The Question: **If Hanson could star in a commercail for any sort of product available (ex. namebrand clothes, music store, etc...) what product should it be and why?**

The Answers:

**A Gap commercial.** -Beth-

**I think if Hanson should be in a comercial(other than one 4 a cd) it should be 4 the gap because they shop there alot,and groovy clothes look great on them! (well,all cloths do) but u get the point! I LOVE HANSON!!!!!! I LOVE ZAC!!!!!!!** -???-

**I think Hanson should do a Gap commercial. They like the store and all sorts of famous people do those commercials.** -Jenny-

**Hanson should be in a commercail for shampoo because their hair is always shiny and gorgeous looking.** -Heather-

**I think they should do a commercial for a (GASP) new cd!** -Kelsy

**Anything that Hanson would do a commercial for would be great just for the fact that THEY would be in it!!!!** -Julie-

**Hanson might want to consider doing a commercail for JNKO clothing coz then Taylor would have to wear baggy clothes instead of those tight pants that he always insists on wearing! He looks so good in loose clothes!!! I LUV TAY 4-EVA** -Yalonda

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