
V1 - from Arthue Ashe Kids Day, close, all 3 smiling
V2 - from the Today Show ('97), Tay smiling
V3 - outside somewhere, '97, all smiling
V4 - all 3, at a signing, all giving "thumbs up" to someone off to the left of the camera
V5 - close, outside, '97, Tay and Zac
V6 - same setting as above, Taylor, Zac, and 1/2 of Isaac
V7 - Taylor, close
V8 - close up of the side of Isaac's face, with Zac as well
V9 - Taylor smiling, Zac looking at camera, and Isaac, looking sleepy
V10 - Taylor with Zac in the corner
V11 - all 3, close V12 - all 3, Ike and Tay looking over at Zac
V13 - close, all 3 smiling, outside
V14 - close, same setting as above, all 3, Zac pushing hair back, Taylor tucking hair behind his ears and Ike just sitting there
V15 - same setting, all 3 looking at magazines
V16 - same setting, Zac standing, Tay and Ike sitting
V17 - Taylor smiling and back of Ike's head, outside, talking to someone
V18 - some award show, facing Tay, back of Ike, talking into a microphone on the red carpet
V19 - Regis and Kathy Lee, Zac and Isaac

NYC1 - Isaac and part of Tay's head
NYC2 - Taylor
NYC3 - Isaac reaching out
NYC4 - Taylor giving "thumbs up" to someone
NYC5 - Isaac cringing in bg, Zac laughing at someone and Taylor listening to the same someone
NYC6 - Isaac and Taylor smiling
NYC7 - Isaac
NYC8 - Taylor, close!
NYC9 - Zac, close!
NYC10 - Taylor shaking hands with a fan

In Concert
IC1 - Taylor, close
IC2 - same concert, Taylor scratching nose, Ike beside him
IC3 - same concert, Taylor reaching down to crowd
IC4 - same concert, Tay at keyboards
IC5 - same as above
IC6 - same concert, Zac standind near drums, smiling
IC7 - all 3 at instruments, Albertane
IC8 - all 3 acoustic set, Albertane
IC9 - all 3 acoustic set, focused on Zac (smiling) and Ike and Tay are visible, Albertane
IC10 - Taylor standing center stage, but Zac and Ike are visible (Zootopia '00)
IC11 - same concert, all 3, Taylor standing
IC12 - same concert, close up of Ike
IC13 - same concert, focused on Zac (standing) and Tay @ keyboards
IC14 - same concert, Tay standing
IC15 - same concert, Ike and Tay sharing mike
IC16 - same concert, close up of Ike
IC17 - close Isaac (TTA tour)
IC18 - close Zac (TTA tour)
IC19 - close Tay (TTA tour)
IC20 - close Zac, smiling (TTA tour)

Monroeville Mall 2000
MM1 - all 3, close
MM2 - Zac looking up @ 2nd level, Ike and Tay also visible
MM3 - all 3, close
MM4 - close, Tay and Zac
MM5 - Zac and Taylor, close
MM6 - all 3
MM7 - all 3 again

Florida Pics
FP1 - close, Taylor in beater, touching hands
FP2 - Taylor, close
FP3 - Isaac hiding Taylor, both in beaters, touching hands
FP4 - Isaac alone, in beater
FP5 - Taylor getting out of a car
FP6 - Zac, close
FP7 - all 3, singing, Tay and Ike at one mike
FP8 - Taylor, close, singing
FP9 - all 3 singing FP10 - all 3, sitting at table, looks like an interview type thing

T1 - looking at camera w. weird look
T2 - close, hair pulled back
T3 - at airport, looking down
T4 - with blue sunglasses, close
T5 - getting into car, waving, sunglasses
T6 - hair pulled back, trying to get crowd hushed, holding tambourine
T7 - peeking out for a curtain, hair pulled back
T8 - sitting with elbows on knees, chin in hands, looking innocently at camera
T9 - at concert, arms apart, encouraging crowd to clap

Z1 - at airport, looking @ camera, hair braided
Z2 - same setting, signing autograph, smiling
Z3 - rollerblading
Z4 - getting outta taxi, wearing camo shirt
Z5 - smiling, w. sunglasses
Z6 - standing on steps, good view of cute butt :)
Z7 - invision with short hair, a *tiny bit* blurred

***More PHOTOS coming really soon***

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