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Simone Reid - a 15 (turns 16) year old girl who likes Hanson, not enough to be considered 'obsessed'. Meets Hanson backstage and becomes fast friends with them all, but shares a special connection with Taylor.

Ashna Marche - Simone's best friend. She loves Hanson and would be considered obsessed. Faints when she meets her the heart throb trio and then she persuades Simone to use her connections with Taylor to set herself and Isaac up on a blind date.

Taylor Hanson - (you may already know him fairly well) When he and Simone meet for the 1st time backstage, he feels a special 'bond' with her and knows that they will become friends, maybe more.

Isaac Hanson - Jealous of the instaneous bond that Simone and Taylor share and will stop at nothing to try to break their strong friendship.

Zac Hanson - Knows the big secret that Simone and Taylor have. He does his part as keeping his mouth shut about it, but almost squeals a few times.

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