The Rules

1) First of all, you need to email me with an idea about what you want to trade

2) Iím not going to send to you first, unless I have traded with you before, and I know that I will not get ripped off...itís happened to me too many times to risk it again. If you need references, I have them -- all you gotta do is ask

3) If I have anything to trade that is rare, then it is marked with ( * ). That means that it must be a sell, or a really good trade.

4) If you rip me off, believe me, youíll hear from me...stupid internet fraud isnít so stupid. My cousin majored in white collaring, plus she works for the FBI and I have the connections to get your sorry ass in trouble...donít fuck around with me

5) I trade fairly and send out with efficiency and quality. I expect the same in return

6) Last, but not least, I like to have fun when I trade Hanson stuff. After all, Hanson is fun, right?

I know that my rules are strict, but when it comes to trusting people today, you never know who to, and not to trust. But mark my word, you can trust me. When you think about it, do you actually think that I would make a whole page dedicated to saying ďDonít rip me off!Ē, and then I would go and do the same exact thing? Thatís soooo not my style...Iím a dedicated Hanson fan, and a loyal and trustful trader...just ask for references if ya need Ďem!

What I Have

What I Want

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