Taylor's Smile
By Noell

This story has been written off and on for over a period of more than 3 months now. Only now am I posting it because I was kind of weary about publishing it on the web before. After some heavy persuading from the few people that have read it, have I decided to have it available for everyone else to read. Comments and feedback will be greatly appreciated, so I want to hear from you! Don't hesitate to email me. Or feel free to sign the guestbook!

[>/chapter 1 - thinking thoughts\<]
[>/chapter 2 - mixed up\<]
[>/chapter 3 - ew, taylor likes me?\<]
[>/chapter 4 - taylor + lori = love :: taylor + lori = love\<]
[>/chapter 5 - ... silence ...\<]
[>/chapter 6 - grandma knows best\<]
[>/chapter 7 - in bed\<]
[>/chapter 8 - meeting again\<]

Look!! I won award for this story! Thanks Kelli! :)