Chapter 2

My head was spinning as I went to bed that night. I still could not believe that Taylor had kissed me. But now what? Does that mean that he wants to go with me? Does that mean that he wants to become more than friends, even though we nrver were the best of friends. My mind was filled with those questions as I fell asleep. And in the morning I would get some answers.

As soon as I woke up, I hurried to see what the temperature was going to be. Good, another hot and humid day. A high of 96 degrees. How convenient. I could casually invite all the Hanson kids over to come swimming. Then I'd have to see if Taylor would put any moves on me, not that I would object to them or anything, but I just want to see if he would. Around 10:00, I called over. Guess wha answered the phone?

" Hello? " Taylor answered.

" Hi, it's Noell -- "

" The Little Neighbor Girl! Hey! What's up? " he asked cheerfully.

" Not much. Um, what are you and your brothers and sisters doing today? " I asked.

" Nothing that I know of, why? "

" Well, it's supposed to be really hot today. Do you guys want to come over to go swimming? " I asked, hoping that they would agree.

" I 'll ask. Whoever wants to come, will be over, okay? "

" Okay, see 'ya. " I said, hanging up. I inhaled deeply. What's wrong with me? Yesterday I couldn't stand the boy and now I might have a slight crush on him? i felt my face getting hot just thinking about it.

About 15 minutes later, the doorbell rang. I opened the door, to see 6 of the 7 Hanson kids in swimming suits, carrying towels, and blow-up floaties. The baby didn't come. They followed me through the house and out the back door. Our inground pool was pretty big, with a diving board, a slide and a deep end of 8 1/2 feet. The shallow end was only 2 feet deep. I watched Taylor closely as he took his shirt off. I sucked in my breath. Was I droolong? Then, all at once, Isaac, Taylor and Zac jumped into the deep end, doing canon balls, causing three gigantic slashes. The girls and my sister were busy slashing each other in the shallow end, not to be disturbed, and MacKenzie was just sitting by the pool, playing with his trucks. Now would be a good time to get into the pool. I slowly slipped off my cut-offs and walked to the deep end. I felt the water with the tips of my toes.

Zac splashed me. " Don't be a baby! " he shouted, " The water's perfect! " I stepped back wiping the water off off my arms.

" Come on, chicken! " Tay said, making chicken noises. I squatted near the edge of the pool, getting water in my hand and throwing it on Tay. Not that iy would do any good, he was already wet. He quickly swam over and before I could stand back up, he had ahold of my wrist. " C'mon! Get in the water! " he said, tugging playfully on my wrist. I lost my balance and fell in. Water surrounded me and I felt like I was being pulled up to the surface. He still had my wrist in his hand.

" Sorry, I didn't mean to pull you in. " he said.

" That's okay. " I said, wiping the hair from my eyes.

One time, I got out of the water, dried off and went to get a sip of my Diet Pepsi, I pretended that I didn't see it. Taylor was watching me. I saw Isaac whisper something to Tay, and then smile. Then, Taylor had his older brother dunked under the water. And another time, I was trying to lay out, to get a tan. I had been out of the water for about five minutes, with my sunglasses on, and my eyes shut. Then I felt dripping on my legs. I opened my eyes and gasped.

Taylor had a bucket full of water in his hands. " Hey Little Neighbor Girl, think fast! " he said going to dump the water on me.

" Don't you even dare. " I said. Then, with a quick smile, he dumped the bucket in me and then started to run away. I got up and started to chase him. He jumped into the pool. I followed him.

" I can't believe you did that! " I shrieked. He just laughed. I swam over to him and dunked him under the water. He came up with a sly smile on his face.

Uh-oh. I didn't know if I should like that look or not. Luckily I could satnd where we were in the pool, because he walked up to me and quickly kissed me. I gasped. I was NOT expecting that to happen. I looked around to see if antone else saw it. It appeared as if they didn't. Zac was trying to entertain Abby, Avery and Jessica. And Isaac was busy chugging down a can of Sprite. I heard giggling behind me. I saw MacKenzie, with a big smile on his little face.

" Kiss. " he said, laughing. I had to smile, because he is just so cute. Then, when I turned around, Taylor was still there, and then planted another kiss right on my lips. But I didn't pull away as I did before. And when our lips parted, we kissed again. Then, tragedy strikes. Zac saw us.

He whistled. " Look everybody!! They kissed! "

Taylor got out of the pool to go after Zac. Zac knew what was coming, so he shut up, and backed away. I felt my face turn red. As I got out of the pool and dried off, I saw Isaac talking to Taylor with a serious look on his face. Then all of the sudden, they both busted out in laughter. Then Taylor quickly glanced over at me. So now he's going to talk about me?! Then I made up my mind, right then and there, I was never gonna kiss him again - unless - oh my, he is really cute, and a good kisser. Okay, forget that.

Now my feelings for Taylorm are confused. Sometimes he can be the stupid jerk that I've known him to be and other times he can be 'almost' cute. But, should I be the stupid jerk that I've always been, or should I try to be nice? Well, I'll try, at least. No promises.

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