Imagine a place so desolate where you would never have thought you would find another friend. Imagine the night that you do. In That Night you find three guys from Tulsa who have yet to be labeled the boys of "mmmbop." Here's the catch, it isn't 1995 pre-fame, it's 2000 pre-fame. That Night is an original co-written, two-sided story unlike any other fan fic you will ever read.

This story is realistic fiction, meaning that it actually happened, however, at the same time, it didn't happen. The events are based on true actual events, yet it's still a fictional story. Confused? Don't worry, we won't blame you.

Anyway, That Night is told from two points of view. Julia and Nicole.

The Chapters

Chapter One
"I'm in Love with a 14 Year Old!"

Chapter Two
The Note

Chapter Three
Brave New World

Chapter Four
The Mommy Police

Chapter Five
Sneaking Out

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven
If Only

More Coming Soon!!

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